Chapter 8

Ami's POV:

I was sittin' on a couch at Buck's with Sodapop when my bloodied up cousin came waltzing through the front door clinging to Dallas. I shot up from my seat and marched over to her. I tried to stay as calm as I could. My words came out through clenched teeth.

" What the hell happened Maren? Why in hell are you covered in blood?"

She laughed. SHE LAUGHED.

"No big, cous. We jumped some Soc assholes. We ruled their prissy asses! Wooooooooooo!" Then she stumbled and her and Dally both lost balance and crashed to the floor.

I felt my face heat up with my anger. Soda walked up beside me at that moment, eyeing the drunken and laughing forms of our friends.

"Help me get these morons off the floor." As I helped Maren off the floor, I saw Tim Shepard trying to sneak by us.

"I see you Tim! Git yer ass over here and tell me what the fuck happened to my cousin!"

He hunched his shoulders and scuffed his way over to us. His eyes flicked back and forth between me, Maren, Soda and Dally. When his gaze finally settled on me, I fixed his with a glare.

"Tell. Me. NOW!"

He straightened his shoulders and put a smirk on his face. Puttin' on his tough guy face.

"We beat down some Soc bastards who were on our turf. One managed to pin Maren down and got a few good hits in. No big deal, doll face."

I schooled my features to look blank.

"No big deal? Oh. Okay then. I guess I can let it go."

Soda must have seen something in my face because he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Just leave him be, Ami. He ain't gonna tell ya nothing' else."

I shook my head in frustration and grabbed Maren around the waist.

"C'mon honey. Let's get you cleaned up."

She was unsteady on her feet, so the two of us were stumbling all over the place. I managed to get her in to a bathroom and sitting on the counter so I could clean her face.

"Come on cous. It ain't a big deal. We were jus havin' some fun with them Socs."

Maren rolled her eyes and leaned back against the mirror. " 'Sides, with the ass kicking we gave em they won't be comin' around here for a long time."

I rinsed the towel I was using and threw it on the floor. I knew I was over-reacting. Maren got in fights all the time. This was the first one the involved Socs but still. A fight was a fight, right?