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Chapter 2


Lori was watching over the girls while Bud and Coby went to get something to eat. She was sitting there when there was a flash of light and the girls had changed back to human looking girls. Lori saw where the light had come from and made a grab for it. When she did, something happened. The world grew distant and everything exploded in bright light for her. Lori was engulfed in a cocoon of pure energon and everything grew silent.


Bud and Coby came back into the infirmary and looked around for Lori. When they couldn't find her, they got concerned. Coby went to the communication screen and called up Optimus. When his face came up on the screen, Coby said, "Hey Optimus have you seen or heard from Lori? She not in the infirmary and we've looked all over for her." "No Coby, we haven't seen or heard from her. But we just got a huge power spike from your vicinity. Have you seen anything different about the room?" Coby looked at Bud to ask him but Bud was staring at the ceiling with a look of absolute shock. Coby looked up and his jaw just dropped. At the top of the room was a huge ball of energon with a human shape in the middle of it. Coby shut his mouth and said. "Guys get down here, there is something should see!"

10 minutes later:

Everyone had crowded into the infirmary and was looking up at the ceiling in shock. Scattershot and Red Alert were scanning the orb for any clue as too what it was. Vector Prime had a concerned look on his face as did Override. Hotshot was trying to console her with little luck. Snarl and Leobreaker were ready to tear something apart if someone didn't get some answers soon. Six-Speed and Reverb were standing near the still unconscious girls while Safeguard and Jolt were up in the air scanning the energon orb. Jetfire and Wing Saber were back in the command center watching for Decepticons. Landmine was pacing the room almost wearing a hole in the floor. Evac and Crosswise were trying to keep Coby and Bud calm by talking with them. Optimus had joined Landmine in his pacing and was actually wearing a line in the floor.

"Coby," Optimus said suddenly," from what I've heard, I think that you, Bud and Evac should go to Earth and get the girls parents. Take Jetfire and bring them all back here quickly." Coby nodded and grabbed Bud and left the room and headed for the command center to get Jetfire. Evac followed close behind, glad to be out of the tension that was mounting in the infirmary.

Scattershot looked up from the computer screen and said,"Optimus, I've got something here." Everyone looked at him expectantly and waited for him to speak. "It's seems that the energon orb is in fact some type of cocoon. It seems to be transforming Lori into something else. Just what I can't tell yet, but it doesn't seem to be harming her in anyway." Everyone let out a collective sigh of breath as the tension drained out of the room. Suddenly there was a groan as everyone turned to the red head that Coby had identified as his cousin Will.

Will had started to wake up from the failed experiment that she had tried. She slowly sat up and looked around with bleary eyes. She could make out some large shapes that were looking at her but her head was pounding and she couldn't see straight. Will spoke up, "Does anyone have some aspirin I could use? I have a headache the size of a house." There was some laughter at what she said and then a mechanical voice say, "Here, you go miss. This should help with your headache almost instantly." She took the pills and the water and downed them quickly, her vision clearing almost instantly. She looked up and was shocked beyond belief. There standing around the room were giant robots staring at her. Will just about fainted again if it wasn't for Override.

She said,"Hey kid, you know anything about this orb that is on the ceiling? It's got a friend of ours in it and we want to know what is going on." Will looked up at where the giant female robot was pointing and looked so shocked that it wasn't funny. There on the ceiling was an orb just like the one that she and the others went into when they transformed into the guardians. She suddenly had a bad thought and felt around for the Heart of Candarcar. It wasn't around her neck so took a quick mental scan for it and found it in the middle of the large orb above her.

She turned to Override and said, "I don't know what is going on, but my guess would be that your friend grabbed the Heart of Candarcar and something unexpected happened to her. By the way, I have to ask, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!" Everyone jumped back as Will yelled at them. Will turned to see Snarl and Leobreaker transform into a giant lion and wolf. She was shocked but maintained her composure as she said, "Sorry about yelling but I want to know just where me and my friends are, that's all."

