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Elizabeth galloped through the steady night with fear in her head, but hope within her rapidly beating heart. She had worried that perhaps Trista hadn't made it in the house in complete silence and faced serious trouble...or worst of all, if her father would figure out where she headed and have the royal navy at the heels of the Pearl. She shook the worry from her mind, slowing the horses' pace once she realized that such a gallop wasn't needed in order to reach Tortuga by the time she needed. After all, the lush rolling hills and dirt road that separated them were completely empty.. the ocean in the distance provided a melodic hum for her senses. The sky was endless, purpleish blue and as spotted with stars and clouds as she'd ever seen it.

No longer having any boundries, she tilted her head back, allowing the calming scent of dewy grass to encase her completely. Her thoughts, jumbled and fearsome, danced to the heavens and traveled back to a memory she'd wished never would've sealed their cursed fate.

The horizon had been absolutely gorgeous, mighty and fierce in it's fiery colors as it dashed across the sky. His arm had been bound around her, and he had whispered something about how the exotic beauty of the sunset paled in comparison to hers. In return, she kissed him softly. Not so far off in the distance, a familiar shoreline rose up above the sea, and Elizabeth was not mistaken when she could've sworn a small glimmer of light shone from her bedroom window, within the house upon the hill.

The crew scattered off at port, with high hopes of catching the eye of a beautiful woman in such a prosporous town, or catching some well needed rest within the barrels of warm hay kept in the village stables. They had no orders other then to return, if they wished, at dusk... a few hours would give the captain and his maiden enough time to do as they needed.

Around dusk the couple entered the home she hadn't seen in quite some while, and walked gently to where her father had been - his head in his hands as he sat alone in his study. His eyes lit up to that familiar glow when she approached him, and wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. Meanwhile, Jack waited paitently behind... and her father's igorant bliss rose to the occasion when he merrily shook his hand, thanking him for saving his only daughter from a terrible fate.

But as dusk fell, it was that ignorance that completely withered when a piece of the Royal Navy burst into the very room they settled in, and although he had just enough time to escape, seized Jack in their strength and chains. They stated they'd seen other pirates within the area and learned that the most evil of all had been within the govenor's household, his arm bound around Elizabeth herself. Her father had suddenly filled with hatred, throwing curses and slurs at the man before him. And yet, Jack was silent.

Elizabeth was frantic, pleading with her father to release him as tears dripped upon his aging coat, but her cries fell on deaf ears. He sent Jack to the gallows to be hung when a big enough crowd gathered at nightfall, and as she was left alone in her father's study, she realized there was almost nothing she could do any longer.

Elizabeth shook the memory from her mind, leaning forward on the dark horse for support.. the nerves and excitement that had been building inside caused her to become weary, and yet she knew she could not sleep. A small village was not far off, but she could not risk staying too long or becoming too attached to anything there...the ships docked at Tortuga always fled shortly after sunrise.

Wrapping the reigns between her fingers, she kicked the side of the horse and quickened to a steady gallop, knowing the painful memories would only yearn to fly to the heavens if she did not do something to keep them at bay. Far too many nights had been spent with those memories causing her pain and resent, and she knew that now, with the small town far behind her, all that was left was too look forward to the future. A future just barley dancing upon the very ends of her fingertips.


The sky was the most greyish of purples, cream-colored clouds spread thinly across the canvas, when Elizabeth rode into the small port town of Tortuga early in the morning. She had arrived just in time, the town had been quiet still, barley waking and drifting into the streets, and she took the opprotunity to find a quiet area within the lush fields around. The fleets, as she could see, were just peeking over the ends of the horizon, and she knew she had enough time to settle before the ships landed and then left once again.

After wrapping her hair back and grabbing something small to eat, she buried herself within the sweet-smelling fields of wheat, only realizing now how tired she actually was. But even after her eyelids fluttered in a threatening dance, she knew she couldn't let herself wander to such a state. The ships would be arriving soon, and her chance to sneak aboard would run slim as time went by. Folding her arms behind her head as means of comfort, she looked over at the grazing creature beside her. He'd been so clam, so soothing.. as if he knew of her destination and would fly off into the sky to get there quicker if she'd asked him to. The thought of selling him made her heart ache, and she knew she'd have to be careful of who she chose to give him to.

