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Miley woke up that night to hear a loud commotion; she got up and walked out of the room. To see what it was. Ginny had already awaken and she suspected so did everyone else. I was dark when she looked out the windows. 'What time could it be?' Miley asked in her head. She got down stairs to see Ginny and a brown haired girl her hair was also sort of frizzy.

"Umm hello" Miley said smiling. "Umm Ginny what time is it?"

"Sorry Miley did we wake you up it's about four in the morning?" Ginny smiled back then turned to the girl. "Hey this is Hermione." She said looking from Miley to Hermione.

"Nice to meet you" The girl said, with a small smile.

"Yeah nice to meet you."

"So Miley what were you dreaming of?" Ginny grinned a little. "Our who were you dreaming about. Harry or Draco?"

"Ginny what are you talking about; why on earth would I be dreaming about that boy Harry?" Miley said a bit sick with the thought.

'I don't like guys like him.'

'Wait so you don't like cute guys?' She fought with herself.

'Well I do but if there weird like he is then it's different. I mean he can talk to snakes.'

'You can to, I think it's a match made in heaven.' having this many war with herself left her confused.

"Miley, are you OK?" The girl she had just met asked.

"Oh yeah everything's cool, hernia." Miley said with a yawn. "I'm going to hit the hay OK." She walked away to her room passing where, Harry and Ron slept, the door was half open not like it was with she went down to see who started the commotion. She looked to see a sleeping Ron, and then she looked over to where she thought Harry slept. He wasn't there. Miley gazed towards her door, she saw Harry, his fist was baled up and it seemed as he was knocking.

"Need something Harry?" Miley asked curiously.

"Um no, not at all." The tension in the room took over again.

Miley sighed trying to relax. "I always find myself acting like a child. Look I'm sorry about today, lets call it truce?" Miley sighed again

"Okay" Harry just blinked as if he didn't here her, but he did reply so she did say something he thought in his head.

"Okay night Harry potter." Miley said going past him to open her door, she sweetly smiled at him and sat on her bed quietly. Miley quickly resumed her sleeping she smiled in her sleep. 'I wonder what harr- no- I mean Draco is doing right now. Miley what are you thinking. Why would you even care what Harry is doing.'

'Cause he is your sole mate.'

'Ha-ha to bad cause I think Draco and me could be true love.' she said sigh in her sleep.

'Your hopeless what if Draco doesn't like you, huh, you are a half blood. Besides you could have a little romance with that Harry fellow and it would be great.'

'Yeah it would he is really cute... TO bad I don't LIKE HIM so drop it OK' Miley yelled at herself.

The voices seemed to have stopped and if Miley were up she would be smiling trump idly...

The next day she woke up refreshed, she looked around to see Ginny sitting on her bed talking to Harry. She rolled over on her back, trying to stay asleep. She shut her eyes close and listened to them.

"Draco of all people… Why him?" Ginny asked Harry, they hadn't noticed she was up.

"Maybe she likes guys like that?" Harry answered

"Arrogant, selfish, conceded, stupid guys?" Ginny asked

"Yeah maybe she does" Harry stated he seemed like he didn't want to talk about it.

A silence took over the room and after a few minutes Miley rose up starching.

"Good morning!" She said with a big yawn.

"Miley your up?" Ginny said, "We just wanted to wait till you woke up to tell you were of for the tournament. I hope you feel better." Ginny smiled and walked out.

"Okay bye" Miley smiled. 'Why do they care?' Miley lied on her bed silently. She then got up and walked down into the kitchen. She was home alone and she was kind of hungry.

"What is there to eat, hmm?" she asked herself, she looked around the kitchen for a familiar food. She walked towards what she thought was a chocolate muffin. She picked it up and saw a note sitting under it.

If your are the unfortunate person to eat this delightfully devilish muffin. You will not only be the one to break out in hives but also have an uncomfortable urge to laugh also. So we the people who made this are truly sorry this happened to you.

P.S. you must have very bad luck…

Miley through the muffin down as if it were a poison and sighed. " I'm hungry and there is nothing to eat." She said loudly, be for huffing.

"Are they STUPID?" She asked loudly, she suddenly heard the door.

"Miley?" Some one called from the front door. "Miley are you okay?" The voice finally arrived at the kitchen.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" Her eyes blinked.

"Guilt?" He replied,

"It's not your fault i'm sick" Miley said walking around the kitchen.

"Yeah, i know but, we all fault like leaving you was mean." He said looking away from her.

"Harry, do you ever wish you weren't a wizard?" Miley asked looking at the sink, as if it was the most interesting thing she ever saw.

"No." Harry said bluntly.

"I wish i had my old life back. I much rather be a squab or something." Miley said still staring.

"Well being a wizard got better for me. So being a witch should start getting better." Harry finally looked at her and smiled.

"Harry?" Miley asked looking at him, then there eyes meet.

"Miley?" harry asked, looking deep in her eyes.

"GARGLE" Mile stomach went. Her eyes went big and harry looked away.

"Are you hungry?" He asked simply.

"Yes! Can you make me something?

Harry just nodded and looked around the kitchen. He quickly whipped something up.

"YUM, thanks harry. I owe you."

"Just become a Gryffindor and i'll be happy" harry smiled

"Ah, I'll try." Miley said with a smile. "Umm, What is that?