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Chapter 5: Room Mates? Yikes…..

There was a point in time where Harry thought this particular situation was near impossible. He started flashing back to his first couple of years here at Hogwarts, the first time he had a run in with Draco, on the stairs waiting to go into the Great Hall. The first time he remembers having feelings for Draco, when he thought he had killed him using a spell from his potions book that he had no idea what it did. He remember that event like it happened yesterday.


Harry had followed Draco down the hall and into the boys bathroom. Draco had been acting suspicious for a long time, and Harry figured that Draco had something to do with all of the strange things that had been happening around school.

Their eyes met and for a split second it felt like an old western stare down, then a spell was thrown, and another and another and another. And finally, Harry was beginning to get tired of the meaningless throwing of stupid 1st year disarming spells. He remembered the name of the spell from his book, and quickly, without thinking he used the spell on the boy that was trying to harm him.

"Sectum Sempra!"

Draco fell back on the floor, and scratches and wounds started to appear all over his body. Blood began to leak out in copious amounts from all of the wounds that appeared, and for the first time in a long time, Harry stood there and looked over the beautiful boy lying there on the floor, obviously in pain.

"Potter….what did you do to me?" Draco asked through a rough and strained voice as he lay there on the bathroom floor, water leaking out from a nearby sink washing all of the blood flooding out of his body down the drain in the floor.

"Draco…I'm…- I'm so sorry….I didn't know this is what that spell would do….someone just told me that if I were ever in a fight with an enemy to use that spell and it will take care of the rest…I….here hold on. Hermione taught me a healing spell that might fix this." Harry took his wand out again, and waved it over Draco's withering and bloody body.

"Why would you do that? I know you know more than I think you know about what's been happening here…why would you save me?" Draco looked slightly confused as to why Potter had done what he had done.

"I'm not too sure to be quite honest with you…" Harry seemed to be confused about why he did what he did. He looked Draco dead in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity and then the second he realized that Draco was looking back, he quickly averted his gaze to the floor. He stood up, and began to walk away.

"Well…thank you nonetheless, Potter…." Draco looked after the raven haired boy that was quickly ignoring him and walking away.


There seemed to be a moment back in time when Harry remembers the first time they kissed, but that was way WAY after the bathroom incident. Draco was actually the one to make the first move if he can recall properly.


Harry was up late and was walking the hallways back from Hagrid's house to his bed, when he felt the presence of someone following him. He kept peeking over his shoulder at every chance he got but there appeared to be no one there, and he just threw it off as his nerves getting the better of him.

He turned a corner, and there was Draco standing at the end of the hall. He figured that if he just continued to walk by him and pretend like he didn't noticed the blond haired boy he's make it by him and be safe inside the Gryfindor Dorm Rooms.

Draco wasn't about to go unnoticed by the boy wonder, if there was one thing he hated it was being ignored.

"Where do you think you're going Potter? Running around a bit late aren't we?" Draco's smug face spelled nothing but trouble for him and he quickened his pace to try and get by him without a confrontation. But that didn't happen as well as he had hoped.

"I don't think so boy wonder, I don't take lightly to being ignored." Draco said, and he grabbed Harry's arm and shoved him into a wall right next to a painting.

"Watch it boys! You damn near hit me!" screamed the painting

"Oh shut it, you weren't hurt, or smashed, go find somewhere else to sleep! I'm busy" Draco snapped at the wizard in the painting and off it went to find a more comfortable place to sleep.

"What is it with you tonight Malfoy?" he was slightly taken aback but for some reason he wasn't complaining about anything. There was something in the other boys glazed over, somewhat teary, mercury colored eyes that spelled lust. Harry felt his body twitch and the sensation that followed was a little less than pleasant.

"I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to Potter, there's just something about wandering the school halls late at night that's just a thrill for me. You passing by just so happens to be a plus." Draco's gaze shifted from him suddenly over to the end of the hall, there was a shadow coming around the bend.

"Shh." said Draco as he pushed open the classroom door next to them and pushed Harry and himself inside. The door silently shut behind them, and Draco locked the door. "Don't wanna get caught now, do we Potter?" asked Draco as he slowly made his way over to the table that Harry was sitting on.

