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Our Time


It was the following day of Sasuke receiving orders to complete tasks for the Hokage to start trusting him and the Uchiha was already hard at work – and taking his time to make sure he made no flaws – cleaning up a garden that had been swarmed by weeds.

Sure, this kind of thing embarrassed Sasuke back when he was twelve, but this time he had a motive for doing this odd job: Naruto.


And of course – just as Tsunade had promised – Iruka and Kakashi were behind him every step of the way, though they were uprooting the weeds too. Sasuke knew for sure that it wasn't pure kindness driving them to help, so they must have screwed up somewhere with the Hokage.

He smirked at that thought and felt a little better about being assigned all of this frustrating work.

"You appear tired for some reason… Did you stay up late last night?" Iruka's tone wasn't concerned in the slightest with Sasuke's well being and sounded more venomous.

Why was it that Iruka asked questions like this if he was nearly one-hundred percent sure that he knew what the answer was? Sasuke snagged another weed roughly, picturing the stem to be Iruka's neck.

"You could say that."

Iruka's facial expression darkened ten times more than it already was. "What else could I guess? That Naruto was up with you? That you were staying up, not for a means of 'bonding orally,' but something else?"

A smile curled Sasuke's lips up when hearing that word again and had to practically bite his tongue to keep from saying, 'we did bond orally.' He would be killed for something like that by this character. At least this let him know where Naruto based his communication skills off of.

"Yeah, you could say those things happened too."

Surprisingly enough, Iruka didn't explode from that remark. He only took a couple breaths and asked, "Why Naruto of all people? Why do this to him?"

Sasuke stood up suddenly and wiped his brow of the sweat trickling down. He faced Iruka. The elder male didn't appear to be a ticking bomb any more, just a little concerned now that it was about everyone's favorite blonde. "Because he is important to me."

"But why is he important to you?"

"…Maybe it took a while to realize, but even back then – when we were first starting out as Team Seven – Naruto was important to me. We had a bond that neither of us had to speak of to confirm." Sasuke wiped his forehead again, growing antsy to giving this information even though it meant a possible 'I will accept you together' from Iruka – something he knew Naruto yearned for with all his heart. The air was already hot and heavy, but speaking of his feelings made it sweltering. "When I risked my life for his the first time it skyrocketed that bond… and made me realize what I felt for him. Even in my betrayal I still liked him… a lot."

"It was only 'like'?" There was an ounce of skepticism in Iruka's voice.

Sasuke fell to the ground in frustration to continue pulling the plants from the ground. "Of course it was only 'like' back then! I was only twelve!" He didn't understand why the feeling of 'love' was needed at such a young age. Yes, he did love Naruto back then, but that was more from the bond they shared as friends. What he had for Naruto was… a crush, and a big one, but now it was something beyond the reaches of such a childish idea of romance.

Iruka was silent after that, allowing for the three of them to finish working in peace. Once they were through with that task for the day, however…

"How serious are you about Naruto?"

A rough sigh was heaved from Kakashi as he passed by the two of them. Hearing all of this talk when all of the answers were obvious – well, at least to him – was beginning to drive him down the road to crazy town.


"How can you prove it?"

Sasuke stared back at Iruka with irritation. "I'll propose, and right in front of you if that's what you really want." The appalled expression that shot across the elder – but very childish – male's face made the younger want to snort in amusement when he caught sight of it. "I'm not afraid to do it."

And with those words smacking the interrogating mood out of Iruka, the man fell to silence. He stayed that way, blanched face, wide eyed, and mouth slightly parted, until he somehow found his voice again, though he didn't use it right away. He started after Kakashi and if Sasuke hadn't been expecting something to be said then he would have missed his soft words.

"I'm only half satisfied with that."

The Uchiha scowled angrily, and he kicked at one of the sacks of weeds they had pulled, tipping it over, and crossed his arms.

What more do you want from me you bastard?!

Two weeks flew by in a hurry. Sasuke continued with the tasks given and was nearly done, only having one more to complete before hearing what Tsunade had to say.

Iruka no longer questioned him and seemed to be more trusting, but the raven thought the only reason that he was really okay with everything was because of how cheerful Naruto was now. He didn't act much different from before, but the aura he gave off nearly twenty-four-seven was pure bliss.

