For the Love of Luna

Note: This is set around after Harry meets the Threstals for the first time (5th book).

Harry sighed for what seemed like the billionth time during transfiguration class. Professor Mc-Gongall had been demonstrating how to transform a butterfly into a firework cracker for the past hour. Yet Harry had been prodding his Monarch butterfly unenthusiastically with his wand. His mind was somewhere else, lost in his own imagination…

Those dark winged horse-beasts beckoned to Harry with their somewhat knowledgeable eyes, he could see their taut skeleton framework as Hagrid had introduced them to the shocked class. He saw them nickering softly with glee as they tore the meat apart with their fangs. Harry didn't know what to think when he saw them, but he knew that the winged horse knew him. You're the one. The Threstals were eager to view this strange boy with the birthmark on his forehead; they saw the boy's confusion and stared. "This Threstal here is called Wind-Murk," shouted Hagrid loudly.

"Blimey, Harry!" said a loud voice behind the brown haired teen, Harry didn't have to turn around.
"Ron? What's the matter?" he whispered loudly. Ron held up his newly broken wand as Harry groaned inwardly. "I broke George's wand, he'll bloody well kill me for this." Ron said with a cowardly whimper, "Can I borrow yours?"

Without thinking anything of it, Harry swapped the two different wands and stuck it into his ready knapsack behind the desk just as Mc-Gongall announced there was an early break. Excitedly, Harry stood up. He never felt happier to get out of class. Maybe there wouldn't be Occumency lessons with the dreaded Professor Snape later on…!

The day was bright and sunny as Luna strolled down the path near Hogshead; she was determined to get to the meeting for Dumbledore's Army. She as usual wore her bright Turnip earrings and had a dreamy expression on her face, she was thinking about how excited Daddy would be if he found out that the Quibbler magazine was selling articles about her creatures.

Soon the whole world would be astounded and overjoyed! Suddenly, she bumped into one of her friends and waved in an undescriptive manner. "Hello Harry," she waved, "Daddy's going to show me a picture of a Heliopath soon. Can I ask you a favour…?"

Harry stared; it wasn't like Luna to 'bump' into people like this, even though she was dreamy most of the time. "Luna, I wasn't going to talk to you." Harry grunted even though Luna persisted.
"You know those creatures I've been telling you about recently? Well, Daddy had just found out that those creatures really and truly exist! I'm sooo excited for Daddy. Can you and Ron meet up with me near the Shrieking Shack?"

"I'm on the search for the Crumple Horned Snorkack and the Knurls."

"Sure, but how do you know they exist?" said a confused Harry. Luna gave the briefest of winks.

"I just know Daddy's produced photos of them…" stated Luna offhandedly.

"What?! Why would Luna ask you to go out with me?" shouted Ron as he flustered.

"She thinks that she found some creatures." Harry was very negative about the concept as well as they trembled up the hill. Luna was waiting for them at the top of the hill.

"Ah, there you are," Luna smiled mysteriously; she was still holding unidentified flower necklaces, and then gave it to Ron before he was flouncing off. "Let's begin!" she said excitedly.

"Here we go again," said Harry through gritted teeth, "Do the flowers protect you from monsters?"

"They protect you from the Crumple Horned Snorkack… And other dangerous beasts; such as Pus-Sucking Skeetches and Blurts." Luna advised happily. Harry didn't bother to ask about those.

Suddenly there was a loud peculiar whining roar coming from the forest near the Shack. Harry jumped a metre in the air as Ron squeaked "Mummy!" in a girl manner…
"What in Fauna's name is that?" yelled Harry in apprehension, he was hiding behind Luna.

Luna's misty eyes widened in delight, "Those are Knurls! I'll recognise them anywhere!"

"KNURLS?" yelled Ron, "Please don't let them bite me!" Luna laughed, "Relax,"

As Harry watched, there was a slight lowering of volume as the Knurl appeared. It was a big swooping fluff ball that was a spotty meringue colour. It had large gentle eyes in the middle of the strange fluff-ball and it purred incessantly. His eyes widened, "Why does it float in mid-air?"