Coming to her feet, she took off her cape and stuffed it in the small bag she'd brought with her, then lead the horse down the now busy streets of Tortuga. It was a busy, hardworking town, with lots of families and strays and homeless folk spending the little they had on booze and women. It held no sweetness but embraced a unique charm, and was known by everyone and anyone who'd ever sailed across the seven seas.

As she walked through the now awaken town, the horse obedient at her side, her eyes crawled across the string of small plots of farmland and small, man-made homes, hoping there would be someone that might catch her eye. There were many families, some seemingly not so humble, others looking a bit too nice as she passed on by..and it wasn't long before she got to the end of the road. But it was then, with the end in sight, she managed to spy the smallest, weakest, most seemingly humble little family there might ever be. It was a small chunk of land surrounded by an old fence to keep to it's own from the other larger plots around it. An elderly man was hunched over the dry and unforgiving earth, reaping the soil while careful to avoid the small green buds sprouting from the earth.

At his side was a small, flushed face and dirt-covered little girl. Her dress was old, she wore no shoes, and yet she remained at her father's side with a basket in her chubby, sun-kissed arms. Elizabeth approached her with a gentle smile, nodding towards the horse at her side. "He's a bit thirsty, could we have some water?"

At first all the little girl did was look up at Elizabeth with striking blue eyes, as if worried of her true intentions, but soon shook the thought off as she pointed to a troff behind their house. "Our only goat died a little while ago," She said sweetly in a child-like voice. "But there must be water still in there."

After leading her horse over to the water, she took her bags off of his saddle and threw them around her shoulder, approaching the young girl once again as she kneeled next to her in the dirt. She smiled. "I think he likes it here," She whispered, nodding towards the horse, as if telling the child her deepest secret. "Mind if he stays for a while?"

The girl looked at her quizically, her hands clasped behind her back as her eyes fell to her feet..then to her father as he remained at work, then back into Elizabeth's eyes. "Father says we don't have enough money to buy a pony."

Not able to contain her huff of laughter, she pulled a small bundle of oats from her bag and plopped it into the girl's chubby, mud-stricken palm. "Oh, you musn't worry about that... you see, I am going on a long journey and I simply cannot take him with me. You can just take him, he'll help with farming and going into town... feed him those when he's good."

It was then the child finally seemed to realize that Elizabeth was no evil magician or selfish trader, her eyes began to sparkle in the sun. With a toothy grin, she looked back at her father, then over to the beautiful horse that seemed blissfully aware that he was around to stay. "Oh, thank you." She squealed, throwing her arms around Elizabeth's slim waist. "I will take good care of him,"

Smiling a soft smile, she ran her hands through the girls matted hair, a sadness taking over her. "Of course, thats why I chose you for him." After a small goodbye to the beautiful little girl and the horse that had been a blessing for her journey, Elizabeth left with her eyes drowned in pools of tears. She remembered so perfectly those many months ago, she had truly believed that by this time, such a sweet little girl born of the ocean would have been her own.

Seeing the life at sea begin to unfold at the docks, she burst into a desperate run, unable to believe she had gone so long without the man she loved.


With the orange and blazing sun yawning low in the sky, she managed to slip into the busy scene of men loading and unloading cargo from mighty ships easily. After rubbing some dirt on her clothes and stealing a swig of rum from the still hand of a man asleep against the dock, Elizabeth simply walked into the middle of the chaos and grabbed one end of a heavy crate a man had been struggling with. Her smile did not leave her face until she began to exit the cargo hold, when she caught sight of a tall, handsome man. A man with dark brown hair that blew in the wind and shining green eyes, who stood upon empty crates and directed the fast-moving mass of people preparing the ship for her next adventure.

She'd gasped when he finally looked at her, his smile bright and warm as he waved her over to roll barrels of gun powder around, "Step to, mate!" He'd yelled.

With a heavy heart, Elizabeth did as she was told, a frown marring her dirty cheeks as she avoided eye contact with the behind her. He seemed so wonderful, so kind... a piece of her plan that she knew threatened her own fate and determination. A test she knew might send her sailing back home, to the unlit shores of the hidden town.