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Chapter 1

Tomoyo Daidouji, the fabulous, yet work-a-holic owner of Darling fashions, had spent four days straight of working, with no sleep at all.

Why is she cramming so much when she could have spread all that work in a month's time you ask?

Tomoyo was working on her last batch of designs. She was on her very last two designs. During those last two designs, her eyes started giving up on her. She had never told her friends about staying at work the last few days the whole time, all except for Sakura, of course. She looked so horrible these past days and worried her assistant, Vince and Ria.

Her head was so close to her sketch that he couldn't tell whether she was focusing really hard on her sketch or she was sleeping. Vince tapped her shoulder and her head banged into her desk and she bolted up with her eyes still closed.


"When was the last time you went to sleep?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Well your eyes are still closed and have bags my dear!"

Opens her eyes. "Gomen…"


Tomoyo let out a sigh and then began, "Well I have been working the past four days on a month's worth of work, because I have to help plan…" She begins to close her eyes again.

Taps Tomoyo again, "Have to plan..uhh… what is that exactly?"

"Oh, Sakura-chan's wedding…"

"That's enough work you should go home and rest-"

"No I only need to do one last touch to this last one and-"

"No Tomoyo you have to sleep girlfriend! You've made 10 extra designs just in case already! Me and Ria could handle everything so don't worry about it! I'll even drop you home."

"But-" Before she could finish, Vince had already got her things and dragged her out of the office and dropped her home.

Tomoyo had slept for a whole entire day. The next morning she woke up all refreshed and back to Earth. She stretches her arms up in the air and yawns. "Finally!" she said to herself all relaxed. She freshened up and took a nice long bath. She changed into light gray leggings with a white knee length smooth fabric skirt. She wore a light green off shoulder long sleeve with a yellow spaghetti strap underneath her hair was up in as somewhat messy hair bun and her bangs we're slanted to the right side of her forehead. Since today she had to meet Sakura and Syaoran for their wedding plans.


"Hello Sakura-chan! Syaoran-kun!"

"Tomoyo-chan, are you sure you're alright with helping us with the wedding now? Don't you need one more day to rest?"

"Sakura-chan, don't start! We already discussed this! Please don't start it again! I'm alright!"

"Hai!" Sakura-chan smiled to herself. "Well before we do any propositions or planning, we have a proposition for you and you can't say no."

"Anything for you guys!"

"Well to relieve you from stress of any kind we want you to have a relaxing day tomorrow before everything begins, but that's… well we're wondering if you would like to go on a blind date with a friend of mine. He's really nice and-"


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