A/N: Well, here's my first Les Mis fic! I have no idea why I chose to write about Eponine... She's not my favorite character, but an idea drifted into my head when I was working on another story. I apologize for my comma usage; I wasn't really paying attention since I was listening to "Master of the House/Thernardier Waltz/Look Down/The Robbery" while editing.

A Dream in the Shadows: Twilight

There were few silhouettes against the darkening sky that evening; a pair of lovers here, briskly walking gentleman there. All passed, in time, fading into the half-light like specters or dreams. Only one figure did not move, just watched the passers with what might have been taken for interest.

On brief inspection of the form, one might have guessed it was a stray dog, or perhaps a stray child; the two being not much different in nature. On closer inspection, one might have seen that it resembled a girl. One thing was certain, however; a passer on that night would have realized that this creature belonged in the shadows, and left her there.

Eponine stood in the growing shade of the tree, watching the next figure draw near, her heart beating rapidly. It was, however, only Montparnasse, and for a moment, he seemed to be almost smiling. For a moment…

Her face fell visibly, and the twilight seemed to accentuate her disappointment, instead of masking it.

"Not happy to see me, 'Ponine?" There was an icy edge to his tone, and something else she couldn't name.

"I-I…" Eponine's pallid cheeks reddened visibly beneath the layer of grime. "I was hoping… I was waiting for…" She trailed off and stood awkwardly, looking anywhere but Montparnasse.

"Stupid girl! No doubt she has some bastard paying for her," He cursed her under his breath, leaving her staring dumbly until the night enfolded him like a lover's embrace.

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