Kakashi became his carefree self once more now that everything nightmarish started looking brighter. He even teased Iruka like he used to and received smacks across the head for doing so as well as a heated blush across the scarred face that Kakashi never appeared to openly notice.

"So, Sasuke, what is our last task to complete?"

Sasuke had the last paper within his hands, staring down at it incredulously and wanting to strangle the Hokage. She knew very damn well that she was trying to remind and humiliate him with this!

"Cleaning up the pet store." His tone held no emotion, but he felt the venom that wanted to lash out. He would have to wait to see Tsunade again before striking. Wait, that would be bad… he wasn't allowed to complain! "Damn it!"

"Ugh… you mean I have to clean that place up again?" Kakashi lightly whined. "What happened this time? A rabid cat got on the loose?"

Onyx orbs flashed at the elder man. "Don't compare me to a rabid animal when you know very well that it was your own damn fault to begin with!"

Kakashi crossed his arms. "It wasn't my fault. I didn't make you chase me. I was trying to protect my book!" He whipped out the small volume of corrupted reading material to quickly flip through it, confirming that he had done his best and succeeded in defending it.

"You were screwing with me, you bastard!"

"Now, now." Iruka held a hand up. "I think we should be a little mature about this, boys. Let's just get it over with so we can put it behind us."

You're one to talk about maturity! Sasuke's glower remained on the silver headed male, but he kept his mouth shut, as did Kakashi.

Entering the pet shop brought back the memories of previous events – knocking over that scratching post resting exactly where it was last time, which still had a couple claw marks in it from 'Bun-bun's' dash into it, smashing the fish tanks and bowls that no longer sat as display where anything could crash into them, etcetera – and half smiled.

"Ah, yes. This was where our dear Naruto bought Sasuke his first collar!" Kakashi was given a hard smack to the head from both Sasuke and Iruka. "Ow! What?! I didn't mean anything by it!"

"It's called 'innuendo' Kakashi, and you know very well that you were using it." Iruka scolded the male rubbing his head as Sasuke noticed one of the employees tapping his foot impatiently.

The Uchiha made his way over and was welcomed with fierce orders of what to clean, organize, and throw out. He glared at the back of the male's head once he turned around to walk away, but went straight into work, yelling back at the two quarrelling idiots behind him to shut up and help.

Uzumaki Naruto gazed up at the bright blue sky. He heaved a sigh, anxious for a certain raven haired male to finish up with his last day of work so they would be free to do what they wished. Naruto felt the heat seep into his cheeks at the thought of a date and rolled over onto his side.

He was stretched out on the roof of his apartment, facing the direction Sasuke would come from after work. The smile spreading across his face was hard to suppress at the moment. He was hiding it from anyone that could see – which was ridiculous since there was no one in the area – but he felt happy for once. Truly happy.

"Dobe, what are you doing up there?"

A jolt of surprise and excitement shot down Naruto's spine as he sprung up to his feet to spy the Uchiha.

"Sasuke!" He bounded from the roof and hopped off the ground and into Sasuke's arms for a hug; the raven's guard had been – purposely – down, so they fell to the ground in a heap. "You're completely done now, right?!"

"Mm… pretty much… but we still don't know whether or not we're accepted."

A light groan was his response.

"It's not so bad, Naruto. Iruka said he wanted to talk to you alone and Tsunade said she wanted to see me, so we can get this over with by tonight."

Naruto's eyes brightened at 'tonight'. Sasuke had something planned; he didn't know what, but he knew it was something. The raven kept saying something would be tonight. His azure orbs sparkled affectionately and hopefully at the idea of it being their first date! Naruto situated himself to be fully on top of the other male, face-to-face, nose-to-nose.

"What are we doing tonight?!"

"Again, Naruto, it's a surprise." The Uchiha cupped the whiskered cheeks and pressed his lips against Naruto's, sliding his fingers back into the spiky hair. He traced his tongue across the willing, lower lip, but pulled back at the blonde's dismay. "Let's go see the Hokage and Iruka."

A whine escaped Naruto's lips when the male pulled them both to their feet. "Unfair, Sasuke…"

"Iruka… sensei…?"

Sasuke told Naruto that their teacher would wait for him in his classroom. He was hoping that perhaps the man had some other traumatic ordeal to handle at the moment, but there he was, sitting behind his desk and staring off at the floor in deep thought.

He cleared his throat and tried again, "Iruka-sensei?"

