Chapter 5: Dark Kat's Demise: T-Bone Shines Through

The TurboKat zoomed into the air. "It's good to be back in this baby," said T-Bone. He turned the TurboKat sharply to the left to avoid a missile from Dark Kat's ship.

"Deploying Slicer Missiles!" said Razor.

The Slicer Missiles shot out and ripped through Dark Kat's laser cannons.

"Nice one, Sureshot!" said T-Bone with a grin.

"Not as nice as your flying, buddy!"

T-Bone steered to the right as a missile flew by. A couple of creeplings were on the roof, firing handheld missiles.

"Deploying Octopus Missiles!"

Razor shot off the Octopus Missiles, snatching both creeplings in their grasp before they plummeted down.

"Now how 'bout you get us in there," said T-Bone.

"Hmm…Mole Missile should do the trick."

Razor shot a Mole Missile, piercing the side of Dark Kat's ship. T-Bone maneuvered the TurboKat in and landed. Both jumped out, Glovatrix ready to fire. Creeplings emerged from the door, squawking and flapping. T-Bone shot a missile of, blasting the creeplings to dust.

Razor ran over to the control panel and quickly short circuited it. The two burst into the control room to see Dark Kat.

"So you think you meddling SWAT Kats will stop me?" said Dark Kat with a laugh.

"Enough! You're finished Dark Kat!"

"We'll see. Creeplings, attack!"

"Man, those things are annoying. Razor, think you can handle the creeplings?"

"Sure thing."

"Then I'm going after Dark Kat!"

T-Bone knocked past the creeplings and lunged at Dark Kat. Razor blasted away the creeplings with his Glovatrix and attacked those that got past it with well-aimed kicks.

Meanwhile, T-Bone and Dark Kat were struggling by the controls. T-Bone pinned Dark Kat down and punched him in the jaw. Dark Kat scratched at his face, and then hit the emergency self-destruct button.

"T-Bone, this place is gonna blow!" shouted Razor.

T-Bone nodded, slammed Dark Kat into the controls, and gave him one last knockout punch. Then he grabbed Razor and the two ran for the TurboKat. T-Bone quickly turned on the engines and lifted off. What he didn't notice is that someone had grabbed onto the left wing before they took off.

T-Bone and Razor watched as Dark Kat's ship crashed into the ocean.

"Nice work, buddy!" said T-Bone with a grin and a wink.

"Hey, it was mostly you, T-Bone. You were pretty awesome."

"Hehe thanks. Wha-?"

They suddenly felt a tremor and heard a loud grating sound. T-Bone gasped in panic.

"Someone's taken out our left engine!"

Razor looked out and growled. "Dark Kat! He's on the left wing!"

T-Bone looked out and saw not only the left engine plummeting towards the city, but Dark Kat trying to attack the other two.

"Razor, shoot the engine before it hurts someone."


Razor shot a plain old missile which blew up the falling engine. Suddenly the jet began to teeter.

"Oh no! The middle engine's out!" T-Bone said "I'm going to have to land her right away."

T-Bone tried to maneuver the craft down, but Dark Kat tore up a piece of the jet and yanked at the wires. Instantly the TurboKat completely shut off.

"Crud! Now I can't even deploy the ejector seats! What the hell are we going to do?!" shouted T-Bone.

"Buckle up, I guess," said Razor as the ground came closer.

The TurboKat shook as it connected with the ground. It skidded and jolted about until something upset it. The nose tipped forward and buried into the ground. The impact shattered the glass, and T-Bone heard a cry from behind as Razor's seatbelt snapped and he was thrown forward.


Razor was thrown violently against the ground. T-Bone quickly tore his belt off and jumped out.


He picked up his friends limp form and gently shook him. "Are you okay?"

Even in such a crisis, Razor was able to mutter dryly, "Do I look okay?"

T-Bone chuckled slightly. "C'mon, buddy, I'll get you out of here."

"No, T-Bone. You have to stop Dark Kat. Forget about me."

T-Bone nodded and gently laid Razor aside. He could see Dark Kat emerge from the TurboKat's wreckage.

"Dark Kat, you bastard! I'm gonna make you pay!"

T-Bone dodged Dark Kat's punch and nailed him in the gut. Dark Kat doubled over in pain, then T-Bone rammed his knee into Dark Kat's face, sending him sprawling to the ground. Dark Kat chuckled darkly as he grabbed a large piece of stone.

"You've ruined my dreams, SWAT Kat. And now, I'll ruin yours!"

He threw the stone right at Callie.


Without thinking, T-Bone threw himself in front of Callie, knocking her out of the way. The rock smacked into T-Bone's head, dazing him. His head felt like it was spinning. He reached up and touched his head. His hand came back sticky and warm.

"Blood," thought T-Bone with a cringe.

His legs suddenly buckled beneath him. He sank to one knee as Dark Kat approached him.

"Now die, SWAT Kat!"

Everything seemed to stop. T-Bone felt every ounce of strength in him fade.

"This is it. I'm done for. I was powerless to stop Dark Kat when everyone needed me most. No, I can't let everyone down. I have to do this, for Razor, for Callie, and for MegaKat City!"

T-Bone grabbed Dark Kat's fist. He felt a new surge of strength shoot through every part of his body. He grabbed Dark Kat by the collar and hissed in his face, "Burn in hell, Dark Kat!"

He punched Dark Kat's face left, then backhanded him right, then planted a firm uppercut to his jaw. Dark Kat's jaw gave a sickening crunch, and he collapsed to the ground unconscious.

T-Bone felt the world swim before his eyes. He collapsed to his knees and put his hand to his head while the other weakly supported him.


T-Bone was now vaguely aware of Callie at his side. He thought he even saw Razor standing there.

Callie wrapped her arms around him. "T-Bone, you're going to be all right. Please be okay…"

T-Bone looked into her face and smiled weakly. "I love you, beautiful."

She grabbed him as he sank forward unconscious. She guided his head to her lap as she stroked the fur on his cheek.

"I love you, T-Bone. And you're going to be all right. We all will be, thanks to you."

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