"The Knurl just does, its sooo sweet…!" Luna explained in joy.

Ron reached out for it, but the Knurl bit his fingers before vanishing with a poof.

"That's strange, they hardly disappear that quickly," Luna mused on the matter.

"Maybe something is wrong with it?" suggested Harry; he was feeling nauseous from the bright colours the Knurl had emitted when it vanished.

Then something large blotted out the sun and then the earth shook like dirt jelly.

"Watch out, it's the Heliopaths!" Luna screamed in horror as fire rained down from the sky.
"THE WHAT?!" roared Harry over the screaming noise Luna was emitting…
"Never mind, just run!" shouted Ron, and so they ran over plains as the extremely fiery beings with the glowing eyes pursued the magical mortals. The three legged beings billowed smoke from their burning mouths and their teeth were a startlingly vibrant orange like volcano lava.

The Heliopaths snarled with laughter as they produced fire out of seemingly nowhere and threw them. Unluckily to the intelligent beings the wizards were small to their eyes, so they escaped the gazes of the malevolent Heliopaths who was prowling for the mortals. The enormous beings soon gave up the search and dissipated into thin air.

"Wait till Dumbledore hears about this," grimaced Harry, "I bet the Prophet will have tons of mugger witnesses... Heliopaths seen at the Shrieking Shack."

"I AM NEVER GOING TO TRUST YOU AGAIN!" Ron was absolutely furious with Luna.

"I am extremely sorry, Ronald Wesley," panted Luna, "I didn't mean to get you into that trouble."

"You better apologise, Ron." muttered Harry, "For the love of Luna, can you two stop fighting?"

"Did you just say that?" Ron smirked, Luna blushed briefly. Harry gasped, did he say that?!
He had a brief vision of the bat-winged Threstals as they nickered to him again…

Luna Love-good was largely unconcerned with Harry's embarrassing feelings,

"Let's continue looking for one more of those creatures before we go."

"Or what will happen next to us?" yelled Ronald at Luna. "We already got proofed and burnt!"

There was a grunting noise as the answer was revealed next to the trees Ron was weeping next to.

A large scaly blue creature like a rhinoceros was stomping through the busy under grove, it had large bat-like ears and tiny ingrown feet and it was making a snoring noise through the strange horn on its head. The horn in question was shaped like a brown and crumpled paper bag, and instantly inflated when it saw Ron and Harry. Harry prompted Luna to speak. "The Crumple Horned Snorkack!"

"Oh… Isn't it grown though?" asked Ron, Luna shook her head in fear.

"It's a baby. It has lost its father and apparently, it thinks you're its father!"
"WHAT ON EARTH?! Oh blimey heck!" swore Ron as the Crumple Horned charged towards Ron.

Harry responded by bringing out the wand. "ACCIO Luna!"

It was then that the wand had backfired on Harry, who forgot that he was holding Ron's wand.

And then Harry boomeranged towards the baby Crumple Horned Snorkack.

"AAAAGGGHHH!" screamed Harry as he was shaken by the baby monster's teeth. The baby rhino monster then made a KACK-KACK noise through its horn. Harry now knew why it was called Crumple Horned Snorkack now.

Luna responded, "Now you made it really angry… It's going to attack!"
"Please, do something Luna!" begged Harry as he was about to be made Snorkack sandwich.

"ACCIO Flower necklace!" yelled Luna as the two flower necklaces were transported to both Ron and Harry's necks. The Crumple Horned immediately dropped the two teenage boys before storming off into the forest. Harry picked himself up and dusted himself.

"Thanks Luna." the teenager Harry curtly said to Luna.

"I guess I owe you one for saving us from the Snorkack."

"No problem, in fact, I was thinking…" Luna mused.

"Yes?" asked Harry politely.

"Next time I come over to your headquarters, can I invite you, Hermione and Ron to quest for the Blabbering Humdinger with me…?" Luna smiled nicely, before she had noticed something strange.

Harry and Ron had fainted with shock…
"Oh dear, Daddy's not going to be pleased with this." Luna said.