The Diary of a Konoha Vixen

By: _*-L-*_

Starring: You! ( For the Girls )

This is my first Naruto please be easy on me yall LOL! It may start off a little slow but give me some time to warm up Otaii?

This story stars YOU of course. It's about you trying to make you way through hard times as a young woman. One day, a man named Kakashi has offered you a way out of that struggling hardship you're going right now, or so he says so. But, you soon learn to find out the grass is not always greener on the other. You find yourself falling so deep into a dangled web; you can't find a way to escape this fast-lane life you chose for yourself now. Dive into the world full of Betrayal, Lies, Rape, Deceit, Greed, Lust...Death.


Kakashi/YOU, Itachi/YOU, Naruto/YOU, Sasuke/YOU, Kiba/YOU, Sai/YOU...Sakura/YOU? AND MORE!

I know you're wondering how this story star you...well its really simple can just like this. Every time you see 'Y/N' Just insert your name there...there that's not so hard hehe!

Info n' Tibits

'Y/N' Your Name

'Laffy Taffy' Regular Talking

'Laffy Taffy' Thinking

'Laffy Taffy' Going into the past or Author's Note

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I want to give special thanx to Bobbypin Warrior for taking the time out to BETA this chapter, it really means a lot to me. I LOVE YOU! LOL!


"Hey hurry up Y/N or you're going doing to be late for work." said a tall slightly tanned man with a high pony tail and a long vertical scar going across his nose, who stared at the clock that read 7 o' clock. You came running down stairs wearing some well fitted red track shorts with white trimming on the side. Along with a white sports bra and a fitted white hoodie that was zipped up half way.

"Yes father I'm leaving now." You stop in mid-step towards the door and look around. "Have you seen my duffel bag by any chance father?"

"I put it by the door so you could grab it on the way out." stated the man who was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine.

"What time are you planning on being back home tonight Y/N?" Iruka stared at you as you made your way to the door of the small apartment.

"Uh…I really don't know. Asuma has been riding me really hard lately, but I don't know why, I haven't any done anything to him."
You stared in the mirror by the door as you adjusted your thick full long semi-wavy, curly snow white hair into a high neat pony tail, that stopped in the middle of your back and left some bangs swooped to the side of your beautiful radiant cocoa skin tone. Your father still waited for an answer as he stared at you through the mirror's reflection.

"That isn't really the answer I was looking for Y/N." he simply said in a worried tone.

You turned around and gave him one of your million dollar smiles and stared deep into his brown eyes with your ocean deep golden glittery ones and gave him a look of assurance to let him know you'll be just fine.

"I will be back around 12 o' clock at the latest father; Asuma knows I'm still a minor."
You turned around and walked towards your father, who stood as you approached him with his worried look across his face and you just stared up at him and gave him an innocent pure smile, and stood on your tip-toes just to give him a kiss on the cheek and Iruka simply smiled back.

"Have a good time at work sweetie and be careful." He stated as he ruffled you hair.

"Dad…don't do that anymore, I just fixed my hair." You cheerfully stated as you giggled at him while fixing your hair at the same time. "I'm going now, bye!" you shouted as you picked up your bag and exited the apartment.

After taking two buses you finally arrive at the club where you work, you looked at your cell phone and it read 8:37. And you let out a big sigh knowing Asuma was going rip your head off for being 7 minutes late now.

"I hope he is in a good mood tonight." you said to yourself, as you begin to walk up to the building that was playing loud music with bright red, white and black neon colored lights flashing the name '40/40 Club'.

"Whoa, it must be packed in here tonight…" you said, as you walked past the long line of men and very few women wanting to get into the club. Then you reached a security guard who greeted you.

"Well, well, well…. now I know why the place is packed tonight, it's because you're going on shift Kid." the tall, buff man commented in a deep voice as he smiled at you.

"What's up Eric?" you said in your usual innocent kiddish voice, as you waved to him. Then you turned around again to stare at the line that went all away around the building. "Must be a full house tonight?" you said as you smiled back at him.

"Yup Kid, but you better hurry up in before Asuma gets really ** off at you. He held an emergency staff meeting a little earlier with the other girls and was raising all hell when he found out you weren't there."

"Ouch, really?" you said as you sighed. "Well…what was it about Eric?" you asked as you shifted your weight onto your right leg.

"Something about some very important people coming out to look over you girls for some kind of special opportunity or some ** like that."

"Oh…really? That sounds so awesome, I hope I can be one of the lucky girls to get picked tonight." you said cheerfully and smiled.

"All I know is if it's a good opportunity for you I say go for it. I'm tired of seeing a beautiful young girl such as you work in a place like this. You deserve so much better Kid." Eric said, sincerely as he placed his hand on your head and smiled.
"Thanks Eric, you're really a nice guy…I really didn't know you cared so much." you giggled lightheartedly.

