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Botta gazed around himself in utter wonder as he mindlessly followed Lord Yuan through the long metallic hallways. Everywhere they went, there were more and more men that were dressed like the man the young half elf saw earlier. But to the brunette's shock, some of them were female under the helmets as well.

"Don't slow down," the cobalt quietly reprimanded, hurrying Botta to trail along.

Many people stopped to stare at the strange pair. Their leader, the all mighty powerful being of Cruxis and Renegade leader, strolling with a child? Botta swiftly exchanged glances with many, ranging from confusion, amusement, and pity.

Finally after what seemed hours of endless walking, Lord Yuan stopped at one of the many identical doorways. He typed in a code on the number pad next to the door, and it opened with a loud hiss. The cobalt entered, and he didn't have need of turning and beckoning Botta in; the youth was right behind his fluttering cloak.

"This is your living quarters from now on," Lord Yuan instructed, making sure that the twelve year old was listening. He pointed in general areas of the average sized place, "There is your bed with a dresser connected, clothes will be sent to you shortly…that door leads to the bathroom, the equipment that you will be using from now on are going to be stored there in that closet…" The cobalt continued droning on, not noticing that the room was empty of a certain brunette.

"UMPH!" Said brunette was struggling with an unknown person; hand clamped over his mouth. He was grabbed and dragged into a dark room before he had even had any sense to fight back.

"Be quiet!" A soft voice hissed right behind Botta. His kidnapper was a female; being it was so dark though, that was the only information that he could acquire from two words.

As if an answer to his problem, lights flickered on, revealing that the youth was taken into a cleaning closet of some sort; brooms and mops were leaning in the corners. The young half elf jerked away from his captor and turned to face her.

"Heya, cutie!" the woman waved excitedly at Botta. She was donned in a large helmet as the other people in the area, but her big grin was too large for her headwear. The woman pulled off her helmet to expose her shoulder length crimson hair, and sparkling gray eyes. "I saved you from that meanie Yuan!"

To say Botta was confused would be an understatement. The youth shook his head slowly. "I'm sorry miss," he began, making sure that he knew where the door out was located, "but I was fine…"

"Right!" The woman scoffed, jabbing a thumb towards the door, "That Yuan is a slave driver! Kids shouldn't really be here anyways."


"Noiryn, honey."

"Miss Noiryn…" Botta smiled lightly, earning a small coo from the red haired woman, "I want to be here. Lord Yuan-"


Both the woman and youth jumped slightly. Without more than a second of warning, Lord Yuan busted through the closet door, his eyes flashing and his teeth set in a snarl, "Botta, did I-" he stopped himself as he saw the faintly guilty-looking Noiryn. The cobalt glanced from Botta and her and put the puzzle pieces together. "Zichoa…" He turned to the woman.

"H-hey Lord Yuan!" Noiryn waved weakly, mustering a bright twisted type of grin. "Just showing the kid the basics…yup."

"Oh." The cobalt glared, sarcasm heavy in his tone. "Teaching him the technique of being annoying, kidnapping and lying?"

"Ouch. You got me there."

Botta stood by and watched the exchange between the underling and her superior with a worried expression.

"Zichoa, if you have time to be spying on-"

"Yeah, yeah…If I have enough time to spy on you, I don't have enough work…"

"Don't make me dock your pay."

"I'll just steal it back."

"Zichoa…I'm warning you…" Lord Yuan's hands twitched, and again, Botta felt weak static shock in the air.

Noiryn lifted her arms in defeat. "Fine, fine…I'm off." She walked towards the door and it hissed open, but before she walked out, the crimson haired woman turned and waved again at Botta. "Stay cute, and don't let nasty Yuan work you to death!"


"Fine! Jeeze…" The woman placed her helmet back on and left the two in the outsized closet.

The cobalt was silent for a moment before regarding the youth and sheepishly said, "Noiryn Zichoa is our best thief and spy for the Renegades. She trains the new recruits in the art of stealth." He shook his head, "I must not be giving her enough work…"

Botta laughed for the first time he felt in years. It was strange to the ear and rough sounding, but it must've been contagious, because Lord Yuan was soon smiling and chuckling alongside the brunette.

Regaining his composure soon enough, Lord Yuan stared hard at the youth, effectively bringing to a close Botta's laughter as well. "Botta," the cobalt started seriously, frowning as he did so. "Something to keep in mind for the future; don't get kidnapped."

"Yes sir."

And they both bursted into laughter.