Chapter 1:

Briar's POV:

I stared across the table at my brother and Ami, who had just told me they were engaged.

" We're real excited but we haven't decided a date yet." Ami's voice gives me a headache.

Don't get me wrong, I like Ami, shes a good kid and she makes my brother happy. Shes damn good lookin' too. But why couldn't I have the same happiness?

" You gonna be stickin' around for a while Briar? We were hopin' you were gonna be here for the wedding." Soda looks at me with hope in his eyes and I wanna punch him out. Damn happy people.

" Uh, well, I haven't really decided yet. I got a job over at the scrap yard haulin' junk and takin' the cars apart that people bring down there so I 'spose I could be around a bit." I answer quietly.

I see both their faces light up when they hear me say this. I stand up from my spot at the table.

" I'm goin' out. Tell Darry I won't be home til late."

I shuffle through the living room where Dally is bummin' on the couch watchin' t.v. and smokin' a weed.

" Hey Dal, gimme one 'a your cancer sticks."

He tosses me one and I head out the door, not really sure where I'm headed. Maybe Sylvia wanted some company. I head in the direction of her place and hope that shes home and in the mood.

Maren's POV:

" God dammit! Where the hell is this damn place anyway? Shit!" I flicked my dark red hair outta my face and decided to go to the DX station thats on the side of the road. I'd been askin' 'round for over an hour to see if anyone knew where my damn cousin lived, but everyone was bein' damn tight lipped in this shit hole of a town.

I walked in to the little station but didn't see anyone so I decided to get their attention.

" Hey! Does anyone work in this place? I need service dammit!" I pounded my fist against the scarred counter top.

" Yeah, yeah, don't get your panties in a twist, woman! I'm comin'." I heard a voice come from the back somewhere.

A few seconds later a boy woth dark brown hair done in complicated swirls comes out wiping his hands off on a dirty rag.

" What kinda 'service' do you need?" He gives me a smart ass smirk as he says this.

" Keep it in your pants, buddy. I'm just need some directions."

He scowls at me but nods grudgingly.

" Where ya tryin' ta get to?"

" Well, I'm tryin' to find my cousin, Ami Morgan. You happen to know where I can find her?"

His face takes on a surprised look.

" You're Ami's cousin?" His face screws up and he starts howlin' with laughter. I put my hands on my hips and tilt my head to the side, glaring all the time.

" Whats so damn funny 'bout that?"

He stops laughin'.

" Well, maybe I can see the family resemblance. Seems your both crazy." He looks up at the clock behind him on the wall.

" I get off work in 15 minutes if you wanna wait around. I'm goin' to see them after work so I guess you can come with me if you want."

I start glaring again.

" I ain't gonna screw you."

The boy gives me a mean look.

" What the hell makes you think I'd wanna mess with you?"

I smirked and popped my left hip to the side, crossing my arms in front of my chest. I knew what I looked like.

" Honey, if you didn't I'd worry you were playin' for the other team."

His face turned red and he looked like he wanted to explode.

" Just wait outside. I'll be out in a few minutes." He muttered at me. " I'm Steve by the way."

" Maren." I stuck my hand out and he shook it.

What an interesting first day in the shit hole called Tulsa.