Draco got right up in Harry's face, real close, close enough to kiss him in fact. He placed both of his hands on either side of the table, trapping Harry in front of him.


Draco shook Harry out of his daze, and there was something different about the room that they were in that didn't seem right to him. The room that they were in was almost like a house, Harry had been walking through the halls of the school the whole time he was having his flashbacks, and he didn't even realize where he was going he was just following the people in front of him to another section near the dungeons. The four of them were standing in front of two sets of big double doors. There were letters written on the fronts, R, H, and another H, D on the other door. Well this would be easy enough to figure out who's room was who's.

"Well, I guess that solves the problem of who's room is who's…" said Ron as they approached the big doors. They all walked into the rooms at the same time.

Of coarse Harry and Draco's room was decked out with the finest silks in green, silver and black. Ron and Hermione's room… red, yellow, and gold fabrics of velvet and suede. There was a door all the way to the very very left of Draco and Harry's room that didn't quite seem to match the rest of the room. Harry walked over to open it up, and his eyes were assaulted with reds and yellows, the mismatched door was a shared door by the 4 friends so that they didn't have to walk all the way around if they wanted to study together or hang out. There was another door right inside the shared door on a perpendicular wall and it was a white door. Harry opened that one up, and inside was an amazingly decorated lounge area in case they wanted to get away from their house colors he supposed. It was decked out in white and was completely neutral grounds.

"Hey guys! Check this out! Shared doors!" Harry yelled over in the direction of Ron when he came into view.

"Wow, seriously, Dumbledore thought of everything didn't he?" said Ron with an astonished look about his face.

"Yea, look at this too!" Harry pushed open the white door next to them to reveal the all white room.

"That seems awfully bland! I would assume he'd want us to change the colors ourselves! But it's a room for all of us nonetheless" said Hermione as she peeked her head into the tiny hallway that connected both living areas and contained the white door. "White is obviously too bright a color for four vampires to be living in" Hermione said in a joking voice.

"Well…I suppose we should all get settled in and head down to diner, I honestly wouldn't wanna miss that feast for even all the blood and sex I could get my hands on in one night." said Draco through his growling stomach.

"I highly agree with Malfoy, I'm starving like no one's business!" Ron said as he leaned on the archway of the door to his room.

The four of them scrambled to get their school robes on, and quickly made a B-line for the Great Hall and all that wonderful food.


The great hall was packed, with people, and they took their respective seats at their house tables, Harry was no longer sitting at the Gryfindor table, and that was going to have to take some getting used to by all parties involved, however they all assumed it was for the better. Since Harry and Draco had begun their relationship they had been inseparable and they had decided that wasn't about to change.

The Slytherins had heard all about Draco's new "condition" from sheer family gossip, and were reluctant to sit next to him and the boy wonder, of which they had already known about that relationship since last year…it was a given, anyone who even paid remotely close attention in Divination could have seen that coming, but they couldn't understand why Potter was still with Draco. Usually, your typical person is slightly freaked out by vampires….Harry had no problem sitting next to one and cuddling up next to him.

"Guys…seriously…just because I am what I have become you think I'm a monster now? That only happens with werewolves. I know our defense against the dark arts classes haven't been that great over the years…but come on." Draco rolled his eyes around at his friends, and they all seemed to calm down a lot and move closer towards him. Draco was right, he wasn't any more a monster than any of them were.

The sorting hat had finished sorting all new students into their respective houses and Dumbledore got up and made an announcement.

"I have one extra note to add to my announcements this year…" he looked around. "We have been joined by 4 students…who are vampires." everyone gasped and looked around in horror. "PLEASE…" he said loudly, "you all already know who they are, and the proper precautions have been taken so as not to have conflict with another set of students. They have been given separate living quarters in the dungeons, but you are to treat them just as you have in the past! Like your friends and fellow house mates. Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter, please stand!"

The four of them stood up on Dumbledore's request, "These are our vampires, they are no different now than they were two years ago! Normal behavior is expected of everyone." he gave the entire room one last look around to make sure everyone was on the same page and understood everything that he had said. Once he was satisfied he said, "Enjoy your feast." and food covered the table in a matter of seconds.


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