Naruto: Fullmoon rising

Summary: Hinata is part of a clan whoses kept the secret of the 'Underworld' from the 'Humanworld', but legend speaks of one who will unite these two worlds agianst the coming darkness.


"Hinata-sama the elders and your father whish to speak to you." a branch member tolda young hinata stammerd before following her to the consule chambers. "Hinata, I understand that you are joinning the academy tomorrow, well i belive it is time you learn about our family duty." her father annouced to everyone present "Our duty?" Hinata asked droping her mask of shyness.


"Sasuke come here!" Itach yelled "Comming," sasuke yelled back trowing his last kunai at the trainning log. "Mom and Dad want to talk to you itach told him before his little brother before leaving to take the Anbu exams. "You wish to speak with me father?" sasuke asked "Yes I belive it's time you learned about your bloodline."

"You mean the sharigan?" Sasuke asked

"No,somthing eles," Fugiko said with a small showing of enlarged insicorss.

(timeskip: few days before the chunin exams) UZMIKAI

"Were am I?" Naruto asked looking around he woken up to find himself in what looked like an flooded underground passage way and was getting annoyed with the constint dripping water."Come to me." "Whos there?" "Come!" Not knowing why naruto followed the voice to find a giant gate with the kajin for seal on it "Welecome kit." A voice said from behind the gate followed by a beautiful women with ferice long red hair she was waring a tight bloodred kimono that left nothing to the imagiation,crimson eyes with slits for pupils,and the most distince thing about her was not only the two fuzzy fox ears but the night tails swaying behind her. "Your the the the..." "the kyuubi but I prefer if you call me Hitome," Hitome said "Now before you go on a rant about how i'm the reason they hate you,blha blha blha I had my reasons ok so just drop it,now do you want to know the reason why I brought you here?" "Huh yhea did you bring me here,werever here is?"

"We're in your head kit and as for why i brought you here why don't i show you." Hitome said

With a wave of here hand a cave with a faint red barrier appered close to the gate,"What the hell is that!?" Naruto asked

"That is were the power of your blood has slept scince the day I was selaed into you," Hitome said as naruto walked closer to the cave.

"Ahhh!, What the hell is that!?" Naruto shouted agian as a pair of golden eyes stared at him from the other side of the barrier.

"That my boy is your inner wolf it's what I brought you here to talk about," Hitome said "now before we get into that i want to make a deal with you."

"What kinda deal?" Naruto asked, hitome just smiled a foxy smile.

(Present day of the fullmoon)

"We'll attack tonight," dozoa told his team as they wacthed sakura take care of her fallen teammates. Sakura had chosen there hiding spot well the clearing only had one true way of attacking them and that was from the front and the fullmoon was giving them enough light to see the whole clearing infront of them, but still with all that help there were still in big trouble. As it stood now numbers were on there side consisting of hinata,ino, shikamarui,choiji fight ready but incopasated team seven kiba and his dog,and lee vs two ready to go sound nins and there out cold teammate,then the unthinkable happens.

"Sakura who did this to you," Sasuke asked the curse seal spreading across his body giving him an evil arua but before anyone could answer a chakra spike is felt before an more rough sounding voice comes from naruto

"Yes who did this to you."Naruto demand his now golden eyes signaling the coming transformation.

"I did,"Zaku yelled before attacking them. Sasuke dodge by jumping up but naruto let the air attack hit him ripping away most of his jumpsuite.

"Thanks I was going to get rid of these anyway,"Naruto said before the transformation took hold, now thouse with weak stomachs voimted at what they heard and saw,but not hinata, naruto's hair grew and turend from sunkissed blond to midnight black, bones could be heard snapping and reseting as he grew in size, his mouth and nose elongated into a snout filled with razor sharp fangs, finnally with the transformation complete he stood to his full eight foot tall werewolf.

"What the fuck!" the sound nins yelled echoing the leaf genins save for one.

'No it can't be true, Naruto-kun' (thud)

"Die demon!" Zaku shouted before trowing his strongest attack at him which naruto easily dodge before lunching his own clawed attack. Zaku kept bearly avoiding the claws that thust for his blood while trying to get some distence between so he could attack. Finally getting some distence between them he grinned victoriousely before he heard a dark voice behind him. "You seem to be really proud of thouse arms of yours." Sasuke said before knocking him down.

"What do you think we should do with him naruto?" Sasuke asked his lycan teammate placing his foot between zaku shoulder blades and pulling his arms back.

