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Recap: Suddenly Edward pulled away and pushed me back, a little too harshly. I ended up hitting the wall behind me with my back.

When I looked into his eyes, they seemed almost black, instead of the honey golden I had gotten used to. Edward was breathing hard, as if he was panting. Then he spoke,

"Bella, go! Go to Jameson. Get away from me!"

"Why?" I asked, suddenly panicked.

"Just go!" he hissed.

That's when I tasted the blood.

Chapter 18

Bella's POV

I ran as fast as my clumsy feet could carry me, down the stairs from the attic and into the dining room.

"Miss Swan? What's wrong?" Jameson asked with a hint of worry in his voice. "I'm sure it isn't hunger, although I suppose if hungry enough..."

I was panting so hard I couldn't make one sentence come out of my mouth. At least not any coherent sentence.

"Ed- he-!" Pant "Blood- kissed me!" Pant "Help!"

No human would have been able to understand what I was trying to say, but Jameson's eyes told me he did. They grew wide and he immedietly set to work. It was only when he gave me a cotten ball to put in my mouth that I realized the blood was still flowing freely. I took it from him and put it to the cut. At first it absorbed quiet well, but I knew that I'd need more if the blood was going to be completely absorbed.

"Sir Edward?" Jameson called in a regular tone. There was no answer. At least none that my less sensitive human ears could hear, but Edward had to have answered because Jameson nodded his head to himself and agreed to whatever it was.

The he turned back to me.

"I assume you know our secret, is that correct Miss?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered, looking at the floor guiltely.

For a moment, Edward's sister's words came into my mind.

"She the perfect person to take this out on! Had she not tried to mess with our lives, Edward would still be here! She is the reason he is miserable and the reason he is not here!"

I could finally understand what she meant, and agree with her. I was causing my angel all that misery... He would have been happier. So much happier had I not come after him. Had I not even forced myself into his life! But I had...and that was a huge mistake. A mistake I could no longer correct. Edward was like a drug! I needed him, and without him there would be no me! Even if he made a mistake, a fatal mistake, I would never let him go. Till death parted us, I would be by his side.

And then another thought came to mind. What if he felt the same way? If he needed me the same way I needed him? If I was his drug, he would die when I was gone. But for such an angel to die, the world would be insane to even suggest such a thing! So...maybe there was a way for niether of us to die. A way for us to exsist, by one another's side forever. Maybe Rosalie was wrong! We need each other. So maybe my exsistence in his life is causing him misery, but with the both of us together — I know that we can overcome that misery. He will be happy! And me — his smile is enough to fill my life with joy.

"I suppose I have some explaining to do now." My reasonings were interupted by Jameson's voice. "I'm sure you have heard many myths and tales of us vampires. Is there anything you want to know? For the record to be set straight?"

Alice had told me many things, but there were still a few questions that I wanted answered. I thought a bit. "The sun?"

"We sleep through the day, but not because we must hide from the sun. It's rays do nothing more than weaken us, and leave us dehydrated. The sun cannot kill us."

I nodded. "The cross?"

"Again, nothing at all. Some of us still attend church, when we desire."

Before I could ask my next question, he answered it along with some more.

" As is with holy water. Most things have no effect on us, but humans like using their imagination to come up with ways to kill us anyway, probably to feel more powerful and in control. Stakes do nothing. We don't need boxes of dirt from our homeland with us to survive. And we have absolutely no problem crossing running water."

"Do you sleep in coffins?"

"Did you see a coffin in young Master's room?"

I thought back. A black leather couch, a giant sterio, walls filled with Cds and records and tapes, books, but no coffin. I shook my head no.

"Can you eat human food?" I asked, remembering that Jameson said they have food.

"We can, but it doesn't provide us with the right nutrients. We can taste the food, but it's as if we're eating stale and rotten things, instead of the fresh ones we need."

The last question that I had to ask was the most nerve-wrecking for me. I wanted to know, what would happen to me...after...well after what Edward did.

"How can — How are...humans turn? Into vampires...?"

Jameson looked me in the eye. I could see the anxiety in those green-ish orbs.

"I'm sorry Miss. But that is not something I should be telling you. I am not the right person for this. And if you are worried that with Sir Edward's bite you shall change, don't worry. It takes more than that. But this is as much as I can say about this topic."

I sighed. Here I was — thinking I was finally going to learn more about what I longed for my whole life, and I find out that Jameson's not the 'right person for this.'

Out of no where, Jameson nodsded his head and said "Yes sir."

Then he bowed to me and left the room quietly. The expession on my face was somewhere between bewildered and confused. But then I felt another presence in the room. I twirled around, almost tripping over my feet, and came face to face with Edward.

His expression was full of sorrow and self- hatred. His dark honey-golden eyes looked at me so sadly I longed to reach out to him and wipe away the sadness.

"Bella," he began. "I am so very sorry!"

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