The male tensed and quickly rose when seeing Naruto. He crossed the short distance between them and gave the blonde a loving hug. "I'm glad you came."

"Did you think I wouldn't?" Naruto's hands squeezed the closest person he had to a father. He felt his fake surprise transform his words into a hesitant and guilty question and bit his lip.

"With the way I've treated Sasuke I wasn't sure."

They parted at that. Naruto stared worriedly while Iruka's gaze reflected guilt and concern.

"Naruto?" His hands clamped down on the blonde's shoulders, speaking like he was Naruto's father. "You don't want to be with him, do you?"

"Yes!" Naruto's voice hitched in his throat. Iruka still hated the idea. "I do! I really do!"

Iruka turned and sighed ruefully. "Both of you say that, but I have to wonder… where would either of you be right now… if Sasuke hadn't transformed into a dog… if you didn't walk down the alleyway that day… if someone like Sakura had picked up Sasuke instead of you?" He turned back around to face Naruto straight on, taking in the horrified expression. "Neither of you would confess of these feelings you have right now. It could have been anyone that had walked up the alleyway and picked up Sasuke. He could have fallen in love with anyone."


"But-" Naruto paused, mouth gaping open to spill his opinion, his facts, but he was surprised to hear another conclusion from his teacher, "but it didn't happen that way…" Iruka gave a huff of irritation, yet he didn't seem irritated at all. "Some people believe that everything happens for a reason… don't look at me like that, Naruto, it isn't me! It's Kakashi that feels that way. Listen, I've been annoying the hell out of Sasuke with questions, now it's your turn."

Naruto smiled and quickly shoved his hand to his forehead military style. "I'm ready anytime you are!"

"Uchiha… Sasuke…" Tsunade didn't even look in the door's direction when it opened. She sat in her chair, watching the village as if the raven were bugging her for no known reason. "I may never forgive you for what you have done."

Sasuke's eyes widened in shock before falling to the mess that used to be her office. It was even messier than the times he had seen it when she threw a full-fledged tantrum!

"Oh… that… I thought I was really in trouble." Sasuke's expression calmed to a smirk.

"You ARE in TOUBLE! It's YOUR fault that this place is a complete MESS!"

He only snickered. There was no way she couldn't accept them now. Tsunade looked pissed, but that's because Sasuke knew that there was no way she could refuse her agreement.

Sasuke's smirk faded to a smile and was met with one of the Hokage's, making her look unnaturally calm and motherly.

"Good work, Uchiha. Now get your menace out of my office before it is completely demolished!"

This is it… thought an uneasy Uchiha as he made his way to Naruto's house later that night, the first time Naruto gets what he's really been wishing for… something that's shattering my confidence right now…

"Dobe, don't come to my house. I'll meet you at 7:30 tonight, alright?"

The intense spark of emotion within those pair of bright blue eyes was still melting Sasuke's heart, but he was afraid of screwing something like this up. What if Naruto could tell he was nervous? What if he slipped up and stuttered?! Sasuke didn't stutter! These absurd ideas were not supposed to be conjured up by someone like Uchiha Sasuke; they were meant for the more fretful types of people… like Naruto.

Right… Naruto's the one that should be freaking out now. Not me; Naruto. He's the girl in this relationship!

Sasuke took a quick check over himself. He was dressed rather nice, wearing black, dress slacks, a black and white vertically striped, dress shirt with cuffs, and black dress shoes. He felt a little over dressed, but at least he wasn't wearing a tux. A grimace came over his face. Dressing up wasn't his favorite thing to do; it left him feeling uncomfortable, especially right now.

Okay… I look descent enough to take Naruto on our… first date… The last two words brought a sour sensation to the pit of his stomach as he reached the door to the happy, little blonde's abode.

It came too soon. He wasn't ready for this! Maybe he should just turn around right now while he could… but then Naruto would be heartbroken! Perhaps he should explain how he felt about this and-! NO! That was even worse! It would be the ultimate humiliation if Naruto found out that Uchiha Sasuke was afraid of something like this, something where it wasn't even close to a life-or-death situation, but a sort of scenario that any sane person would prefer over the first choice!

You would think someone that has already gone to bed with their partner wouldn't behave like this… Onyx glimpsed over the door and lingered in hesitation. He raised his arm and was two inches away from tapping against it before he shied away, spinning around to head in the opposite direction.

