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Hello, readers. This is my first Naruto fanfic, and I hope it goes overwell. This is mainly a story to help break up my other stories thought prossess. Well actually a story doesn't have a thought process so it would be to help break up my thought process for my other stories... anyways I hope you enjoy ! Thx bye

Sounds of innocent children's laughter fill the sandy park as a group of kids play ball; unaware of the pain that surrounds their everyday lives. A cloud of sand is kicked up as their ball flies up, obscuring the children's view. Once the dust clears, the children discover their blue ball far beyond their reach, on top of a stonewall. The small children stare up in disbelief that their source of enjoyment could be snatched away so easily.

"What now?" asks one of the children; an answer soon follows as the ball floats down to earth on a blanket of sand. It lands in the arms of a small boy, about four years old. His mob of red hair blows in the wind as the sand swirls behind him returning to the ground. Stretching his arms out, he offers the ball to the group of kids. The children's eyes widen as they start to back up, keeping their distance from the misplaced boy.

"We don't want that anymore!" exclaims one of the kids.

"Yeah, it's been touched by a monster!" shouts another child in agreement. The small group runs off in fear leaving the strange boy alone. With shaky hands, he drops the ball and watches it roll away with his dim green eyes.

"Even you don't want to play with me," he mumbles, wiping away the mist from his eyes.

"I'll play with you," states a soft voice. The boy looks up and is surprised to find a girl, holding the ball, about his age. Her red hair, matching his own, is pulled back into two small ponytails, the ends barely touching her shoulders. She is wearing a simple purple sundress with whit clouds along the bottom and matching white sandals. However, it is not that she is talking to him, despite all the other kids already left, that surprised the boy the most, but her bright yet soft smile; clearly meant for him. The boy merely gives her a questioning look, still surprised she had not ran away with the rest.

"I'll play with you," she repeats taking a step closer.

"B-but aren't you…" he trails off afraid of the answer to the unasked question.

"Aren't I what?" she asks tossing the ball to the boy. Fumbling with the ball, he attempts to catch it, but fails. As it drops to the ground, the girl lets out a small giggle, that instead of angering him; makes him almost smile at his own mistake, almost.

"I'm Tori," she says, her bright blue eyes sparkling in the sun.

"I'm Gaara," he says, picking up the ball.

"Doozo yoroshiku (nice to meet you), Gaara-kun." Tori says, with a sweet grin. Gaara tosses the ball back to Tori, and she copies the motion. As the afternoon turns to night, the two children play in solitude enjoying the rare moment of innocence.

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