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Sup everyone. It's time for the next installment of Future's Past. This chapter features an OC of mine named Jon Harbin who made his debut in "How Drakken Tried to Steal Kim's Christmas". Also, this chapter contains a mild spoiler for the episode "Stop Team Go". Of course if you haven't seen the episode you probably shouldn't read this chapter. Anyway, on with the show.

"How do you know my name?"

"Hana, meet Kim Possible"

"Wait, she's Kim Possible? The Kim Possible that disappeared over 10 years ago?"

"The very same" Kim said smiling.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Hana said walking down the rest of the stairs and shaking Kim's hand.

"Likewise" Suddenly a young man about the same age has Hana walked down the stairs. He had shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes and was wearing a red t-shirt and camouflage cargo shorts.

"Hey, Hana, what's taking…so…long?" He was confused has he spotted Kim standing there. "And who is this pretty young woman?"

"Dad's best friend"

"You're dad's best friend is a teenager?"

"Yeah, is there a problem with that?" Kim asked in mock anger.

"Uh, no"

"Good answer" Kim responded cheerfully.

"I think I've been had" Jon mumbled making Hana giggle.

"Who are you if you don't mind my asking?"

"Harbin, Jon Harbin" He said in a bad British accent. Kim just rolled her eyes.

"And he's MY best friend" Hana said putting her arm around his shoulder's and fixing a small glare on Kim that said "Hands off"

"So…"Kim was looking for something to talk about. "What do you guys do for a living?"

"Well I'm the head football coach at Middleton High and Yori runs a jujitsu dojo downtown"

"Wait, you coach high school football?"

"Yeah, after graduating high school I had a few football scholarships and played some college ball, but decided that I didn't want to go pro"

"And there was that pesky injury" Hana added.

"Thanks sis, I appreciate the help" Ron said sarcastically.

"Anytime" she said sweetly.

"What injury?"

"I tore my ACL in my junior season, but that didn't stop me from getting a master's degree in physical education"

"But whatever happened to Mr. Barkin?"

"He got married and had had less time for coaching"

"Whoa! Back the marriage carriage up. Barkin's married?"

"Yes, he married Shelly Goethe an English teacher at Middleton High"

"Shelly Goethe? Who's Shelly Goethe?"

"She's an English teacher who started at Middleton High not long after you left"

"You know her name kind of reminds me of Shego" Kim said humorously. Ron paled slightly hoping Kim wouldn't notice. She did. "Ron, did Barkin marry Shego?"

"Well…uh…you see the thing is…" Ron stammered nervously.

"Ron!" Kim said angrily.

"I can explain!"

"Please do"

"Well it all stared when…" And Ron launched into the events of the episode "Stop Team Go" except Yori was in Kim's place. A few minutes later… "And so we stopped Electronique and the whole of Team Go was good again, including Shego, though I "accidentally" turned Electronique good as she was being put in the squad car. Then I accidentally dropped it, but Yori's quick reflex's saved the day yet again cause she kicked it into the air and caught it before it hit the ground and broke or something"

"But, why was Yori involved?"

"Oh, after she graduated from Yamanuchi she moved to America so we could go on missions easier"

"You've been going on missions before?"

"Well someone had to help keep the world safe and GJ figured…"

"GJ?! They know about this?"

"It was their idea. They saw how close we were and saw her abilities and figured she'd be a good…addition to the team" Kim was about to respond when Yori walked in looking sad.

"Ron-Kun we have a problem"

"What's wrong?"

"The babysitter just called and she can't make it. Seems she got the stomach flu"

"Damn" Ron thought for a moment before his eyes fell on Kim. "Kim, could you baby-sit?"

"Of course, where are you going?"

"Out to dinner, it's Monique and Felix's 5th wedding anniversary"

"Wow, I always knew they'd get together"

"Yup, and we have reservations at 8:00 for 4 at Melzitti's. It's a four-star Italian restaurant. Now what time is it?"

"7:18" answered Jon looking at his cell phone.

"Oh, crap, I got to get ready! They'll be here any minute!" Ron yelled in a panic.

"That's my big bro" Hana said smirking. 20 minutes later the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" called Hana as she went to the door. "Uncle Felix! Aunt Monique!"

"Hey, kiddo" Felix said rubbing Hana's head he was wearing a black suit with a red tie. A second later a heavily pregnant Monique walked in wearing a blue dress that went to the knees with black shoes and a gold necklace with a heart at the end with an M on it.

"You're pregnant?!" Kim yelled shocked.

"Yes, I'm…" she was cut off when she saw Kim standing there still somewhat shocked.


"Kim? Honey, Kim disappeared a lo-" Monique turned his head towards Kim. "Never mind"

"It's great to see you guys again" Kim said hugging Monique then Felix.

"So what happened girl? Where'd you go?" Kim told them both what happened with Drakken and the time machine. By the time she finished her story Ron started down the stairs in a dark grey suit with red and blue striped tie. Yori came down a moment later wearing a sparkling black dress that ended just a few inches above her knees and black open-toe shoes.

"Are we ready to go?" Yori asked.

"Yes" everyone said.

"We'll catch up later" Monique said.

"Sounds good" Kim replied. After everyone headed out to the car Kim turned around and looked at John. "So, when are you heading home?"

"Tomorrow" Kim looked confused for a moment.

"He's spending the night"

"Ah. So did you guys have dinner yet?"


"Then why don't I whip something up?"

"Can't we just order out?" Hana asked.


"Ron warned me about your cooking"

"Oh, he did, did he? I'm sure he exaggerated"

"I hope so for our stomach's sake" Hana half-joked.

"Ok, wise guy then why don't you cook?"

"Well Ron has been teaching me"

"Tell you what, we'll both cook that way you can help me if I get lost" Kim said humoring Hana.

"Works for me"

"Can I help?"

"Sure, you can help us by setting the table"

"Ok" And with that the trio went to the kitchen unaware of the eyes that were watching their every movement.

What did you think? I apologize for taking so long to update, but I started a new KP fic called "A Stand-Up Gal" and it became so popular so quickly that I kind of put all my energy into it and forgot about this. I promise the next chapter will be up much sooner. And then the real action can begin. R and R please.