Abby Lincoln sat relaxed and happy on the treehouse roof, gazing down at the vast scenery that was stretched across the country. The twilight sun shone down upon on her ebony skin, bathing it in a orange glow as the warm autumn wind swept itself around the vicinity and played with her long, charcoal-black hair, which was untied from its usual braid. Her eyes glittered with slight amusement as her hair brushed slightly against her sun kissed cheeks and whirled itself over her shoulder, with the wind chuckling softly in the warm air.

She smiled contentedly. The Kids Next Door had finally been successful in the defeat of Father, which had just occurred minutes ago. The girl turned her head over to the side and caught side of the Delightfuls' mansion, letting comforting nostalgia flood her mind. Her smile grew bigger as her leader slowly approached and took his place beside her. The boy breathed in the humid air deeply, as if savoring the scenery. A lone leaf fell off the branch that grew halfway out of the treehouse, and the kids watched, as if they had nothing better to do, the green leaf spiraled and tumbled down slowly down to the ground and landed there silently.

The British boy let a grin etch itself across his face as the sunlight reflected itself upon his dark glasses. "Isn't it cool Numbuh 5? We've finally defeated Father! Just you, me and Sector V."

Abby responded by giving him a small, yet satisfied smile. "Yeah, Numbuh 1. Numbuh 5's been waiting so long fo' this day ta' happen, ya know."

"Everyone has, Numbuh 5. Can you believe it? No more father, no more adult tyranny! Actually, we're supposed to be happy, I think, but I'm feeling kinda sad."

Abby stared at her leader with a puzzled look in her eyes. "Why? Isn't this what ya've always wanted Numbuh 1?"

Nigel sighed. "Yes, well, but if Father's you know, defeated, what's the point of even having the Kids Next Door any more?"

Abby creased her brows in thought and worry. "Numbuh 1, Numbuh 5 thinks you're right. Ugh, what are us Kids Next Door gonna do then? We can't just sit around all day doin' nothing."

Nigel shifted closer to his second-in-command for some warmth and comfort. "That's what I'm worried about, Abby. You did a good job just now in the mansion. I don't know what I'll ever do without you. If you weren't there, I don't think we could have ever defeated Father in the first place." Abby suppressed a sigh and leaned her head upon Nigel chest.

Her leader didn't seem to mind as he continued and set his arm around her. "Anyway," he breathed. "Nothing has meant as much to me as the Kids Next Door. Except one thing, that is." He ran his fingers slowly, savoring the moment, down her hair. Abby closed her eyes and sighed, relaxed as Nigel pulled her a little closer.

"You," The boy replied, as the early full moon cast long and heavy shadows down upon the boy and girl. He looked down at his second-in-command and their eyes locked in a loving gaze as he leaned in and kissed her passionately on her lips.

"Nothing is more important to me than you, Abby."

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