This was a fic I started a looooong time ago, before the third enstallment of Pirates came out. Needless to say, I lost a bit of insparation when Elizabeth ended up with Will (actually, we all know Jack got his ship back and he and Elizabeth sailed away forever in the midst of love).. but this is such a wonderful story I'm very proud of (so far.. its not completed!) So I thought I'd post it for all my faithful Sparrabeth lovers!

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City Lights

Author: Candy

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Elizabeth, Jack, a few randomies

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for the few randomies, not like they really matter.

Summary: Award Winning! Years after Elizabeth was forced apart from the only man she ever loved when he was banned to the ocean for life, she sneaks into the once-familiar waters to search for the loving heart and loenly ship amidst the waves. Jack / Elizabeth

Something's in the air tonight, the sky's alive with a burning light.

You can mark my words.. something's about to break.

There were no city lights in London.

Night fell early on most days, thick and dark in it's sudden blanket, coating the city in a storm of black ash. Doors were locked, windows were shut.. no fires remained ablaze nor even the slightest end of one's whisper carried in the fading wind. Like the helpless prey fearing capture from the jaws of it's vicious predator, the small town on the edge of the ocean remained still and silent throughout the blackest night, a breath held cold within its chest, hoping to remain unseen by the plagues of evil that haunted all edges of the sea. Plagues that would crawl through the streets of unsuspecting towns, hidden with their darkness, killing and screaming and breaking anything in their path. They killed the meek and continued on blood-thirsty hunts for the wealthy, to strip them of whatever precious riches they held. The woman were both raped and captured, the children beaten and tossed aside like weightless dolls. Houses destryoed..families torn to pieces... and by the time morning rose after the haunting and murderous night, the ships of black would sail away and the town was left to tremble.

But thats the way it was, and the way it had always been. Nothing about the darkest nights that settled upon London were ever going to change.

Well...there was one night... One night where not even the silent breath nor the smoke of the diminished flames could have saved them.. One fateful, dark night that hadn't gone unnoticed, and changed the course of life as they had known it forever.

Night had just fallen, and the eyes of the town had become heavy after the lively waterside festivities had come to an end. Families were just heading home with yawning children and sheepish smiles, seemingly not worried about the lights that still dotted the town from oceanside, nor too hurried to diminished them, either. The governor's daughter was safe within the confines of her room, a soft candle burning beside her as she gazed longingly out her window, where she could only admire at the places she dreamed to reach. It was then, with her hazel eyes dancing within the soft waves of the ocean, did she notice the black dots and dark mist that floated from the faded horizon.

Knocking over the light that had exposed them, Elizabeth grabbed her dress within her hands and ran as fast as she possibly could to her father, who had been approaching her room with guards at his side... he had seen them also. A call rang out from the bell tower to the city below, causing an unsettling chill to encase the air, the high-pitched screams and cries of both woman and children rising in the night.

Fleeing to the carriage her father had demanded for her, she could see the pirates begin to litter the town below..starting meaningless fires and destroying any shop or carriage they possibly could. The carriage of her own hadn't made it far from the large manor she'd just departed from, pirates crawling up from the east side of the city killed the driver and set free the horses before they opened the doors and took Elizabeth for their own. But alas, they took the very person she realized, now, she never wanted back..

Taking the candle that had given her the smallest means of guidance, she slowly opened the door of her room and crept out into the hallway, where darkness enveloped her completely. Her eyes darted down the hallway, to the maid's quarters and to the room where her father was sure to be sleeping, those doors were closed, no sound emitting from them. And so, with her tiny little candle, she stepped over every creaking board and squeaky hinge she possibly could as she tip-toed throughout the house, on her way to the front door.

She had done this a countless amount of times before, antics that were usually cut short by a wandering maid or sleepless butler.. then she'd make up a small excuse, and head back to bed with her head hung in defeat. But not tonight, she thought with a coy smile as her trembling fingers slipping around the cold brass of the door handle. Blowing out her candle and setting it gently next to the door, she unlocked all the hooks and chains slowly and silently, before opening the door the slightest inch with each beat of her anxious heart.

