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"I can't believe I just met Gabriella Alloy." Randy said as they walked into John's house.

"That is all you have been saying since we left the gym. Do you mind explaining who Gabriella Alloy is please?" John asked walking into the kitchen and grabbing a telephone book.

"Only the most requested and sought after model on the market! Adam and I went to her Victoria's Secret show last year up in New York." Randy said looking at John. "What are you doing?"

John held up a finger. "Hi James, this is John Cena, do you think I could place a delivery order? Great. I need one rose of every color you have and can make, delivered to 743 Maple Drive to a Miss Ella Alloy. Thanks, just charge it and I'll be in later to pay." John smiled as he hung up the phone. "What?"

"She's not going to go for that. She thinks you're a man-whore."

"Well, I'll just have to change her thoughts about me."

Ella plopped down on her couch in her living room, sighing as her chocolate lab, Emerald, plopped down next to her. She had just gotten away from her mom's interrogation, asking why she shot down John Cena. Was she the only one who saw the man as a man-whore? Obviously, because her mom thought she was crazy too.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard her doorbell ring. Growling in frustration, she removed herself from her couch and went to answer the door, Emerald following close behind her.

"May I help you?"

"Miss Alloy? I have a delivery for you." The man said.

"I didn't order anything, but ok." She said stepping back from the door to allow the man in. The man waved behind him, calling for the others behind him.

"Where do you want these Miss Alloy?"

Ella stood in shock as she saw 12 guys follow in behind him, all holding vases of roses.

"What is all this?" She asked as they set them along the table behind her couch. The man handed her a card before motioning for the rest of the crew to follow him out the door.

"Have a great afternoon Miss Alloy."

"What the fuck." Ella said looking down at the card seeing an unfamiliar script, she held it our to Emerald who sniffed it. "Can you catch a scent? Maybe we can hunt the person down." She walked up to the roses and examined them, seeing not a single one that looked the same. Going back to her couch she continued to look at the card in her hands. "Well, let's figure out who this mystery person is."


I didn't know what your favorite color was, so I thought I would send you 144 different combinations, none of which are as beautiful as you.

John Cena

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." Ella said placing the card on the table. "How the fuck did he get my address?" Ella looked back at the table hearing her phone ringing, not recognizing the number.

"Gabriella Alloy."

"Hello Ella, how are you this wonderful afternoon?" John said into the phone. Scrunching her eyebrows in confusion before the light bulb went off in her head.

"I'm fine, although I must admit that my house smells quite strongly of roses."

"So you like them?"

"Filling my house with 12 dozen roses will get you nowhere Mr. Cena."

"Please call me John. Mr. Cena makes me sound old."

"Well you are old, John. Didn't you just turn 30?"

"Ah, you have been reading up on me."

"No, I have a 12 year old brother who is obsessed with professional wrestling. I had to listen to him lecture me all the way home after the stint you pulled at the signing."

"He wouldn't have had to lecture you if you would have said yes." John said. Ella could just picture the cocky grin he had on his face at the moment. The thought made her roll her eyes. "So how about that date? Friday?"

"I've already told you, you're not my type. Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn't. I have a show on Friday."


"Now you just sound desperate. A no is a no John. I'm sorry."

"If you were really sorry, then you would take pity on me and go out with me Saturday night."

"You just don't stop do you?"

"Nope. So what do you say?"

"No. I'll talk to you later John." She said and hung up before he could say anything else.

"She shot you down again didn't she?" Randy asked looking up from his magazine.

"Yeah. But she did say she would talk to me later."

"You know, you wouldn't have this problem if you could avoid those man-whorish activities." Randy said with a laugh.

"I'm not as bad as I used to be."

"No, but look at the media John. There was the Howard Stern Show, then there was the press conference where you promised not to leave St. Louis without having sex, then there was the several segments on 5 Questions, then…"

"Alright, I get your point. I need to control what comes out of my mouth more. And for the record, I didn't have sex that night in St. Louis. But the point is that I'm not like that anymore."

"It doesn't matter John, that is a record that will stick with you for quite a while. And you may not be as much of a man-whore that you were a few years ago, but with the media the way it is now, the only chicks you are going to get are whores. What is with you anyway? Why are you stressing over her?"

