The End

based on anime series Fate/Stay Night

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The End

They didn't see what was coming. No one explained anything to them. Even the people they thought supported and cared for them weren't real. They were all liars.


As the two lay in the pool of their own blood, finally together, they thought of the dreams that might have been granted by the grail. All that disappeared before their eyes. It was taken away from them.

The horror of Gilgamesh's laughter was too much for them to bear. They couldn't do anything but accept the painful truth that Tosaka Rin was a part of all this.

At least, they thought, they would be dying together. Servant and master. No. Lovers...

They were lovers.

She was starting to disappear. Here eyes were filled with tears, bursting with emotion. Her hands were clasping those of Shiro's. In her heart she wished never to let go. She wanted to hold him..


This is goodbye. We'll be parted. That's what she told him. She couldn't keep herself from saying this. She was holding it for so long.

Hearing this, he gathered all the strength he still had within him and uttered these words: We will never be long as we believe in what we have...Saber...

It was like a knife that cut through her heart. She regretted ever denying her feelings for him. She regretted ever armoring her heart from emotion, shielding it from the love he offered her. But now it's too late. There is nothing she could do.

With a blink of an eye she vanished. With her she took the weapon that was embedded in the young master's heart. She tried her best to save him, to at least lessen the possibilities of him dying...

He was dying.

Pain enveloped his body. The force of the blow still hasn't left him. Though she pulled the cursed blade from his battered body, it still wasn't enough to spare him from the lurking darkness of death.

He looked around him. There were tongues of flame surrounding him. It seemed like it was hell. He couldn't stop himself from looking at Rin. Her eyes were cold and a smirk on her face was visibly see. Gilgamesh's eyes were like spears that pierced those amber eyes of Shiro's. They have Ilya's body...

The grail has been taken.

He didn't feel the tears falling from his eyes. He wasn't able to feel anything anymore. Just pain, hurt and guilt. He wasn't able to fulfill his mission. He wasn't able to protect nor save anyone.

Silently he said goodbye to all the people he loved. He apologized to those he let down, to those he wasn't able to save. And finally, to the person he was trying to protect and failed to do so, he said the three forbidden words...

I love you.

Slowly he entered endless sleep and darkness. He succumbed to his fate. He started to fall into emptiness and cold of the abyss. His eyes were slowly closing. Life was starting to leave him.

The end has come. All hope is lost. Servant and master have gone separate ways. Failed in their plans and oaths to save lives. The lovers broke the promises they have made to each other...

Never to meet again.

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