Chapter 18

Chapter 18

"No Charlie" said Anna wearily as she continued brushing Buckbeak's feathers,

"Just a quick one" Charlie begged his wife,

"No, no flying until he is five, especially on a Hippogriff, plus Aggie has a terrible temper and Lappy has still got that infection in his foot"

"What about Buckbeak then?" Charlie persisted; the Hippogriff gave him a reproachful look,

"Definitely not"

"What about the others then; Wicker, Aesop or one of the others"

"Charlie No!"

"Why not?"

"Because we agreed that Teddy would keep two feet on the ground until he's five!"

"He's got a toy broomstick!"

"They only rise about half a metre and have all sorts of safety charms on them!"

"Can I take him on my broom then?"

Anna looked at her husband, his face was arranged into a pleading display that she found very hard to resist, sighing slightly she replied "Go on then, just a quick flight and don't go too far"

Charlie's face split into a wide grin and he grabbed his wife and kissed her heartily on the mouth, Buckbeak made an odd noise as if reminding Anna that she was not done with cleaning his feathers.

Charlie left her in the barn and ran into the house to get Teddy. Anna chuckled slightly to herself and continued her task.

It has been four years since the end of the war and Anna had never been so happy in her life, the first few months after the final battle were hard but all the struggling had been worth it. She had a husband, a child (although admittedly Teddy was not biologically hers and Anna had kept her promise of telling Teddy stories of his parents every night as she put him to bed), a booming business (she had also written several books on how to care for Hippogriff's), and a beautiful home. Life really couldn't be more perfect.

Anna walked out of the barn and looked up at the sky to see Charlie and Teddy zooming around on the broom.

"Anyone home?" called a voice from the kitchen; Anna looked over at the house and saw Hermione walking over to her,

"Hermione, how are you?" said Anna greeting her with a peck on the cheek, Hermione looked up at the gravity defying duo circling the trees and laughed.

"I knew you'd give in" she remarked,

"He's been badgering me since Christmas" Anna replied walking into the kitchen with Hermione trailing in after her,

"So what can I do for you?" Anna asked gesturing at one of the seats at the kitchen table, "Have you finally decided that you want Hippogriff flying lessons?" she joked, Hermione laughed.

"No nothing like that, it's just…well…would you like to be one of my bridesmaids?" Hermione asked turning bright red, Anna squealed.

"He finally asked you! Hermione that's fantastic. Congratulations! I'd be honoured." Hermione beamed at the older witch as Charlie and Teddy returned into the kitchen looking windswept.

"Auntie Anna, Auntie Anna I FLEWED!" shrieked Teddy running up to her, Anna laughed and arranged his hair into a more acceptable style, he was so excited that all the colours of the rainbow were flashing through his roots.

"I think he enjoyed it" said Charlie "Hi Hermione"

"Morning Charlie finally got your own way did you?" she joked,

"Eventually" he replied,

"Tell him Hermione" said Anna as though she was struggling to contain the news,

"Ron and myself and getting married" said Hermione blushing, Charlie cried out in joy and the adults (well the females at least) spent the remainder of the morning discussing the wedding plans.

As Charlie and Anna climbed into bed after another long day Anna looked across at her husband,


"Hmm" Charlie replied,

"Do you think Remus and Tonks would have let Teddy fly today?" Charlie looked at her and smiled,

"I think that Tonks would have been annoying Remus since Christmas to let him fly and Remus would have given in right about now"

"Really?" Anna asked with a giggle

"Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, stop second guessing yourself Anna. Teddy is happy and healthy."

"He is isn't he?"

"He is, as are we."

Anna snuggled up next to her husband and nodded,

"You're right Charlie, life is great."

"I told you it would be"

"Don't get so smug" chuckled Anna; Charlie silenced her with a kiss.

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