Once the door was open just enough she could easily manage to slip through it, Elizabeth took one last look at the darkened house, patted the small knife she'd tied to the waist of her dress, and slipped perfectly into the cool lightness that was the night.

The air was crisp and chilled, the silence so thick and brittle she feared that if she made even the slightest noise, the perfect reverie that encased her would shatter into millions of pieces. The small families of the town were all tucked into their cosy beds, the smoke from diminished flames floating gently from cracked windows. Everything was completely silent, no animals calling, no whispers of conversations in the dead of night, and she felt as if she were some pirate-like intruder as she walked along the main dirt path to her destination.

Soon, the hill leveled out and she approached what she found to be surprisingly eerie; downtown, the usually buisiest part of their small village. Wrapping her arms around her for all the warmth she could gather, Elizabeth peeked into the windows of each and every shop she passed by, admiring the charm of the sleeping town. She decided to pick up speed in order to make it back to the home a little after sunrise, but was stopped in the middle of her tracks once she came upon a small shop that was all to familiar, the blacksmith's. The window was dusty on the inside, and as she peered through the bubbled glass, she could see the floor of dirt and the defined foodprints upon it..footprints, she guessed, from a certain someone who had forgotten something across the room after he'd swept. The tools were hung above the mighty fireplace, the donkey lay sleeping beneath the rafters, and a few small barrels of hay laid peacefully near the enterance. For the slighest moment, she'd both hoped and feared he would suddenly appear somewhere in the confines of the peaceful little shop...and maybe, just maybe, he'd greet her with that same warm, handsome smile as he'd always use to.

Biting her lip, Elizabeth turned away from the shop and once again headed town the long path of light dirt that coated the bottom of her dress and shoes, something she'd have to make up an explination for in the morning. The sky, she realized, was what else but a deep purple..the stars white and barley visable as they peeked through the passing clouds. The wind suddenly became stronger as her journey went on, a familiar chill biting at the air, and she knew she was near.

Sure enough, after steadily passing one last bend in the road the mighty shore of the ocean was in her sight. It was breathtaking, as it always was in the darkness of the night, almost melodic as the light waves lapped upon the shore. It was the most perfect of blues in contrast with the darknened sky, which seemed to lighten a bit where the neverending ocean seemed to head. Slipping off her shoes, she left a string of loenly footprints to where the waves touched, and waited a moment to take it all in before encasing herself waist deep in the frigid ocean waters. It was terribly cold, but so liberating at the same time she couldn't stand to head back so quickly. Letting her eyes flutter shut, she felt the steady breeze brush past her, the wonderful sent of the salt filling her senses.

When she used to come out to the ocean, after the attack that had shaken the heart of the small village, she'd bring a small candle and light it as the waves crashed into her. The wind was usually steady enough to not kill the flame, but just incase, she'd keep it close to her form and protect it from the winds that threatened. And as the little flame glowed against the heavy darkness, she hoped that someplace far off in the beautiful distance, someone would catch the subtle glow and sail in her direction..where he'd bring her aboard his ship and ravish her with the passion she craved. After all, that had been what he promised her so many months ago.

But after a while of lighting the lone candle in the middle of the night, she realized that it was far too unsafe for even her restless heart, and decided that simply coming out to the ocean in the dead of night would be just enough.

Allowing her eyes to flutter open once again, Elizabeth scanned the very edges of the far away ocean, hoping she'd be able to see something tonight. And sure enough, on the farest away edge possible..she spotted it. She spotted the black speck of beauty that caused her heart to ache. She wasn't sure even if that was the right ship, nor if anyone was even paying attention to the loenly woman standing waist-deep in the freezing waves of a foamy ocean shore. But she stood in awe of the unique beauty that was the loenly black ship within the waters of the most beautiful ocean, one which the sun was sure to be rising steadily over soon.

Knowing they were not able to come any closer, and would now head back to greater depths, Elizabeth whispered a few soft words before gathering her soaking dress within her chilled palms, heading back up the silent dirt path to the candle she'd left aglow upon her windowsill.

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