Yeah, I'm a pansy! I'll admit it – to myself! I'll just tell Naruto I was on my way when I was struck by some illness… psh… Like he would believe me!

"SASUKE!" The slam of the door hitting the wall made the raven jump.

The Uchiha felt a chill run up his spine, forcing his hair to stand up straight in horrid surprise. He turned. "N-Naruto…?" Any words that he was about to spew in excuse for anything and everything escaped him when his eyes came across the adorable little blonde dressed just as neatly as he was: a nice, light blue, button up shirt with cuffs, a pair of dark taupe trousers, and black dress shoes to top it off! It even looked as if Naruto attempted to fight his untamable hair to lie flat, but it poked up in a couple places.

How could he even think about leaving something that cute all alone? And to think, Naruto did all this for Sasuke! His heart swelled and the nervous tension still lingered, but not enough to make him throw out an excuse to put this on hold until he found his manhood again.

Naruto's starry eyes never left the Uchiha as he spoke. "I thought you said you would be here at 7:30! It's 8:05 right now! Are you just fashionably late to things like this?!" His eyes roamed over Sasuke's attire and flushed. "You look… pretty cool…"

'Cool' wasn't the word Sasuke was going for… He smirked, feeling more at ease. This was Naruto and he was just begging to be teased; something Sasuke was a master at doing.

"And you look… cute." He stepped closer to Naruto so he could bend down to whisper the last bit in his ear, smiling when he pulled back to watch what his words did to Naruto.


Sasuke rolled his eyes and kept from chuckling long enough to take the opening Naruto gave him for more teasing. "Then you must be a new breed of 'guy', but that's okay with me… It's a turn-on."

"SASUKE!" Naruto whined as his face only managed to get redder and redder despite his attempts to keep it neutral. "Can we please just go out now?!" The rush of arms twisting around and behind his back caught him off guard. His heart skipped a beat, and for a moment he only stared against Sasuke's shoulder then, gradually, brought his arms around the taller male's shoulders. "Everything okay…?"


"Then why…?"

"I just wanted to hold you. Is that okay?"

The question was soft and meaningful to the blonde. He held his eyes shut for a long moment, concentrating on breathing and listening to his heart run, what felt like, a never ending race.

As he talked he tried to keep from sounding like he had a sour knot in his throat that was spreading into his nose. "That's… better than okay… Sasuke."

"What? You're serious?!" Sasuke watched as Naruto took another bite of his fancy ramen – the Uchiha couldn't believe that an elegant restaurant would carry such a thing; he made it his goal to find a place that didn't, but the staff appeared to be afraid and willing to do whatever pleased Naruto when they witnessed the malicious expression on his face at finding that ramen wasn't a part of the menu…

Naruto swallowed hard, caught up and excited about the conversation as well. "Yeah! I was the same way, but Iruka-sensei is all for it now!"

"I still think there's a catch…" Sasuke mused over what diabolical plans Iruka could have in store for them now that everything seemed perfect for the third time. They couldn't be completely off the hook… could they?

The blonde watched Sasuke's serious expression for a moment. He liked treating his eyes this way… when Sasuke was oblivious to being stared at… Naruto almost sighed, but remembered he had a mouthful of ramen and swallowed it before he caused his own death from being a sloppy eater.

He pondered on about his conversation with Iruka…

"How long has he been the love of your life?"

"Ych! Don't make it sound like something completely sappy, Iruka-sensei! That's just gross!"

Iruka quirked a brow. "I'm sure if Sasuke said, 'Naruto, you're the love of my life.' in a low, romantic voice you wouldn't think it 'gross' at all…"

Naruto avoided the truth with his original answer to the 'love' inquiry, "We were close on Team Seven… I don't think it was until much later that I found how much I liked him…" His voice lowered a couple decibels. "I think it was when he left… I realized how much he meant to me… 'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' I guess… Mm… and when he came back… I couldn't come out right then and there to say… 'I like you!'-"

"Why not?"

