The Smithy

"Michaela, get up."

Fourteen year Michaela Turner groaned and flipped over in her make-shift bed.

"Come on Kay, can you listen to me just once," Will yelled to his younger sister.

"Michaela Susana, don't make me climb up there—."

"I'm awake, calm down," Michaela replied jumping down from the rafters.

"Can you make yourself look somewhat presentable," Will asked looking at his sister's messy hair and night clothes.

"Happy," she inquired coming back a little later. Will nodded. For being mostly raised by her older brother, Michaela turned out pretty well. She was like every other girl of her age, except for her clothes and actions. Michaela was a tomboy stuck in her brother's old clothes, but loved everything about it. The ironic thing was, her best friend was the youngest daughter of the governor, Rebecca Swann. Michaela and Rebecca were polar opposites, but completely inseparable and spent all their time together.

"Rebecca and her older sister tried to teach me to play the piano yesterday, that was interesting," Michaela told her brother.

"Were you any good," Will questioned.

"Not at all," she replied.

"Maybe sometime I could watch you try to play something," her brother suggest.

"Maybe you should talk to Elizabeth another time," Michaela responded. She knew her brother fancied her friend's sister for a long time now.

Will turned red, "Maybe I will," he stated. Michaela rolled her eyes. Such a freak at some times she thought.

"Speaking of Elizabeth, I have to deliver something to her father, care to join me?" Michaela nodded and followed her brother to her best friend's house.


The Swann Estate

Elizabeth woke up in fright of the dream she just had. She leapt out of bed from a knocking at the door.

"Lizzie, it's me, father wants you," Rebecca shouted into her sister's room.

"Come in," Elizabeth yelled stuffing a possession she feared anyone knowing she had into her night dress.

"Look what we got," her younger sister said with delight gesturinig to the dress she was wearing.

"For what," the older of the Swann girls asked.

"Now a father needs a reason to spoil his daughters," Weatherby asked entering where his daughters were. In his hands was a box. He handed it to Elizabeth and she looked at the slightly longer version of Rebecca's dress.

"It's beautiful," she exclaimed walking over to put it on.

"It's for Captain Norrington's promotion ceremony," Rebecca shouted with glee.

"Becca, that was a surprise," the governor scolded.

"Sorry Daddy," his youngest daughter replied. Weatherby told his older daughter all about the ceremony that they would be attending later while she put on her new dress.

Another knock at the door, "Governor Swann, you have visitors," a man said. Rebecca followed her father to the landing and saw her friend and her friend's older brother; he had apparently done something because his face was red with embarrassment.

"Kay," Rebecca exclaimed running downstairs to her friend.

"Becca," Michaela replied, "What's with the fancy dress?"

"Promotion ceremony, I have to go," Rebecca said unenthusiastically.

"Oh," Michaela sighed. She had planned on spending the day with her friend at her mansion.

"What does your brother have," Rebecca asked looking at her father and Michaela's brother.

"I don't quite know, probably a sword," Michaela replied. Rebecca and Michaela watched in suspense as Will opened the box he had with him. Rebecca held her hand out and Michaela high fived it, sure enough, Michaela's brother took out a sword and showed it to Weatherby.

"Gold filigree inlaid in the handle," Michaela mocked in her best imitation of her brother.

"He's been asking me to rehearse that spiel with him for days, I got to be your father," Michaela whispered, "Will yelled at me when I pretended to put on a wig." Hr and Rebecca contained their hysterics as Will continued.

After Weatherby finished looking at the sword he looked up and exclaimed, "Elizabeth, you look beautiful!" Michaela and Rebecca looked up and saw Rebecca's older sister walking down the stairs.

"Who am I," Rebecca whispered. She stared dewy eyed mouth hung open at her sister.

"My brother," Michaela replied. The two held their laughter as Will exactly copied Rebecca's look.

"I had a dream about you last night," Elizabeth said walking over to Michaela's older brother. The two girls stuck their fingers in their mouths and each made a face. Michaela laughed as her brother asked if it was true.

"Wow, it's such an honor to have her dream about you," Michaela whispered.

"She tells me that she dreams about me all the time," Rebecca stated, "Well actually she dreams about what her life would have been like without me, close enough." Michaela and Rebecca laughed again. The conversation finished and Weatherby went to the door signaling it was time to leave.

"Didn't see you Michaela, how are you," he asked.

"Very good Governor Swann and you," she replied and shook his hand.

"Fine as well, would you care to join us today?" Michaela's dark brown eyes lit up and she graciously thanked her friend's father.

"You can borrow one of Rebecca's dresses," Weatherby offered. She bounded up the stairs after Rebecca and came out a while later surprisingly dressed like a lady.

As she left her brother called after her, "Don't be out too late!" Michaela followed the Swann's to the carriage waiting and waved back as if Will hadn't said a word.