"I don't know. There's just something about her. She's beautiful yes, but there was just something. I need to learn more about her."

"Well then here." Randy said handing the magazine he was reading to him.

"What's this?" John asked.

"Look who's on the cover you idiot. If you really want to learn more about her, read the article." Randy said looking at his friend. "I don't know what the fuck has gotten into you, but if you're really serious about this chick, then you need to change a few things in your life. And," John looked up at Randy who had a serious look on his face. "you need to let go of Liz. I know you had your heart broken man, but if you really like Ella as much as it seems you do then you need to let her go and let yourself open up to other people. That, and keep your dick in your pants. If I can do it, then you sure as hell can too."

John nodded at Randy as he left. Looking down at the magazine in his hands, he sat down on his couch and opened it. He smiled as he opened up to the section with her interview. A one page photo of Ella, sitting on a dock by a river with her feet in the water. She was wearing a pair of jeans that had been rolled up and dark green tank top that brought out her eyes. Her hair was pulled on top of her head in a messy bun with a few locks gracing her face.

World famous model Gabriella Alloy, 24 has been modeling since she was 15. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that she has talent when it comes to posing and walking a run way. Bebe, Victoria's Secret, Covergirl, Catwalk, Abercormbie and Fitch, Sports Ilustrated the list goes on and on, this North Carolina native has made quite the name for herself.

" North Carolina. I knew she had an accent." John said as he continued reading.

She has modeled everything that anyone could think of, so what is her favorite thing to model? "Honestly, I love modeling everyday clothes like jeans and t-shirts. It is something that I am most comfortable in and what I wear the most when I am at home. I also love modeling for Victoria's Secret, a woman can always look sexy in lingerie, no matter what their size. I'm not going to lie, I bounce anywhere from a size 10 to a size 14, depending on the designer. I'm a plus size model in this industry, yet even with my round, padded hips I still managed to make it in a size 2 industry."

Even being a full time model since she was 15, Gabriella has still managed to complete high school and graduate college with honors. "I always enjoyed modeling, but when I got into the business, I told them that school was my number one priority. I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Business Communications and a minor in Photography and Fashion Design. Modeling is my life right now, but it won't be forever. I wanted to be able to still have some sort of career when I was finished."

Not only is Gabriella a highly wanted item on the modeling market, but she has received countless requests for movies. Has she taken any? "No, I've turned down every movie request that I have been offered. It's not that I wouldn't love to do a movie, but just not right now. It's just not something I have been looking into at the moment."

Being a world famous model, does the fame get to her? "No. Honestly, it is something that I never believed in myself to actually do. I have wanted to model since I could walk, but so many people doubted me because of my size. My father was never supportive of me, telling me that I would never make it, I was too fat. He didn't believe in me. When my mom got remarried, my stepdad, Brent, helped me out and supported me in everything that I wanted to do. He would get up with me in the mornings to work out and would take me to try outs and everything. He wanted me to succeed because he knew I could. He gave me the confidence that I never got from my biological father. I wouldn't change what I have for the world, but I am very humbled by my success."

So successful, she has even been offered a cover for Playboy, did she take it? "Again no. Don't get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the women who are in the magazine, but it just isn't me." She replied. So what is the real Gabriella? "A self-conscious tomboy. I am the girl that shows up in the mornings for a photo shoot in sweats. These other girls show up, makeup on already and dressed to impress. That isn't me. I am a very jeans and t-shirt type of person. I only dress up when I have to." And makeup? "Covergirl will probably kill me, but I rarely wear it outside work. But, when I am at work, it's Covergirl that I wear."

And the age old question, what about dating? Is Miss Alloy on the market? "I'm single. Love definitely isn't something that I am looking for at the moment, but then again, love is something that finds you. Love just hasn't found me yet. I've had too many guys use me just because of my name and money." So what does a guy have to do to impress you? "Be himself. There are way too many people out there that try to be someone they are not. Don't change yourself to impress someone. If they are actually into you, then they will appreciate you for what you are, not who you can pretend to be."

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