"I… couldn't be like Sakura-chan… I couldn't tell Sasuke that I like him and have him reject me right then and there… I thought that he wouldn't feel the same because… well, he didn't like anyone and… we're both guys… I felt silly about the whole thing after a… certain attempt to tell him how I felt since… he called me a girl…" Naruto's eyes shifted to stare directly at his teacher then quickly whipped them back at the ground. "But I couldn't get over it. He was all I thought about at one point. I always wanted to see him because it made me happy, and yet… whenever I saw him… I had nothing to say… we made fun of and teased one another mostly, both of us never seeing how much we liked each other… then he disappeared again, and this time without a motivation that I could see… I thought I was going to die from the loneliness, Iruka-sensei.

"And… it just grew from there. I know I… love him… that I want to be with him always… You may not see it as 'love'… but… I really wish you would…"

Iruka never dropped his attention or stare from Naruto as he told his story. Naruto was sure that he would tell him exactly what he told Sasuke: 'I'm only half satisfied!' He felt sick when the heavy weight of his father figure's hand plopped down on his shoulder, weighing heavier than it should, but he knew it was the tension driving him mad.

"I trust your decision, Naruto… I always have… and I won't start to doubt you now… I'm sorry I hurt you… I really am, but…" his expression showed genuine sincerity, "I feel like a father losing his daughter to the school slut!"

Naruto could barely contain the humor he saw in that line. He didn't quite agree with the 'daughter' part, but calling Sasuke the 'school slut' was so ridiculous, it was funny! He saw – somewhat – why Iruka was worried, what with Sasuke's and Naruto's backgrounds of fighting almost nonstop both verbally and physically, and decided to forgive him.

"Nn… What's so funny…?"

He quickly snapped back to reality when the irritated tone broke through the memory of his one-way, private joke with Iruka. His attention locked onto the peeved male and instantly felt small at the glare.

"Uh… nothing's funny… just… remembering something…"

"Hn… 'nothing's funny' but you looked like you were about to split your sides with laughter… and only seconds ago your face appeared to be smoking in embarrassment…" Sasuke's brow knitted together in a scowl.

This took Naruto by surprise. He smiled and chuckled a couple times.

"There you go again…" The Uchiha rolled his eyes and turned in his chair to face away from Naruto.

"I can't believe you, Sasuke…" Naruto was beaming now. He jumped from his own chair and sat on the edge of the sulky raven's seat, nudging him in the ribs with his elbow teasingly. "You are sooooo jealous that I have a secret joke that you're not a part of! And that it's with someone else!"

"Like I care," Sasuke scoffed, but scooted over in the chair to make room for the blonde.

"You know you do! You're just too prideful, stubborn, self-righteous,-"

"Are you TRYING to piss me off?!" Sasuke turned in his seat to better growl at Naruto, but was met with the smaller body's tackle of a hug and instantly melted into nothing but desire to hold him once more. "You're so aggravating… I wish I could hate you right now."

Naruto made a sort of giggle and squeezed the raven tighter, liking the way their bodies felt against one another when they wore dress clothes. It was a good thing they were in a secluded section of the restaurant or people would throw questioning looks at Naruto's needy hug that consisted of half his body pressed against Sasuke's while both were sitting on one chair.

"Mm… Thanks for taking me out, Sasuke… I really liked this." Pleading azure orbs glanced up to soft onyx. "Can we do it again… really soon?"

"If you really want to…"

The blonde grew thoughtful. "Do… you like this…?"

Sasuke finally wrapped his arms around the other's body and pulled him closer – if possible. "No," he spoke in a tone dripping with sarcasm, "I can't stand this," and pressed his lips to Naruto's forehead, "at all."

Naruto giggled again as Sasuke pulled the both of them from the chair to stand. The Uchiha slowly pushed Naruto against the table with his body. The blonde made a small whining sound when he made contact with the table.

"Uhm… Sasuke, wait, what are you…?"

In one swift and cunning movement Sasuke forced his hands to the table to pin Naruto without the luxury of an escape. He pressed his face to the side of Naruto's neck and groaned hungrily when the smaller body stiffened against his and quivered a bit.

"Sasuke!" Naruto squeaked, "We're in a restaurant!"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm…" The raven wound his arms tighter, squeezing Naruto closer. "Naruto… I seriously can't get enough of you."

This was surprising to the blonde. He automatically covered Sasuke in his own hug, seeing now that the male had no intent of sexual actions in a public area - or so he was thinking and hoping. It was more than enough to make him cry…

Silently against Sasuke's chest - while the male held him tenderly, rubbing circles in his back to show he cared and that he always would - Naruto cried and didn't stop.

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