This is a retelling of Twilight in another book series, Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. They are really good and I am using a lot of things from them. Basic summery:

Edward is still a vampire along with his family, but this vampire family is like the ones in mythes. No sunlight, sleep in coffins during day, turn into bats...

Bella is a goth who loves vampires and the supernatural. What happens when they meet?

This chapter is only short because it is basically the introduction. I want to know what people think of this. If you want me to continue, I will, if you want me to delete it, I will. Please tell me what you think, and ENJOY!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight or Vampire Kisses 1-4. They are owned by the brilliant Stephanie Meyer and Ellen Schreiber.

I stepped off the plane and went in search of my luggage. I didn't have a lot of things with me, only a little clothes and a few personal belongings. When I found it all I walked out of the airport and waited outside for my dad, Charlie. He was the one who was going to look after me here, in Forks, in Dullsville...

"Hey, Bella!" Charlie came over to me.

"Hi dad," I replied.

I wasn't too enthusiastic about being stuck in Forks. I only when because I felt my mother could spend more time with her new husband. I kept feeling out of place when I was with them. Although, I felt out of place almost everywhere. I was a goth. Loved to dress in black, listened to Marylin Manson and Korn, and, of course, was always in isolation.

I never had a real friend. I was always left out because everyone saw me as a freak, someone who didn't belong, a monster girl. Whenever I started a new school, people would be interested for a few days, but after they saw my 'unnatural obsession' with vampires and all things dark, they would isolate themselves from me.

Not that I really cared. I have grown up a loner, I didn't need friends. All I needed was my Dracula DVD and Anne Rice's books and I was complete.

I detested going to Forks, aka Dullsville. Nothing exciting would ever happen here. There was a small high school that I would attend. The whole school consisted of a little over three hundred students. Everyone here would quickly mark me as a freak and then I would be alone again. However, with all my heart, I wanted to believe that would not happen. I felt like being in Dullsville would be a good thing for me.

This feeling made me think something unnatural might happen. I wanted to laugh out loud. 'Forks' and 'something unnatural' could not go into the same sentence. The most unnatural thing that could happen to this place was me coming to stay for a while.

But, then, why did I feel like all my dreams would soon come true?

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