Vector Prime stepped forward and said, "I can answer that, young one but first let me introduce everyone. I am Vector Prime. Over there at the computer is Scattershot and Red Alert. Standing over near them is Crosswise, Snarl, Leobreaker, and Hotshot. To the left is Override, Landmine and the mini-cons, Six-Speed, Reverb, Jolt, and Safeguard. And standing next to me is our leader, Optimus Prime. Our other companions are Jetfire, Wing Saber, Evac and our human friends Bud and Coby are elsewhere at the moment. As to where you are, you are currently on Cybertron, our home world. Now who are you, keeper?" Will digested this information and replied, "Well my name is Will Vandom. The blonde over there is Cornelia Hale. The brunette is Irma Lair and the blue haired one is Hay Lin. The dark skinned girl is Taranee Cook, and we are the guardians of the veil or at least we were when Phobos wasn't defeated." Vector Prime nodded and let Will take a look around the room.

Will took in the room as she collected her thoughts on what had happened. She looked at Vector Prime and said," I can't remember exactly what happened, but what I remember is this." Thus begins the flashback sequence you've been waiting for.


Plains outside the city on Meridian:

Will stood outside in the middle of the field with the others nearby. Will was about to attempt to make a new portal back to Earth. Since there were no more portals, she had to learn how to make her own. As she concentrated on the Heart of Candarcar, Will felt something different was going on with the portal.

Hay Lin saw the portal open but realized that this one was different then all the others they had seen before. Instead of a pulsating blue, this one was more liquid like and glowing green like a puddle of water. It also had a weird feel to it, like it was drawing you into it. Just then the winds which had been still before, suddenly picked up with a ferocious bite and began to draw them into the strange portal. Everyone grabbed onto something near by but to no avail. The winds grew stronger by the minute as the portal began to pulse more and more. Finally the portal showed a picture of a strange world that looked totally mechanical. The winds finally grew to an apex and drew the guardians into the portal. Will was drawn in first followed by Hay Lin, Irma, Taranee, and Cornelia.

Flashback Intermission:

Vector Prime nodded as Will took a drink of water and reflected on her words. Somehow without any training, these girls had managed to open a portal similar to the ones that he and Jolt could open. Everyone was hanging on Will's every word except for Snarl and Leobreaker. They looked like they wanted to hear more about how these girls got into those altered scrapmetals. Will finished taking a drink and then proceeded to tell the rest of the story.

Flashback Resume:

After the portal had sucked them in, they flew through and landed somewhere on Cybertron. Thankfully they didn't land very hard and were able to look around. As they walked, they heard to sounds of fighting and were drawn toward them. When they arrived at the scene, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Giant robots armed to the teeth were fighting against smaller robots that were attacking like a swarm of insects. Various explosions rang through out the area as the guardian watched transfixed by the sight.

Will heard a noise nearby and turned to see five of the smaller robots staring at them. She screamed and everyone turned to find out what their leader was yelling about. When they saw the robots, the screams echoed across the area. The Autobots heard the screams and would have investigated but they were a bit busy at the moment so they continued to fight.

The five scrapmetals had been looking for someone ever since they landed on Cybertron. They didn't know who they were looking for but somehow they seemed to be drawn in a certain direction. When they rounded a corner they saw five females staring at the direction of the battle. When they scanned the females, they found that each one of the resonated with a certain element that was like the symbols engraved on they're chest plates. They stepped out of the shadows and moved to unite with their pilots. When the red haired one turned and saw them, she screamed and drew the attention of the others but it made no difference to the scrapmetals. The cockpits opened and released several tendrils that captured the girls and dragged them into the cockpits one-by-one. Then the world around them went black.

Flashback End:

Everyone seemed shocked at what they had heard. Scrapmetals acting like they had a purpose in mind instead of like scavengers? Human's openings portals by themselves and surviving the trip without an escort? It was just too unbelievable to them. Will looked around and asked, "I thought that there were other humans here. Where did they go anyway?" "They went back to Earth to get your parents. I'm sure they are beside themselves with worry," replied Scattershot. Will's face paled to an almost transparent white when that was said. Red Alert saw her reaction and took a wild guess at why she acted like that. "I think that it would be best if you told your parents about you girls being guardians Will. It might help you get along with them better." Everyone looked at him when they realized that neither Will nor the other girls had ever told their parents about them being guardians. This made the situation much more complicated then before. Just what would happen when Coby and the other got back with the parents? Let's just say that the future would be getting a lot more interesting when all was said and done. Just what would be said when they showed up with their scrapmetals units to school. But That tale will be told another time.