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Chapter Two: Repayment

James and Lily were sent to Dumbledonk's office straight away.

( A/N: Yes. She calls Dumbledore "Dumbledonk". )

"Well, well, well, what have we here," said Dumbledonk.

Dumbledonk was very surprised to see Harry's parents alive. "Explain," Dumbledonk said.

"Well er, we er," Lily stammered. "We wanted to see Harry because we ever have", said James.

"But", said Dumbledonk, "How did you come back to life?"

"Well, we… yes, how did we?" said James. "I have no idea."

"Oh," said Dumbledonk.

"So can we leave now?"

"After you give me 5 galleons, if you please?" said Dumbledonk.

"Why do you want 5 galleons?" said Lily.

"Because you smashed a Hogwarts window and now you have to pay for it!"

"But we do not have any money because we gave it all to Harry when we became dead," said James.

"Well, now that you have come back to life can you please go and get yourself some jobs to get money?" Dumbledonk suggested.

So Lily and James left the office and went to Diagon Alley to find jobs.

James thought for a moment. "Maybe I should be a broomstick shop owner".

"Maybe I should be a wand shop owner" said Lily.

So off they went to their new work.

James's first customer was his son Harry. Harry was sent to buy a new broomstick for the Quidditch games.

James gave Harry a big discount on his broom.

Lily, who had taken over Mr Ollivander's wand shop, also got Harry as her first customer.

He needed a new wand, so she gave it to him for free.

Then they all went out for ice cream at the ice cream shop next door.

Suddenly, Lord Voldemort appeared.

He did the 1240 karate chop to the ice cream shop owner. Then he turned to the Potter/ Evans family.

They ran. They ran all the way to Hogwarts.

Suddenly James remembered about the 5 galleons and Dumbledonk. All of a sudden Lord Voldemort appeared in front.

He said, "Dumbledonk!"


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