Chapter 1 'Europe DANCE'

Miley: It's so weird that all our parents are having a meeting at my house, I mean it's so unexpected really.

Lilly: I know I mean, what could they want to tell use?!

Oliver: maybe we are all going on a vacation together, that's what happened last year.

Miley: Maybe, but we kind of Knew that before the meeting. Hopefully we are not in trouble; we might as well get going all ready.

at Miley's Housethe parents sat around the table each holding a letter.

Miley: Is that from school?she asked a bit suspiciously

Robbie Ray (RR): Yes, but-he got cut of

Miley: Dad I didn't mean to turn the girls hair green it was an- RR cut her off

RR: Not from that school… But we will talk about that later.

Miley: Then what school are you talking about.

Lilly's mom started talking to the kids, Oliver's mom stayed silent.

Lilly's Mom (LM): Hunny, I think now is the time to tell you, Tell all of you you're secret.

Lilly: Secret mom what are you talking about?

Miley: Yeah, dad what do you guys mean?

Each parent handed their child the letter, it read:

Oliver: Hogwarts?

LM: Yes, it's the school me and miss. Oken went to when we were about your age.

Miley: Where is it?

RR: It's in Europe.

Miley: Europe? Europe, as in across the states, and the ocean?

RR: Yes, bud, that Europe.

Miley: What about our life here, what about you guys.

RR: It's a boarding school for young witches and warlocks. And you're going!

Miley: I have never done ANY thing magical.

RR: You were one hell of a magical baby.

Lilly: Well we do kind of do some things different, I mean I remember when I was young tying shoes came easy because I did it with my mind so I thought?

Oliver: Ha-ha that happened to me two. If we can do magic, does that mean you guys can?

LM: well me and can, you two are pure-bloods.

Miley: What about you dad?

RR: I'm a muggle, and you're a half-blood, but your mother sure was one heck of a witch she could do anything. I wish she was here to show you the way as a young witch.

Miley: I don't know what to gave her dad a quick hug

Lilly: why did you keep this from use for 13 years?

Oliver: Yeah, I really don't understand this.

just as Oliver said that Oliver's mom pulled out her wand and turned the table salt to water, with one swift movement of the wrist

All children: WOW!

Oliver: So we are going to school to learn how to do that?

LM: Yes you are.

Miley: When are we going?

RR: I'm sending you to your great aunts house in England, Aunt Weasley!

Miley: the one with the 30 sons with red hair, the one in the pictures!

RR: its 6 sons and a daughter. Yes you three will go there to get your supplies. We all ready have accounts for you there.

Miley: You still didn't answer me when are we going to Hogwarts?

RR: In two months classes will began.

Oliver: When are we leaving for England?

Oliver's Mom (OM): Right now. he stood up and handed some ashes to Oliver Here just step into the fireplace and yell 'The Burrow'.Oliver's mom pushed her son into the fire place and Oliver did as he was told. Next was Lilly's turn and she arrived safely

Miley: I don't want to go without you.

RR: Bud we all decided our children would go with out us and make it though.

Miley: Fine,

RR: Good that's how your mom wanted it. Now GO!