This is a Pokemon WG story, or "weight gain". Female characters will get fat! (not Pokemon though).
Be warned... and I don't own Pokemon! If I did, a lot of the characters would be a lot bigger ;)
BTW, this is an AAMRN, but gaining-themed. Enjoy!

"A Pokemon Gaining Adventure"
by Mistystuffer
Chapter 1

Finally, Ash had become a Pokemon Master. He and Misty were heading back to Pallet Town for a well-deserved rest. A
while back Brock decided he'd like to head home to Pewter City to see his family so he eventually went back before Ash
had become a Master. Also over the past while being alone with Ash, Misty's weight oddly shot up from her average
weight to about 150. One day, they were continuing through some woods.

"Ash, when are we gonna be there?" Misty yelled, "I'm starving!"

"Just hold on, we'll be there soon. Then we can all get something to eat," Ash answered.

Soon they found their way to Celedon City. After taking their Pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Center, they
went out immediately to find the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet. When they got there, Misty discovered she was
totally broke.

"Ash?" Misty asked.

She was staring into his face with those cute, huge eyes.

"Can you buy me dinner? I'm broke."

Ash knew he couldn't say no to those eyes and immediately gave in.


"Thanks, Ash!" Misty answered happily.

She gave him a big hug and drug him up to the counter to pay. Within a few more seconds they were at the mega bar
piling food up on their plates.

When they were seated at the table, Ash was careful not to move too much because he didn't want to get caught up in
the frenzy that was... Misty eating. Within no time at all both had cleared their plates. After they were done,
they left to pick up their Pokemon from the Pokemon Center. All the while, Ash was pleased with how he had made
Misty happy. Maybe doing that again would make her more happy, he thought. The stayed the night at the Pokemon Center
and after another meal at the restaurant they continued on. Misty, with a full stomach, was quite happy and as they
walked along she was smiling, which made Ash happy. Ash decided he should treat her to a big lunch.

"Ash, I'm starving!"

"But we just ate an hour ago, Misty."

"Well I want food, now!"

"Alright, hold on."

Ash sat down on a large tree stump as did Pikachu and he went through his backpack.

"Waa! There's no more food!" Ash shouted, frantically seaching for something to eat, "You must have eaten the rest
of it when we had lunch! Again..."

"What?! Ash Ketchum, are you saying that I'm fat and gluttonous?!"

"Um, well, you see..."

Ash looked at Misty. She had indeed gotten bigger since they started their journey back to Pallet. Her pants looked
tighter and her suspenders were beginning to hold back a small new belly she was growing. Misty looked down at herself.

"I am fat aren't I?" she inquired angrily.

"It's ok, Misty. You still look great, no matter what."

Misty looked up into Ash's eyes.


"Really. Now come on, let's go find another town. Maybe there's a nice restaurant there we can eat at."

Misty smiled and her eyes lit up.


Ash and Misty had finally reached Saffron City. It was late afternoon and both were very tired from the walking.
Plus, they were starving. Despite Ash telling Misty they'd eat at a restaurant, they decided they'd eat and sleep
at the Pokemon Center because they were so tired. Misty wasn't tired enough to slow down her appetite, though.
They soon were ready for bed after they ate. Pikachu hopped up on the bed and quickly dozed off. At that time, Misty
was also putting Togepi to bed, right by hers. Soon the both of them passed out and woke around 9:00am the next morning.

"Hey, Misty," Ash whispered, patting her on the shoulder to wake her up.

"Wha?... Oh, good morning, Ash."

"Hey, they're having eggs and bacon for breakfast; Let's go!"


Both were downstairs in a flash. Ash had a plate of bacon and eggs but Misty had ten eggs and ten strips of
bacon, respectively, washing it down with half a gallon of orange juice. They soon packed their things
and left. Nurse Joy was almost happy to see her go. About half an hour later...

"Ash, I'm starving!"

"Again?" Ash asked, sweatdropping.

Misty's stomach growled.

"Yes, again! Do you have anything to eat?"

"Well, I didn't have time to buy much. I have these though..."

"Ugh... rice balls," Misty said, a bit sickened, "I'm sick of eating those."

"Well if you don't want them then-"

Misty had already finished off one and started in on another.

Ash just sweatdropped.

Barely enough to tide Misty over and shut her up for a while, the two went on. It was nearing lunch time, and
Ash knew this. Before Misty said anything, he stopped.

"Hey, let's have lunch now," he said.

Misty was confused. Was he doing this for her? But she didn't want to argue, she was hungry anyway. A few minutes later...

"Mmm, these sandwiches are great!" she said, with her mouth full, "Did you make these, Ash?"

"Yep, just for you," Ash answered.

Misty blushed and kept munching. After Ash had eaten his sandwich and Misty ate her share (five),
Ash checked the food supply in his backpack.

"Well there goes lunch for the next few days...," Ash said, sweatdropping.

Ash didn't care though. He'd made Misty happy yet again. He looked over at her, where she was sitting on a rock.

'Whoa, she's really gotten bigger in the past couple months,' Ash thought 'It's weird I hadn't really noticed.'

Misty now had two wider, plumper legs, and her belly, although not too big, edged out just a slight few inches
into her lap. Ash was surprised he could even see her bellybutton, which was usually covered. Her tank top was
even a bit tighter. Ash enjoyed looking at her now abundant curves but veered his eyes away when she looked over
in his direction.

"Togepi and I are ready to go," she said.

"Ok, we'll leave in a few minutes," he answered.

After filling up their canteens with water they set off yet again.

They were soon at Cerulean City, but not before stopping at a few more towns... and a few (or more)
all-you-can-eat-buffets. Misty thought she'd pay her sisters and Pokemon a visit. They went right in
because it was also Misty's gym, after all. They walked around until they found three familiar figures (not Team Rocket!).

"Hey, it's Lil Sis!" Daisy exclaimed.

The trio ran up to them.

"Whoa, like, not 'Lil' Sis any more!" Violet commented.

"Like, you sure have gotten big," Lily added finally.

Misty didn't like their teasing, even though this topic was new. Ash could see it in her eyes and squeezed her
hand. Misty smiled. Later they all caught up on recent events and Ash and Misty were able to spend the night
there. They stayed in Misty's old room; Ash sleeping on the floor. Misty looked down at Ash from her bed.

"Ash, thanks for earlier," said Misty, "My sisters can be so mean sometimes."

"I understand. Well, I don't have any brothers or sisters or anything, but they should treat you better. I know,
how about tomorrow we go out for some ice cream, maybe you'll feel better then."

Misty thought for a second. This was the reason this problem came about, but it was ASH that was asking her...
how could she say no? She smiled.


"Ok, we'll go after lunch tomorrow. Goodnight, Mist."

'Wow, he hardly ever calls me that,' she thought, "Goodnight, Ash."

Misty happily fell asleep, as did Ash (and the Pokemon!).

To be continued...