"How about we rip them off and beat him to death with his own arms." Naruto said the bloodlust of his first fullmoon still in full bloom.

Sasuke laughed as he pulled zaku's arms out of the socket with and audible snap.

"Now I hope you will be more fun then your friend here." Sasuke laughed as he turened to the last standing sound nin. Sakura having enough as she can take ran forward to embrice sasuke crying "Stop,please just stop."

'She really cares for him' Thought naruto the sound of her voice finally bring him out of his bloodlust.

"We can not fight you like this right now," doza said droping there heaven scroll "but if we meet agian we will not run away." Picking up his teammates he was about to leave when he was stop by naruto's voice.

"Leave her I wish to speak with her!" Doza drop kin and lept into the walked over to kins body and said loud enough for her to hear "Sazi you heal get up!"

to everybodys suprise she flip up like she was faking it "I thought I'd never see another sazi agian,"kin wisperd. "yhea yhea anyway why do you run with that snake?" Naruto asked of his fellow sazi "Orchimaru saved me from a greet fire the wiped out my clan." Kin answerd recalling the horrible night.

"Well if you ever need help..." Naruto said leaving the sentence open

"thanks." kin replyed, Naruto just shruged and left with his team


"So what was that all about dobe?" Sasuke asked at there camp by the river.

"Yhea, whats up with the whole turing it to tha..that thing!"Sakura yelled at naruto her back towards his naked,but well-toned form while inner was yelling something about rebound and well muscled blonds.

"Why don't you aske sasuke he should know a lot more then i do, isn't that right damphire!" Naruto said

"So you noticed, you see sakura naruto is a lycan what you would call a werewolf and by the look of it an alph wolf."Sasuke explined to her "But I was asking about the sound girl."

"I have my reasons teme,now if you excuse me," naruto said digging into his pack and tossing the extra scroll stole from ino when she wasn't looking "I need to get dressed."


After a short enconter with kabeto and some rain nins team seven made it to the tower with days to spare. Kakashi gave naruto two scrolls one he said was from his father and the other was from the 'underworld' elders saying that he should read his fathers letter first and before Kakashi left to deal with sasuke's problem he gave naruto his creppy smilling eye 'u' thing and said welcome to the pack.

Now naruto was setting on a bench on a balconey overlooking the forest reading his fathers letter silent tears of happeness falling down his wisker scared cheek the letter read

Dear Naruto,

If your reading this then you've reached your prime and I would like to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, I'm sorry I forced you into a life of pain and lonelyness but it was the only way to stop hitome in here genjutsu induced rage, now the old man has your inheretince show him this letter and he'll give you your stuff. One more thing when you get a chance track down ero-sanin he's the guy who thought me just look for an old man with long white hair and a big scroll on his back you should find him by the local hotsprings doing 'RESEARCH'. One more thing don't let the sazi elders push you around your an alpha not an omgea. One more thing remember no matter what you do or whatever happens your mother and I are proud of you and we will allways love you

Your father,

Kazama Uzimaki Arishi

The Fourth Hokage

Naruto was so happy he didn't notice he wasn't alone until hinata sat down next to him and asked "Naruto-kun are you okay?"(1) "Huh...oh Hinata, yhea I'm okay." naruto said giving her a small smile. "Thats good," she said wachting the setting sun "Beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you." naruto said really noticing her for the first time as the breeze gently played with her hair.

"Ano did you say somthing naruto-kun?" Hinata asked

"No, listen hinata I'm sorry if I sacred you back there in the forest I kinda lost control," naruto said "No naruto-kun you didn't scare me just suprised me I could never be of you," hinata told him before looking away and blushing at her boldness.

Naruto gently placed a hand on her chin making her look at him "Thank you hinata-chan," he said grabbing her hands "you don't know what that means to me." Well thats was all poor hinata could take she fantied falling into naruto's lap. "Sleep well hinata-chan," Naruto said adjusting her so she wouldn't fall before wacthing the fullmoon run its course.

(few hours later)

Kurenai stummbled across prouable the cuitest site she had ever seen, she had been looking for hinata when she came across this. Hinata was asleep cuddling an overly big black 'dog' that was cruled around her keeping her warm, when she took a step forward the 'dog' lefted its head and stared at her with blazing amber eyes before placing its head back down. "I'll leave you two alone,"she said before leaving sensening hinata in good 'paws'.