"I like to see good things happen to good people Kid and you, I know for a fact you are a good person." He stated as you smiled at him. Then he opened the door to loud club and guided you in past the door with his hand and whispered in your ear. "Now hurry up and go and get changed before you get in trouble." Then with that he closed the door behind him.

You looked around the club and saw people dancing on the dance floor, people chatting at private VIP tables in the corner of the club, while other people sat at table in front of the stage watching topless woman dance around the poles.

(Authors Note: Uh, yes indeed you worked in a strip club. But you weren't a stripper you were a hostess at the bar, serving up drinks. But, sometimes like tonight you like to get on the stage with some of your girlfriends and dance….with clothes on of course lol.)

"Hey there you are Kid! I've been looking for you everywhere."

(A/N: Yeah, if you haven't noticed 'Kid' is you nickname everybody at the club calls you, since you were the youngest member working there.)

You turn around to see a older girl with pale skin and long dark brown hair that passed her butt smirking at you, and she walked up to you wearing a purple bra and matching thong with 3 inch clear heels on her feet.

"Oh, hey there Kin, just get done performing?" you questioned her with a smile, as you glanced at her outfit.

"Yup, I did." she smirked and she stared at the bar and tables filled with men howling and whistling when they saw you enter the club. "Well, well looks like your fan-club is here and ready for your service."

You laughed and waved to the men who patiently waited on you. "I guess I can't keep my fans waiting for me, huh Kin-Chan?"

"Better not, those guys pay a fortune to see you every night….oh yeah Asuma told me to tell you to go to his office before you start your shift." she said, while giving you an annoyed look.

You laughed and gave her a quick hug. "Thanks Kin-Chan let me go and see what this man wants from me, see you on the floor later." You begin to walk away.

"Alright bye!" she said before walking off to give a guy a lap dance.

Meanwhile in the VIP section on the club.

"God, Itachi!" said an annoyed handsome young man with raven blue hair with deep onyx eyes, while playing with the straw in his drink. "I'm tired of coming to Asuma's weak ass club trying to find new broads to work for us."

"Damn, don't you think I know that Sasuke. But we own half of this so-called 'weak ass club' that you continue to put down."

Sasuke looked across the table at the other slightly older man who looks just like him, but he had longer hair pulled back in a ponytail. And he had a line going down in an angle under each eye, it didn't take away from his handsome features, it only enhanced them.

"Pff, whatever…I seen more attractive women walking down the streets than in here." he said, as he downed his drink without it taking any effect on him.

"True brother, but why go around all of Konoha searching for a goddess, when we have little play things at the tip of our fingers here ripe for the picking." Stated the emotionless Itachi.

"Or having a diamond in the rough hiding under our noses all this time." said another man that interrupted the two brother's conversation.

The brothers stared at their friend who accompanied them with blank expressions on their face. Then the younger one spoke up in an annoyed tone.

"What are you talking about Kakashi?"

The mysterious man with his face hiding behind a mask, leaving only his wild silver hair and one eye revealed pointed across the club at a young girl walking across the room. It was you of course.

Sasuke eyes were frozen on you as he watched you walk across the floor, and all he could think was 'Damn...she is fine.'

Itachi watched you carefully walk past him greeting customers as you made your way through the floor. He was speechless for a moment, for he had never seen such a girl or even a woman came close to your forbidden beauty, you were truly a gorgeous girl. Your skin was not pale or white as snow, but a warm smooth vibrant cocoa tone. Your hair was long and a beautiful snow white color that swayed as you walked. To set off more of your exotic features you had deep golden eyes the glittered when they were in light.

The only words that escaped his mouth were, "I have never seen her before…does she work here."

"I believe so." Kakashi confirmed while grinning under his mask, as he watched you walk into the back room of the club.

"I must have her Kakashi, get her for me." Itachi said stoically.

"From the looks of it, she is quite popular here; the crowd's favorite you can say…you know it will be trouble trying to get her from Asuma." Kakashi said.

"Then we will do it by any means necessary….even force." Sasuke said, while giving off an evil smirk.

Itachi gave one of his rare laughs, in agreement with his little brother. Kakashi sat gawking at the evil, twisted, brothers and said with a sigh, "I don't know why I'm friends with the two of you….both of you are sick and twisted.

In Asuma's office

"Have you seen Y/N, she was suppose to be here 20 minutes ago Eric." The tall tanned man screamed through his phone to his security guard.
Then as if on cue there was a knock on the door and you entered inside his office. He looked up at you and stared and sighed out of frustration.

"Never mind Eric she just walked in." he hung up on the phone and leaned back in his huge leather chair and glared at you as if he was trying to burn a hole right through you, and it felt like it was working on you.

