Michaela and Rebecca skipped rocks to pass time. Meanwhile, on the other side of the cave, Elizabeth was staring at the chest of coins, which caused so much trouble. Behind her was Will, who was looking for something to say.

"We should be going back to the Dauntless," he finally said, "Your fiancé will want to know you're okay."


Jack appeared at Will's side and Elizabeth went off to talk to her sister.

"If you were waiting for the opportune moment," Jack stated, "That was it." Michaela rolled her eyes, what a loser.

"Now, if you'd be kind enough to oblige to drop me off at my ship."

"I'm sorry Jack," Elizabeth stated solemnly.

"They did what's right by them," Sparrow replied. Michaela couldn't have felt more squished in her life, Rebecca was practically crushing her! The trip back to the Dauntless was quiet and took much loner than it seemed. Everyone but Jack was welcomed aboard in good spirits, he was to hung in two days.


Most of the town stood before the newly erected gallows, watching intently who was on them.

"Jack Sparrow," a government official shout.

"Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow," Jack corrected under his breath.

"Has been accused of many crimes of the most severity listed are," and the man began reading a long list.

"This is wrong," Elizabeth object.

"Commodore Norrington, is bound by the law as we all are," her father answered. Elizabeth then saw exactly who she was planning to see after this even, Will, who was always accompanied by his younger.

"My Michaela," the governor exclaimed, "You look lovely." Michaela smiled, for the occasion her hair was neatly done and she wore a fancy dress, which she seemed to be loathing at the moment.

"Governor, Commodore, Rebecca," Will greeted them all, "Elizabeth, I should have told you since the day I met you, I love you." Elizabeth looked utterly shocked and James looked completely repulsed. Rebecca on the other hand turned to suppress her laughter, her friend copied. Michaela's brother left and Michaela stood with poorest attempt to hide her smirk.

"Impersonating a cleric from the church of England," the man continued to add, and Jack laughed at this charge.

"May god have mercy on your soul." The man finished and the drums beat louder in a roll. Rebecca then looked at her sister; Elizabeth had passed out, and then sat abruptly up again.

The hangman pulled a lever and a loud, "MOVE!" was heard from the audience. Unsuspected, and without warning Will pushed to the front of the crowd and tossed his sword into the back supports of the gallows. Jack's feet landed upon it and he struggled to stand on it. Taking another sword Will climbed onto the platform and fought the hangman. In the midst of the fight the hangman cut the rope that bound Sparrow, and was pushed into the crowd. Jack came out from under the structure and met up with his savior. They led a chase taking out a few men along the way, but then came faced with a group of soldiers holding their muskets up to them.

"I thought we might need to endure some ill conceived escape attempt," Norrington spat, "But not from you," he finished looking at Will.

"On our return to Port Royal I granted you clemency," Weatherby scolded, "And this is how you thank me, by throwing in your lot with him, he's a pirate."

"And a good man," Michaela object stepping next to her brother.

"If all I achieved today was that the hangman gets two pairs of boots, at least my conscience is clean," Will concluded.

"So this is your place," Norrington asked.

"Right between you and Jack," Will replied.

"As is mine," Elizabeth stated walking into the argument and linking arms with Will.

"Mine too," Rebecca said quietly and took her place next to Michaela.

"Put down your weapons," the governor ordered. Michaela smiled at her friend, the plan had worked!

"So this is where your heart lies," the commodore inquired.

"Yes," his ex-fiancée answered.

"I'm having a rather good feeling about this," Jack stated, "We've arrived at a special place, spiritually, enharmonically, grammatically!"

"Still rooting for you," he told Norrington, "Rebecca, work on your weaponry skills love," he told the youngest Swann, "You, fight wonderfully for a young girl," Sparrow told Michaela, "Elizabeth, it would have never worked between us darling," Elizabeth was told, "And Will," Jack stated at a loss, "Nice hat." Will laughed at Sparrow's comment and followed the crowd to watch Jack back closer to the edge of the battlements.

"This is the day you will remember as the day you almost—." Michaela and Rebecca ran forward to watch Sparrow fall into the water.

"Fool," Gillette spat, "He's got nowhere to go but back to the noose."

"Perhaps, pursuing piracy in the attempt of the right course, may make piracy the right course," Weatherby announced.

Michaela smiled, Yay! We won't get hanged!

"I will accept the consequences of my actions," Will told Elizabeth and then his sister, and the Commodore approached him.

"This is a lovely sword," Norrington stated, "I expect the man who made his shows the same amount of care and devotion in every aspect of his life." James acknowledged his engagement with Elizabeth was officially over and went to walk away.

"What about Sparrow," Gillette shout capturing the Commodore's attention.

"We can afford to give him one day's head start," Norrington answered.

"So this is the path you chose," Weatherby asked after the Navy dispersed, "After all, he's just a blacksmith."

"No, he's a pirate," Elizabeth replied taking off Will's hat. The two stared at each other and then kissed, something they had both secretly had been longing to do. A ways off Michaela and Rebecca stood in their signature pose figure in mouth with an appalled faced to boot, but then realized now they'll be seeing this very often.


Jack was helped aboard by his crew.

"Why didn't you keep to the code," he asked.

"We figured they were more, guidelines," Gibbs answered.

"Jack," AnaMaria stated giving him a jacket, "The Black Pearl is yours." Jack basked in the moment and then began barking out orders.

"Bring me that horizon," Sparrow mumbled.

"And really bad eggs," he sang softly as he turned the wheel of his beloved ship, "Drink up me hearties yo ho!"