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The Renegades objective and reason for existence is quite simple actually; considering all the glamour and flare placed on by the locals of Triet.

An organization called Cruxis is attempting to create something called "An Age of Lifeless Beings". At this group's disposal is technology far more advanced than anything normal people have ever seen before. Also, Cruxis has an almost invincible weapon; a jewel called a Cruxis Crystal.

These highly developed exspheres give a ridiculous amount of power to the one equipped with it, giving them 'angelic' abilities. Heightened sight, strength, hearing…all in exchange for the person's very soul. The organization of Cruxis is made of the Desians and the half elves that became 'angels'.

The Renegades exist only to prevent Cruxis from succeeding in their plans. Whether it be through infiltrating the Human Ranches as disguised desians, or 'subtly' assassinating certain people; the Renegades did, and does, everything in its power to stop Cruxis.

The enemy is Cruxis. The leader is a half elf by the name of Mithos Yggdrasill, who made the religion the world knew and the Church of Martel in the first place. He is accompanied by a human named Kratos Aurion, a master swordsman that became an 'angel' only by swallowing a special mineral.

It is simple; the Four Seraphim of Cruxis are the enemy's leaders, and they must be stopped; at all costs.

Botta yawned widely, flipping through the small book to scan for more uninteresting information. The twelve year old had been living in the Triet Base for a week, and Lord Yuan had insisted that he would begin his 'studies' to become a Renegade. It wasn't that the actual idea was boring, but…

"All I do is read," the brunette frowned, flipping on his stomach to look at the files in a different angle. He was, once again, in his room; Lord Yuan practically shoved the young half elf inside and 'politely asked': "Read up on what we do here, okay?"

Botta had done nothing but read and studied on the different things that were expected of a Renegade; he was tiring of the constant schoolwork. Wasn't there anyone to perhaps tell or show him what was to be expected?

The young half elf felt his eyes glisten slightly. He tried so hard, but he missed the little human contact he received after two lonely years. Botta wasn't allowed to leave his room, and no one would obviously visit; the brunette didn't know anyone besides Lord Yuan and the expert spy, Noiryn.

The leader of the Renegades was evidently too busy to keep Botta company, and the red headed woman must have gotten more work after the 'kidnapping incident'.

A light knock at his door sounded, and immediately, the twelve year old jumped out of his bed to answer. A push of a button, and the metal door quickly swished open, revealing none other than Lord Yuan.

"Good afternoon, Botta," the cobalt casually greeted, strolling into the room with ease; he placed what seemed to be more documents on the small desk that also occupied the small room. "I brought some other reading material for you…"

Botta didn't bother hiding his disappointment as he allowed his head to fall loosely, keeping his chocolate eyes trained on the floor. A soft sigh escaped the brunette's lips, and the leader of the Renegades lifted a thin eyebrow in mild curiosity.

"If there's something wrong; just say it." Lord Yuan wasn't the one to dance around conversations.

Taken off guard, Botta stuttered a few incoherent words before lifting his head and simply muttering, "I've been stuck in here for awhile without anyone to talk to, sir." There. He had said it. Maybe Lord Yuan would allow him to wander outside…

"Why is that any different from where you were before you came here?"

The response was so indifferent, so cold, Botta literally gasped as if slapped with freezing water. The twelve year old again felt his eyes fill with moisture, but he refused to shed any tears, not in front of the man that did not care. Botta lowered his head yet again; his voice failing him.

Yuan glanced for a moment longer, seeking any type of response other than apparent meekness. He didn't want many of his underlings to know that he had taken in a child; the youngest Renegades were aged seventeen. That was mostly why the cobalt locked Botta away, but Yuan also wanted to test something…

The brunette noticed that the cloaked man wasn't leaving. "Sir, is there anything else you want?" The sadness was replaced with anger instantaneously; the twelve year old hissed the question, and he glared defiantly at the cobalt, daring Lord Yuan to rebuke his rebellion. If Lord Yuan wasn't going to care, then he was going to be rude until he said sorry!

Sadly, being childish logic, it didn't make any sense at all.

"Would you care to repeat that?" Lord Yuan's sapphire eyes flashed for a second as he stared coolly, a frown gracing his features.

Was the cobalt angry? Botta couldn't care less. "I want you out if you have no more business with me, sir." The brunette barely kept his voice from shouting.

Yuan blinked. It amazed him how the child would keep using the title 'sir', even if he was fuming. "Well," he taunted, crossing his arms, "what if I don't want to go?"

"Then…" Botta faltered. What could he do? Lord Yuan was the one doing him a favor by taking him out of the forest; the brunette was indebted to him! Yet, the same man kept him in the small confined room all the time! "Then…" Tears of frustration fell from Botta's eyes; he couldn't withstand all the false hope of someone caring!

A bright russet circle of runes engulfed the young half elf, but Botta paid no mind; he was trying not to completely break down in loud sobs in front of Lord Yuan.

The cobalt smiled widely; finally, he had found another half elf that could wield-!

"Stone Blast!"

"Ah…" Yuan sidestepped the earth spell with only soft astonishment. Small rocks shot up from the floor where he had been standing and just as quickly as it began, it finished.

Botta panted heavily, staring at the spot where the rocks were just before. "Did I…?"

"Yes," Lord Yuan answered the unfinished question, barely hiding a grin of satisfaction. Who knew there would be a half elf talented with magic in the middle of the Iselia Forest? The young half elf had just proven the cobalt's theory; natural magic was only made known when the user was under an unnatural amount of stress. "You begin magic training with me tomorrow."

The twelve year old nodded mutely, instantly forgetting about being angry in the light of his newfound strength. Magic training? Did that mean that he could go out?

As if he heard the question, Yuan rolled his eyes towards heaven and sighed, "Yes, that means that you get out of this room already."

A lamp was lit in the room as Botta's face shined with pure joy. He would've danced as well, but he figured that Lord Yuan wouldn't have appreciated it. Instead, he settled for an enthusiastic "Yes sir!" and a clumsy salute that he had seen the other Renegades perform when talking to their leader.

The cobalt chuckled, "You learn fast," he said offhandedly, already exiting the room.

Botta fell back onto the bed; a foolish smile plastered on his face. Lord Yuan may or not cared about him or his well being, but that wasn't about to stop the brunette from enjoying the blissfulness of earning attention.

That was it. He couldn't ask or plead; the young half elf would earn anyone's compassion.

With that thought and goal in mind, Botta closed his eyes and began to doze. For an unknown reason, he was so tired…