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'I swore I would never return to Go City, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do' An injured Shego thought to herself as she piloted her hoverjet towards her hometown after successfully robbing HenchCo. She put her hand to her aching head and when she pulled it back she saw a little blood on her glove. With a sigh she remembered how she got to this point.


Shego was sneaking through HenchCo looking for something. After several minutes she found what she was looking for. She found Jack's file cabinets where he kept the plans for all of his company's inventions. She checked the cabinet marked A-F.

"No, no, no…" she muttered as she looked through the files until she found what she wanted. "About time" Just then the lights came on revealing Jack Hench and at least seven big HENCHmen as he called them.

"Well, what have we here?" Shego took off the night vision goggles she was wearing.

"Son of a…"

"Stop her boys" Jack interrupted snapping his fingers. Immediately they charged at Shego who ignited her hands and prepared to fight back. They jumped her from all sides piling on top of her, but she used her powers to throw them off. They kept attacking, but Shego's powers and martial arts prowess helped her take the thugs out.

"Oh, dear, It looks like you've won" Jack had a sly smile that Shego didn't like one bit. He walked towards his desk Shego watching his every move. "Or have you?" Before Shego could react he pushed a hidden button which opened a secret door showing another group of HENCHmen.

"Damn" Like the last group they attacked with a barrage of punches and kicks. Shego was pretty tired from fighting the last gang, but she continued to fight back. After a few minutes she was really starting to tire and it became evident as the HENCHmen started gaining the upper hand. Shego knew it was only a matter of time before she lost so, thinking quickly, she leapt into the air, kicked a guy in the head, and used him to propel herself onto Hench's desk startling him. She grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up onto the desk.

"One move and Hench gets it" said Shego as she held Jack hostage. (Just like when she held Martin Smarty captive) "I'm not playing anymore"

"Do as she says. Let her go" They obediently backed off allowing Shego to drag Hench over to the file cabinet, grab the file she needed, and let Hench go as she ran as fast as her sore legs could carry her.

"Get her!" Jack ordered as he pushed a button putting the whole building in red alert. The HENCHmen quickly followed after her. Shego, anticipating something like that had knocked over some stuff and ignited other things to slow them down. She quickly and carefully ran through the building towards the exit. As she ran towards the door to her freedom she was blocked by a large number of thugs.

"Fuck this" as she surveyed her surroundings she saw a pile of crates next to the approaching men and women. She aimed and shot a well placed plasma blast that knocked the crates on top of her potential attackers allowing a bruised and bleeding Shego to escape to her jet and fly out of there.

End Flashback

Back in Jack's office he was awaiting a report. Suddenly a meek looking employee walked in.

"What's up?"

"Well…you see…"

"Out with it! What happened?"

"Shego escaped"

"DAMN IT!" Jack yelled banging his hand on his desk. "What'd she steal?"

"Just the file containing the blueprints for the attitudinator"

"Hmmm" Jack leaned backing his chair thoughtfully. "I wonder what Drakken's got planned for that thing"

"Who knows sir?"

"I intend to find out. Get Dr. Drakken on the line for me"

"Right away sir" A moment later Drakken was on the big screen in his office.

"What do you want?"

"I wanted to talk to you about Shego" Motor Ed pops up on the screen.

"You mean the green chick? She's hotter than the sun. Seriously. She's hot!" he said as he played air guitar. Drakken shoved him aside.

"What about Shego?"

"She was in my office a little while ago"

"She was?"

"Yes, she was. She stole something from me and I was wondering if you knew why"

"How should I know? I'm not her babysitter"

"But you are her employer"

"So? This is the first I've heard anything concerning her in a couple weeks"

"So you say you know nothing?"

"Of course I know nothing! Why would I send her to steal something from you?"

"It wouldn't be the first time. Remember my ring that increased muscle mass?"

"Touché. Well I've got to go I'm a busy man"

"Of course. Goodbye Mr. Drakken"

"It's doct-"

"Do you think he was lying?"

"I don't know. We'll keep an eye on him and see"

"Of course sir"

Meanwhile back in Middleton…

"I hate when there's nothing on" Kim and Ron were watching TV at Kim's house.

"Tell me about it" Ron griped as Kim stopped on the local news.

"A few hours ago HenchCo was robbed by a woman in green. Most believe it to be hero turned villain Shego" Kim and Ron gasped.

"So, Shego's back in action, is she?"

"Looks like it" Ron replied as Kim took out her Kimmunicator.

"Did you see the news Wade?"

"Sure did. I'm working on locating her as we speak"

"Please and thank you" While Wade did that Ron's attention was back on the TV.

"In local news Bueno Nacho will be closed for the next few weeks as rats were found in the kitchen. Manager Ned Rhodes had this to say" Cuts to Ned standing out side Bueno Nacho.

"This is a very troubling time for us all here at Bueno Nacho, but on the bright side the rats should be taken care of very soon and we hope to reopen very soon. All Bueno Nacho employees, however, are hereby laid off until further notice"

"Aw, man!" Ron groaned.

"I know, poor Adrena"

"What? Oh, right. My girlfriend. Heh, heh" Kim rolled her eyes.

"Yes, your girlfriend. She needs that job you know"

"I guess I should go comfort her, huh?"

"Ya, think?"

"No time for that now" Wade interrupted. "I found her"

"Where is she?"

"Go City"

"Why would she go there?"

"That's what we're going to find out. Can you get us a ride Wade?"

"Already on it" Wade replied as he typed away on his keyboard. "It'll be there in five"

"Thanks Wade" Kim said as she turned off the Kimmunicator. 'What is she up to?'

Meanwhile in Go City…

'I hope Kimmie appreciates all I'm doing for her' Shego thought has she landed the hoverjet.

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