A/N: This is a story by my little sister Bloddie, who is 8 years old. She asked me to post it on my fan fiction account…. So here it is!

Bloddie's Story: The Potter Family

The Potter family was a family filled with witches and wizards. They were James Potter, Lily Evans, and their baby son Harry Potter.

One day they were attacked by a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort, but for one strange reason, Harry didn't die, but Voldemort lost his body and left with just his face.

Ever since the attack, Harry had served the Dursley family. They were Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and their small son Dudley (the same age as Harry).

One day Harry received his letter from Hogwarts with all his new books on it. Harry was so excited he ran and packed his trunk, and ran out of the door.

Once he had gotten to Diagon Alley, he went straight to Gringotts bank and got out all of the money he was going to need and set off to buy all of his new 7th year stuff, when he met Ron and Hermione.

They said 'hello' and then set off together to buy the rest of their stuff.

When they were on the train leaving to Hogwarts they met Ron's mum.

Ron's mum said not to go sneaking out of bed at night. So Harry said 'okay'.

As soon as Harry aboarded the Hogwarts Express it started to leave, which was very funny because it is never supposed to leave until every body is seated.

Soon after that they arrived at Hogwarts. Harry's first lesson was Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Defence Against the Dark Arts was a very boring lesson.

While Harry was sitting in his seat being bored wondering whether or not to visit Hagrid after school, SUDDENLY the window next to him smashed. And who was standing behind it than Lily Evans and James Potter, Harry's parents.


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