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Gale and Dewey

Chapter 1

Gale enjoyed the alone time, her million dollar condo all empty and though she missed Dewey, she hoped he would be home late. Her pure white terrier, jumped up onto her lap, she welcomed Max, and the comedy marathon she was watching was hilarious, she figured she should stop, and go fix dinner. The walk to the kitchen was long, she had to walk up a flight of stairs and go through two hallways. When she finally reached it, Max had followed her the whole way. Dewey's laptop was left on the table, under a few files and loose papers. She opened the fridge and grabbed the perfectly thawed chicken of the second shelf, and placed it on the counter. Gale pulled a medium sized knife out of drawer that was level to her hips; the house was so silent that when the phone rang she jumped slightly. Her skinny fingers looked like tentacles wrapped around the receiver when she lifted it off the base and up too her ear.



"Who's this," she felt a sudden rage of anger when she heard the voice, the voice that Billy Loomis and all the other killers used when they called their victims over the phone; another punk kid trying the same prank she had heard at least twenty times a week.

"Gale, you sound angry. Is something the matter?" This caller was different, the sound of his voice entered her ear and ran through her whole body, it dripped down her back and ran off into chills through her torso.

"Do you have any idea how many times this prank has been pulled? You're the fourth asshole this week to call me with the same bullshit voice, and scary questions, its not original, its been done, and I can promise you one thing, if you ever call me again it will be the last thing you ever do," she dropped the phone back on the base and just stared at it. The ghost face that tried kill her several times floated all around her, its screaming face as terrifying as it was fake. Gale closed her eyes and pushed the thoughts aside. She picked up the knife again, and started cutting the boneless chicken into small strips. The knife sliced the meat smoothly, like a knife through skin, and the cutting board beneath it would be the bone it was scraping, the screaming mask was the only thing she was thinking about, it's black and lifeless eyes so menacing.

She heard a door slam shut, she jumped again and turned around. Her kitchen seemed larger than usual, and the fear of who just entered her house was now the only thing Gale was thinking about. Her feet made a mellow sound on the floor, as she slowly made her way toward the front door. It was closed.

"Dewey?" She continued past the front door. Her eyes covered every inch of the condo as she walked through it. A large hand made a gentle squeeze on her shoulder, the fear was at its height, she ran forward and spun around, her scream was loud, it filled the room and as she turned she saw her husband standing there puzzled.

"Jesus, Dewey you scared the shit out of me," she had one hand on her chest, trying to slow down her heart, and her deep breaths started to calm down.

"Sorry, Gale, You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, why didn't you answer me when I called you?"

"I didn't hear you," his face was tired so she wasn't going to keep bugging him about this.

"It's fine; I was just cooking dinner, you hungry?" She said, her voice was still winded.

"Starved, what are we having?"

"Uh...chicken...we're having chicken," Dewey hid his disappointment of having the meal he had only two nights ago very well, because Gale didn't even notice.

"Gale, are you okay, your acting a little strange," he reached his arms out and wrapped them around her, she returned the hug.

"I'm alright, some kid called doing the voice."

"Again, what's that the fourth time this week?" She could tell he was surprised that this bothered her, "Since when does this bother you, you should be used to it by now."

"Yeah, but this one was different, something about him, I can't explain it," she was a little intimidated by the caller, but she just shook it off, stopped hugging him, and went back into the kitchen to finish dinner. Gale watched as Dewey sat down at the table, and got angry because he had a large yellow stain straight down the left side. He moved all the papers around his laptop, pressed the gray button on the computer, and watched the computer come to life. Gale dropped the knife in the sink when she was done cutting the yellow meat; the phone started screaming to be answered again. Her heart started pounding in her chest.

She turned and looked at Dewey; he was watching her as she lifted the phone to her ear.

"Hello," her voice was filled with fright.

"Why did you hang up on me?" The evil voice called her back, and she knew that tonight was going to end badly.

"What do you want?"

"That looks like an expensive shirt Dewey's wearing, does it bother you that he ruins all the nice things you buy him because he eats like a pig?"