For the Love of Luna: The Umbungular Slashkilter of Scotland

Note: Sorry for not updating, I've been working on Adventure Quest stories for so long, I decided to come back and enduluge you with an extra helping of Loony Luna.

"So you're saying that Minister Cornelious Fudge has a WHAT?" responded Ron's twin brothers, Fred and George. They rubbed their hands with glee as they realised their Weasley Wheezers sales would skyrocket if they caught Fudge's rare pet.

"An Umbungular Slashkilter," confirmed Luna brightly, "It lives in Scotland and also likes to slash the manly kilts of grown Muggles who dare to provoke it." Luna continued conversing with a Hogwarts Gnome that had wandered into the garden earlier and was proclaiming in Mermaid language, "Jifisiyuiot kiewoir? JEOhihihihi..." she stated after the Gnome bit her thumb. George and Fred shrugged in unision. It was too weird not to get involved.
"I dunno what you're saying, Loony Luna." exclaimed George, "Shall I-no Fred- get Madame Pomfrey to look at that cut?"
"Don't bother, Daddy said that gnome drooling is fairly good for medicine." Luna exclaimed as Fred looked flatly at George and made a sign with his finger.

"Are you sure she's important for our Weasing Wheezers research?" asked George to Fred in disappointment, "I mean, if we hafta dress in kilts and all and play the bagpipes.." He shuddered at the mention, "We'll have to borrow them from Dad, he has a spare all the way from ye olde Scotland."
"I can't play the Bagpipes," Fred said to George, "But Ronald can!" Unfortunately Ron was busy turning a frog into a Princess with Cho Chang, so he declined the offer...


"Wait!" Fred interrupted the 'To be Continued', "I have a splendifourous idea!" Luna cocked her sagely head, smiling wisely at the two. "What do you have in mind?"
"We all dress up in cross-dressing!" Luna stated happily, "And I'll be the fashion consultant." The two twins blanched out at this.
"No effing way~" exploded the red-headed twins, "We don't wanna look like obsessed fangirls~" They shrieked when they both sounded very girly.
"Don't worry, I've got the hang of it!" Hermione stated as she lowered her High-pitched sounding spell, "Now? You go dress in kilts, we'll meet you at the corridor at four.".