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Next morning…

The sun was already high above the busy city of Central. Everyone was already at work at the military but the members under Roy's command where curiously sitting outside of Roy and Riza's office slowly getting their work done.

Havoc stared at the door blankly. On the door there was a tantalizing 'Do Not Disturb' sign picking at his curiosity.

Inside Roy and Riza had woken up hours ago. They folded the bed back up and moved it to its place and got dressed for work before anyone had even seen them. Sleep didn't let them stay awake for long though. They had both curled up next to each other on the couch with the blanket again and dosed off. Luckily, before anyone suspected anything the janitor had found the two dozing on the couch and nicely, being a friend of Roy, put up the sign.

Havoc's curiosity was finally starting to get the better of him. Everyone else was quietly working while Havoc paced around in front of the door, attempting to figure out what Mustang was up to.

An hour passed and now everyone was curious. Riza was never more then an hour late and the both of them where already three hours past check in time and no one had seen ether of them. "I'm sick of waiting!" Havoc yelled as he took the sign off the door and chucked it across the room.

"Take it easy Havoc." Fuery replied.

"Aren't you curious too?" Havoc asked.

"Well yea but screaming and throwing things around won't solve anything. Just peak through the door." Falman answered with and annoyed look on his face.

"FINE I WILL!" Havoc stated as he quietly opened the door and peaked into the office. A large grin appeared on his face immediately.

"What do you see?" Fuery asked curiously, trying to look over Havoc's shoulder from his desk.

"Looks like Roy got really lucky this morning." Havoc replied with a smirk on his face and a hint of jealousy in his voice.

Fuery and Falman sprang from their desks and peaked through the door next to Havoc. "OH MY GOD!" they both said in unison before Havoc managed to cover their mouths.

"Shhhhhhhh! Are you trying to get us busted?!" Havoc whispered to them as he slowly removed his hands from their mouths.

No more then ten seconds later they heard a snap that sent fear through their entire body as flames sprang out from the door and charred the three of them. Roy pushed the door open with his foot and walked into the room with Riza wrapped in a blanked, cradled in his arms. Roy looked exhausted and groggy as he glared at the three of them sitting on the floor, still shocked from the flames. Slowly he opened both doors and went back into the office. He carefully set Riza on the couch and calmly walked back into the other room scratching the back of his head, still sleepy. He looked down at the three of them angrily and smacked them on the head before stating, "ARE YOU TRYING TO PISS ME OFF TODAY?! Your just lucky Riza didn't wake up!"

Roy left them at the door as he walked back into his office and knelt down on the ground next to the couch and lightly ran a hand over her cheek. Riza pulled the blanked up to her chin and curled up a little more before slowly opening her eyes. "You guys are too noisy…" she sleepily stated as Roy sighed with a smile.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up. Are you sure you don't want to sleep some more?" Roy asked with care replacing the anger in his voice from before as he looked at her with a little hint of worry.

Riza yawned as she stretched her arms out from under the blanket. "It's O.K. Roy." Riza replied as she leaned over and whispered into Roy's ear with a slight smile, "The noise didn't wake me up. I was cold."

Riza stood up in front of Roy and attempted to look awake. Roy, still knelling on the ground, smiled and wrapped his arms around Riza's knees and picked her up. Riza gasped but managed to stay balanced as she sat in Roy's arms with her knees pressed firmly into his chest for support. "Why didn't you tell me you where cold then? I would have gladly kept you warm." Roy asked as he looked into Riza's beautiful orange eyes.

"Cause then we'd never get the work done and end up staying late again." Riza replied as Roy carefully let her slide in between his arms back onto the ground.

"Nothing is wrong with that is there?" Roy grinned as he let go of Riza and ran a hand through her now messy, long, blond hair.

"I was hoping to at least make it to a house tonight." She smiled playfully. Roy stared at her from the last comment and after a moment a grin spread across his face.

Havoc, Falman, and Fuery, who had been watching the whole time, huddled in a circle on the ground. "When did those two get so close?" Falman whispered with a hand to his face.

"You saw for yourself. Roy and Riza where a little busy last night, and not just with paperwork." Havoc replied with a depressed look on his face. "How come her gets all the luck…"

Falman and Fuery looked at Havoc in disgust as the sheer thought sent chills up their spines. "Ugh… Quit reminding me." Falman shrugged.

"What are you three up to?" Roy asked in an ordering tone as he noticed the three of them scheming.

"N-Nothing Sir!" Havoc, Falman, and Fuery said in unison as they stood bolt upright and saluted Roy.

"Get to work then! Just because we stared late doesn't mean we get to go home at the same time!" Riza ordered as everyone scrambled to get back to work.

Throughout the day Havoc asked Roy and Riza about the night before but never got the answer he wanted. Soon after he finished his paperwork he gave up and went home. Slowly everyone finished their work and left the office, leaving Roy and Riza the last ones still working, like always. Riza was quietly sitting on the couch reading a book. She stopped for a moment to look up at Roy to find him looking right back at her with a grin.

"What are you grinning about now?" she asked, once again curious.

"Was that an invitation earlier?" Roy asked as he put the last of his work into the finished pile and got up to put his coat on. Riza just read on ignoring the question.

Roy carefully walked over and stuck his finger in the book and closed it himself, holding it behind his back. "You're not going to give me my book until I say yes, right? Plus I never said it was MY house." Riza asked as she stood up in front of Roy.

"Good. Then let's go. There is a restaurant we can eat at along the way since I'm starving." Roy stated as he walked out of the office.

Riza sighed, "You seem to plan everything out don't you?", as they walked through the building.

"And that I will leave for everyone to wonder." Roy smiled back as they walked out of the building into the fresh falling snow.

At the restaurant, Riza practically stared in awe. Roy had got her again. He had got a reservation at the restaurant early this morning when they had first woken up and it was the best restaurant in town. Once they got to their table Riza smirked at Roy. "Now what is making you smile?" Roy asked innocently as he picked up the roses, that he had ordered that day and sent to the restaurant, and handed them to Riza.

"I knew you planned this out." Riza smiled as she took the flowers and sat down next to Roy.

"Only since this morning." Roy confessed.

After dinner they continued their walk to Roy's house. As they walked down the street Roy calmly wrapped one arm around Riza's waist and pulled her closer. Riza reluctantly walked closer to him and leaned onto his shoulder. "Always?" she asked in a quiet voice, hoping for a good answer.

"Always." Roy replied with a smile as he kissed her on the forehead and hugged her tightly. "I'll never let you go. Riza."

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