Jackie Moves on 23…..

The Wedding

Jackie came with Steven to the wedding of the godmother of her son as Eric was made godfather ugh well he was better then Kelso. Her and Alexandrina had become the best of friends her, Elizabeth, and Athena and of course Donna.

Donna and Eric were watching Shawn for them. Patty had gotten married the month before to Jamie McCrae. It was the end of 1981 and she knew Drina and Mickey were perfect together.

After the wedding

"I love you Jacs"

"I love you to Mickey" Jackie says kissing his cheek and going over to Steven afterwards. Steven was still a little jealous but he was working on it. He was working at the record store and he loved every bit of it. It took him a year and half to become manager of the father's old record store. They now sell cassette tapes as well

Kelso, Eric, and Fez, Donna and Brook were all at Jackie's and Steven's wedding in the spring of 1982. Shawn was the little ring bearer and Drina was walking him down with Betsy who was three years old by then and the flower girl. It was a small intimidate wedding and Mrs. Forman w as crying through out the wedding.

Twenty-five years later…..


Collin looks up at his Uncle Mickey

"Hi Uncle Mickey"

"Fight for her"

"What are you talking about"

"I see the way you look at her the same way I use to look at Mrs. Hyde"

"Ah I don't know what your talking about" Collin says

"Collin me and your Aunt Drina never had children"

"Why not" Collin frowns. He didn't want to take his Uncle's place

"I don't know" He smiles sadly

"She loves Tom"

"I don't see that starry eye look in her eyes whenever Jacks saw Hyde every time she looked at him even when she was angry at him she still had that look in her eyes"

"He's always there for her I hurt her she isn't giving me the time of day" Collin sighs

Mickey shook his head "Hyde hurt Jackie as well many times I believe but they got through it Collin"

"As does Tom"

"But one thing that Hyde had that Tom doesn't"


"Her love I bet she'd chose you in a second over Tom"

"I would bet the other way around"

Mickey sighs "My Drina almost died when we found out we couldn't have children but she loved Shawn and Lilly as if they were our own"


"Yes even Isabella-Mia and Resa-Elizabeth and the Carter children at one point it broke her heart when Lucy and Meredith-Grace went missing I'm sure of it son"

Collin sighs "Then how do I get her to trust me again let alone talk to me again"

Mickey smirks her "I don't know how to get her to talk to you but I do know how to get her to trust you again"

"How" Collin looks at his uncle

"Tell her Your Aunt and I want her to be with you"

"She won't go for that"

"Tell her that you two are pretending for our sake so you can have your inheritance on your mother's side" Mickey says

Collin smirked "You know that maybe the best advice I could ever have Uncle Mickey"

"I know" He smirks

"But that still leaves two problems One she always has a way of finding out a scheme and two how the hell am I going to get her to talk to me"

"I don't know son that's up to you"

"How did you get Aunt Jackie to talk to you"

"I perstered her until she relented"

"And Uncle Steven"

"He knocked her up and went into a coma"

"Ah I guess I need to do that"

"What knock her up"

"No go into a coma"

"No I think knocking her up will do the trick"

"Yeah I don't think I want that right now besides she's More Stubborn then Aunt Jackie" Collin says and Mickey laughs "No they're about the same" Mickey says

"Do you miss Aunt Jackie"

"Yes everyday"

"Do you miss Uncle Steven"

"Every other month"

"Why every other month"

"He isn't my best friend that would be Jack Carter" Mickey says and Collin shakes his head and walks up to Isabella-Mia who smacks him on the cheek and Mickey laughs

"Well Jacks she may not be your child but she definitely has your attitude and stubbornness. He says up to the sky and the sun came out and he smiles

"Uncle Mickey can you take me for some ice cream"

"Sure thing Lilly where is Aunt Drina"

"she says she had to go to the shop"

"Okay, you look so much like your mother Lills"

"I know but I have my dad's temper"

"Oh I know you do and I think Steven Hyde would have been proud" He smiles and Lilly smiles sadly "Ice Cream"

"Of course" Mickey stuck out his arm for his goddaughter and they walked over towards the ice cream palor meeting Alexandrina. Shawn came into the shop

"Why is Collin bothering Iz"

"That's what people do when they love one another" his Aunt says

Shawn frowns "Nolen is going to kick his ass you know"

"Language" Drina says

"What he is besides she's giving him the cold shoulder"

"And about to scream at him"

Shawn looks into the window "Yep I think he's the only one who can really get to her you know" Shawn says

"Sit down and watch the fireworks all over again shall we" Mickey says and the other three nodded their heads.

The End