Coby, Lori, and Bud look at the strange girls that they found with concern. They had pixie-like wings and strange uniforms that weren't of Earth. Vector Prime, who had ust come into the room, spoke, "How are they, Children?"

"They're all right, Vector Prime, just asleep still," Coby said. Bud was looking at the redhead with some confusion and recognition. He suddenly said, "Hey Coby, its Will. You know, our cousin from Heatherfield." Coby looked at Will more closely and realized that Bud was right. Lori shocked look was more than he could take however and he started laughing hard.

"What's so funny, gear jockey, huh?" Lori shouted at Coby.

"The shocked look on your face just now, Lori. You looked like someone stuffed ice down your shirt or something." Lori realized that Coby was right and laughed with him and Bud.

Vector Prime guessed that one of the females was a member of Coby and Bud's family and was filled with magical and electrical energy. He then realized that this Will was a guardian of the veil, specifically the Keeper of the Heart. He quickly left to tell Optimus Prime of what he had learned.

Command Center:

Optimus Prime and others were waiting for Vector Prime's report about the strange girls they had found inside five separate scrapmetals units. The five scrapmetals had been brought inside and were being watched by Landmine and Red Alert. Vector Prime came in and nodded to everyone. Override spoke first, "Well Vector Prime, what did you learn about those girls?" "Those girls are no ordinary girls, Override. They are in fact guardians of the veil." Hotshot looked very confused as he asked, "Guardians of the veil? What does that mean, Vector Prime?" Vector Prime took a moment to gather his thoughts and the replied, "It means Hotshot, is that those five girls were chosen to defend a magical curtain that separates Earth and Merdian, a realm adjacent to Earth. It has been separated from the universe for many years because an evil tyrant known as Phobos took the throne and was planning to conquer all other realms. Five females were chosen to guard this veil and were granted magical powers through a device called the Heart of Candarcar."

Everyone digested this info and didn't answer right away. Scattershot looked up and said, "Then how the heck did they get here anyway, huh? Earth and this Meridan place are pretty far away. What happened to them anyway that got them inside those scrapmetals?"

Everyone looked at each other then looked at Vector Prime. He just shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jolt. Jolt's eyes took an odd look and then snapped back into focus. He said, "It looks like somehow the girls managed to make a wormhole and were sucked in. That's how they got here, but how they got in those scrapmetals is still a mystery to me."

Wing Saber looked over at the scrapmetals and noticed that they looked very different from normal scrapmetals that they fought in the past. He then said, "Hey guys, I just noticed that these scrapmetals look different than any others that we've seen before."

Snarl took a closer look himself and had to agree with Wing Saber. The dark red scrapmetal had two energy cannons on each of it arms, one on top and one on bottom. It also had an energon whip attached to its side. The light blue one had designs like moving wind on it. It also had what looked like twin energy disk launchers on it shoulders along with shield generators near the hands. The other blue scrapmetal was darker in color, more water-like. Twin pulse cannons adorned its back along with a stealth field generator. The lava colored scrapmetal had two flame swords attached to it along with a removable flamethrower unit. The last one was the strangest one. It was colored with more earth-toned colors. Its weapons were a Gatling unit positioned on it left shoulder and a multiple missile launcher pod on its right shoulder. The hands were interchangeable with what looked like giant hammers which could cause minor earthquakes. It was also more heavily armored then the others.

Evac was standing next to Crosswise while he scanned the unusual scrapmetals. Everything looked normal in the structural designs but that's where the differences ended. The cockpits looked very strange to them. No seats or controls, but rather a system that linked the movements of the robot to the pilot. The weapons were either activated through nerve relays wired to a special suit that wrapped around the pilot. Bladed or other weapons could be released with a thought. The cockpit also had a full 360 degree view which could be very beneficial to the Autobots in the long run. The programming also had been changed drastically. Gone were the commands that made a scrapmetal into a scavenger. It now was designed to absorb traits of the pilot if enough time was spent in them. While normal scrapmetals lad lasers and a spider-like transformation, these scrapmetals were more like the Autobots, with vehicle transformations. Wheels were seen on two, one had hovercraft apparatuses on it while of them had wings and the last one had tank treads on it.

Leobreaker was thinking about something when an odd question popped into his head. He turned to Vector Prime and said, "Hey Vector Prime, I was wondering something. Do all worlds have a strange device like this Heart of Candarcar? And does that mean that Cybertron has one too?" Everyone looked shocked at Leobreaker when he asked that question. Not even Vector Prime had an answer for that one.