It had been a couple of days scince that night and naruto was a bit out of it, it wasn't the up comming prelim macth,he could beat kiba hands down, nor was it the fact that he had to keep his new found abillty hidden, he's done that his whole life, no he was out of it because of what happend that night he was so out of it that he didn't know he was fighting kiba on instinces alone until he insulted his dream to be hokage.

"Don't you even dare try because... I'm the alpha around here, no more playing around with you, you dog" naruto spat

"Pay attion dobe don't let dog breath get an advantge." Sasuke yelled down to his lycan teammate

"Shut up teme let the mut try everthing his got that way mabye it can help it's pet human lose less pathetically."Naruto shouted back

Kiba pissed at narutos commit threw a solider pill to his dog before charging naruto. Naruto seeing this took out two kunai's and held them like makeshift trenchknives and preped himself for the twin attack. Kiba trow a smokebomb and prefored a tisuga(sp?) with his dog they tore throw the smoke to attack naruto doing several pass by before disinganging the jutsu when the smoke disapated there was noone there

"what imposable I swore he was there I know I hit him!" Kiba yelled.

"No you only hit a clone." Naruto shouted from behind. Kiba in suprise turend only to get a fist to the face "Uzu-ma-ki O-ka-mi ," Naruto and his clones shouted "rendan." With that Naruto finished Kiba off with a powerful stike to his hamstrings.

"Procter he's finished he won't be getting up from that." Naruto annouced.

"The winner of this match is Naruto Uzumaki!" The procter annoced.


Now the Third Hokage was explaing the third rounds and was calling the genin forward to pick a number from a box, after everybody picked a number they were showend who they were paried up with in the third exam which left naruto with two things on his mind one BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF NEJI!,and I tell you having a werewolf mad at you is not a good thing, and two visit hinata in the hospital.

That of course was whats he went and did visting hinata in hospital "Excuse miss what room is hinata huyga in?" Naruto asked the nurse at the front desk

"She's in room 101."the nurse responed not bothering to look up from the paper work she was working on.

"Thank you."Naruto replied befor going to her room, apon entering naruto noticed that she was awake.

"Hey Hinata-chan how are you?"he asked.

"I'm fine Naruto-kun, the docters said I should be out in a month but should not strain myself."She stamered

"Thats great you'll be out in time to see me destory that worthlist cousin of yours!" Naruto exclamed.

"A-Ano you fight neji-nisan?" She asked in suprise.

"Yhea, but don't worry I teach that basterd that can't treat people like that espically you Hinata-chan." Naruto said making her blush the red blush #35

"Ano its not that..." Hinata began but naruto cut her off.

"Don't worry I'll be careful, well I got to got and train get well soon hinata-chan." Naruto said giving hinata a big hug casuing her to faint due to the closeness of her naruto-kun.

'Too much?' Naruto asked

"Too much!"Hitomie replied thru the mental link they made befor the exams.

"Now come on kit you need to go find that old pervert your dad metion in his letter."

'Yhea yhea let me go vist kin then I'll go hut the old cot down.' He told hitome


Naruto was dead tired that old pervert is a slave driver, after showing him his fathers letter he had him sign his clans summoning contract which happend to be the lost dire wolf summoning scroll he can clearly remembier the old coot that only werewolves could sign it,and after that hitome gave him a gift.


"Kit now that you've sigend your clans scroll come here I have a present for you." Hitome told him.

When naruto arrived he noticed three things ONE: The sewer was gone insted it was a clearing by a lake in a forest with a clif overlooking the valley it was in. TWO: It was perpatual twilight with a fullmoon and everything. And THREE: Hitome was sitting by the lake in her human form gently running her had across the lakes surfices the light from the moon giving her a plae glow making her already pale skin glow with a heavnly sheen, in other words she was drop dead angle kill me now course poor naruto was not ready for this and could only stand there staring like a man in a trance (which he was).

"Whats wrong Naruto-kun, see somthing you like?" Hitome asked a vopine grin on here lips.

Naruto could only reply with his best hinata impresion before closing his eyes, "Huh whats with the landscape change?" he asked

"Its your lycan mind it adjusted the setting to best fit your wolf side and I have to say I like the whole night time valley its...calming."

"Yhea ok so what do you have for me?"Naruto asked finnaly being able to look at hitome without blushing.

"I'm glad you asked," she said a large scroll appering in her hands, "This is the summoning contract for foxes, I'm letting you be the first person to sign it and after that only people you feel worthy to sign."

(Flashback kai)

In the end he sigend the dire wolf and the fox contract. Now naruto was tired as hell he couldn't even enter a ramen eating contest if they had one, all he wanted to do was go to bed and sleep the week away. Naruto fumbled with the keys for his aparment only to find the door unlocked ignoreing it naruto flooped down on the couch only to have a pair of slim pale arms warp around him adn a very fememin voice say.

"Welcome home Naruto-kun, how was you day?"

"It was hell," Naruto said turing to his beautiful roommate that had been living with him for a while now, "But I think things are starting to look up for me."

"Well thats good to hear Naruto-kun," the girl said "The hokage stop by today and we had a nice long talk and he told me about your ability and your tenent which you already told me about and you clan."

"What about me clan?"Naruto asked.

"Well lets just things are relly looking up for you, well goodnight." she said with a wink before going to be bed.

"What was that all about?" Naruto asked himself completly missing hitome's comment about clueless blonds.


It was the last fullmoon of the month and naruto was feeling antsy he just wacthed garra kill the sound nin that was in the finals and the sand nin he stoped from killing the prelim procter got away leaving a bored naruto alone in the dead of night with nothing to do when he heard kin's voice screaming when he arrived he saw kin connered in a dead end alley by two freaks, now when a werewolf thinks you a freak then your really freaky, there was a doubled headed guy and a guy with six arms,SIX ARMS! Naruto decied to get closer before intrevening.

"Come on kin lord orchimaru wishes to speak with you." the with two heads said.

"No I don't want to." she shot back

"Come on there is no better way to server him then to die for him." the six armed guy to her.

"Never!" Kin shouted before attacking the only to get knocked out by the two headed freak.

Seeing enough naruto jumped down in front of the with a blood curling roar and enough killer intent to make hitome flinch he froze them in place and took off with kin into the darkness of the night.

"Uh...Kin blow her self up right?" kiddimaruo asked his partner.

"Yes...she tried to take us out with a pack of explosive notes." sakon aggred neither wanting to tell snake that a 'werewolf' of all things took there prey away.


The next day, after telling the hokage about what orchimaru had planed, naruto took kin to his place for safety reasons and then went off to go train leaving her with his roommate who had the day off from both her ninja dutys and her job at the hospital and besides lts not like she blood thristy psycho like her former sensie,right?!

Anyways naruto was working on the first stage of what was sposed to be one of his fathers signature jutsus,he was still working on the first stage because hitome won't let him use two hands or eles he'd be on the second stage. Finnally giving up for the day,mostly because he was out of ballons, he began working on legthening the time he could hold on one of the jutsus hitome taught him she called it the 'Fist of The Mortal Flame.' and he liked it he could do it with both hands but only for about thrithy seconds. creating a few hundread clones naruto called upon that jutsu and getting to a fighting stance before letting the fist fly.

TO BE CONTINUED... Next time the finals start,the wolf howls,and the snake show its true colors next chapter Hunting wolf, Slitering snake. The Finals get furry!

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