You cleared your throat and finally gained the courage to speak up to Asuma, because secretly you were kind of scared of him.

"Um…did y-you want to see me Asuma?" you asked sheepishly, as you looked down toward the floor.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS Y/N? YOUR LATE FOR WORK AGAIN, THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK!" he screamed at you as if you were a young child.

"I-I….I'm" you stuttered out quietly, because you were so nervous when he acts like his towards you.

He gazed at you trying to understand what you were saying; knowing good and well you were scared. "What are you trying to say Y/N, speak up, and stop acting like a child." He demanded as he pounded his fist into the table, which scared the hell out of you as you jumped back towards the door.

"I'm sorry for being late Asuma….it….it won't happen again." You said quietly but clearly, as you looked up at him with your innocent face, then back down to the floor.

Asuma smirked, as he saw how easy it was to break you. He then got up from his chair and walked over to you and stared down at you. He then wrapped his hand around your small waist and pulled you close to him, and cupped your chin in his hand and made you look up into at him towering over you. It wasn't like you were a short girl, you were borderline 5'7 but Azuma was well built man that was 6'4. He then aggressively kissed your soft full lips that were dressed in a strawberry lip gloss. You tried to pull away but there was no point since in doing so, because Asuma always got what he wanted.
He then pulled you up by your thighs and made you straddle him and you wrapped your arms his neck, just to make sure you didn't fall. He then laid you down across the edge of his desk causing papers to scatter everywhere onto the floor, as he began planting kisses and licking your neck, causing you to unwillingly let out soft moans that clearly turned him on. Soon you felt his hard erection rub against your inner thighs and it made you nervous and you tried pushing him off of you as you sat up from the table. Then to only fail by getting forced back down to the table with his hand around your neck.
He stood up between your legs while still holding you down by the neck and he smirked at you, "We're not done until I say so."

"Asuma, please not now." You then felt his grip tighten around your neck and started to cut off your air, you quickly grabbed his hand with the both yours to try to pry him off of you.

"I've got to go out there to serve the customers Asuma, or they will be really angry at me."

"The only person you should worry about pleasing is me Y/N." he said.

He then let out a wicked smile and used his free hand to begin to massage your left breast roughly and press his erection to your **, which caused you pain.

"AH, ASUMA PLEASE STOP IT!" you screamed at him, but he quickly shuts you up by bending over and kissing you roughly.

"I have been waiting to do this for a long time now Y/N, I see you walking around here in those small shorts teasing me all the time. And I'm tired of waiting for you, so I'm just going to take what's mine." He whispered heavily into your ear, which begin to scare the shit out of you.

"Please don't do this to me Asuma." you began beg him.

Then all of a sudden someone came barging in through the door interrupting the festivities happening in his office. It was Kin of course.

"Hey Y/N you better hurry up and get out on the floor we need your help with serving….the….guests." but paused after seeing you being pinned to by the giant Asuma. "What's going on here?" she asked.

You quickly pushed Asuma away from you and hopped of the desk and walked towards your friend fixing your clothes. "Oh umm…nothing-its nothing Kin…come on lets go before the customers get mad." you said, in a fake cheerful voice as you dragged her towards the door.

"Wait Y/N" you froze all of a sudden, when Asuma called out to you. You turned around to face him waiting for him to say something. "You will be serving the VIP guests tonight….so be on your best."

You turned around and continued walking out the door without responding, while guiding Kin.

"Did you hear me little girl…you look at me when I'm talking to you." He demanded.

"Yes sir, I did hear you." You responded without looking back at him.

Asuma was beginning to get pissed off, but let you slide. "Good, now get out of here, I'll finish dealing with you later." He said, as you and Kin left the room.

As soon as the two of you left his office Kin went to being her usual nosy self, "Yo Y/N, what was all that about?" Kin said, with a very serious tone and look on her face.

"It's nothing Kin…Asuma and I was just talking." You said, as you lowered your head and the two of you began to walk down the hall.

"More like him having his way with you Y/N." She then stopped in the middle of the hallway and stared at you as you were still walking. "That's it I'm telling your father what's going on between the two of you!" she begins walking the opposite way.

You stopped dead in your tracks with a shocked look on your face and then turned around and ran after her stopping her in with a tug at her arm.

"No, Kin please don't do that, I promise I won't let Asuma take advantage of me anymore." you said to her with pleading eyes.

Her face then softens while looking at yours and then she hugged you. "Okay…but just promise me Y/N, you will stop letting people like him use for their own pleasure." she demanded from you while looking down at you.

"I promise Kin." you hug her back tightly.

"Good." Kin smiled at you. "Come on let's go make those assholes out there happy, they've been nagging me all night for you to come out."

You giggled, "Yes, Kin-Chan."