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The Last Words

Ginny knelt beside the pile of cushions. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared down into the pale, calm face resting before her.

Behind her, Ginny could hear Hagrid's slow, heavy breaths. The half giant had carried the body from the battle scene hours before, trumpeting his misery like a baby elephant mourning it's mother, fat tears bursting in torrents from his black crinkled eyes.

Now however, Hagrid sat still at the table, gazing down into his mug of now stone cold tea with eyes full of woe and misery beyond tears.

Ginny rested her hand on the boy's forehead, gently pushing his messy black fringe back from his face.

With trembling fingers she slowly traced her fingers over the scar on the boy's forehead. Then she screwed her eyes shut as though she could not take the pain of the world any longer.

Moments passed and tears leaked out from under her lashes, and trickled slowly down her face.

Then Ginny gasped, and her eyes flew open as she felt a sharp burning from beneath her fingertips. She let out a soft cry and quickly withdrew her hand- the scar seemed to be on fire!

It glowed a luminescent gold, lighting up the darkened cabin.

"What- what's happening? Hagrid!" Ginny cried.

Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the burning stopped.

Ginny stared. The scar, that had shone so brightly only seconds before, was beginning to fade.

It was becoming fainter…. And fainter….. until only a slight pink tinge remained.

Then it was gone from his face, leaving a stretch of plain, unblemished skin upon his forehead.

A small smile appeared on the dead boy's lips.

He had reached paradise.

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