The Guyver: A Change in Destiny

Summary: What if the Guyver units were found by some on else, a more stronger and powerful host now we see how the Ranma Universe and Sailor moon universe take it when they see the new face of ultra violence, The Guyver.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma ½ as Rumiko Takahashi owns it; or the Guyver as Yoshiki Takaya owns it.

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Chapter 1: The game is on

The night was clear and true as the stars shined from the heavens as if watch all that went on below in an endless gaze above the earth the silence that consumed the countryside road was broken by the gasp and wheezes of a poor soul in pain. We see a man in his late thirties walk over to a pay phone near a bus stop now nothing was strange about him per say but from his look he had walk though hell and back. Were his pant and shirt were in shreds and what was stranger was the cases he carried with him. We slowly walk to the pay phone and reached to grasp it but not before looking over his shoulder, as his face shows a look of fear and paranoia in his red eyes as he dials the number the case by his side his white hair covered in sweat.

"Its me," his raspy says into the phone.

"Did you get it?" the mysterious person asked.

"Yeah, its right here." He responds.

"I just want to make sure you'll help me, (pant) if I give this to you," he says his legs shaking.

"I never break a deal," the mysterious person responds.

"Just bring it to me tomorrow evening," the person says to the injured man.

"Promise me, I can't stand it anymore," the man in desperation.

"I promise to make you feel much better when and only when you come; now stop wasting time," he says to the man as he hangs up

"Remember it's a promise," he yells into the phone before for it ends.

The man sighs as he begins his long track to the meeting area not knowing that disaster soon to be.

Head up the road

A lone truck driver drives though the night with what seemed to be with no care in the world.

'Tonight it is partly cloudy and look like rain later tonight so take out your umbrellas' the radio on his truck says as he hums as tune.

'Well this night going well, no problems yet, I doubt anything can go wrong now,' the fool things as he drives.

At that moment our injured man walk into the road as is seen by the driver who couldn't stop.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the driver yells as he seem to hit the man as he barley come to a stop were as a second later get out of his truck cursing.

"Shit, Ah damn, it's not my fault he jumped right in front of me what could I do?" he mumbles to him self walking over to the side to look under and see if the guy was ok.

"That's Strange, He disappeared." He say in shock as he find no trace of the man, expect for the case.

"What the hell is that" he says to himself as he pulls the strange cases over to him. He slowly opens it to find three even stranger objects. The objects were three pieces of metal coving and hold a strange rope like substance with a metal orb in the middle of the object.

"Hm, well look variable what ever it is maybe I got lucky," the driver says locking the case. He walks back to his truck to get back on the road as he put the case in on the side chair preparing to leave.

'But what was it I'm sure I ran over some thing' he things as he shifts gears.

He hears to rump of the engine and whine of the tiers but didn't move.

"Oh great now what happening" he says as he leans over to the side not knowing pair of red eyes look at him in front window.

"Well that strange," he says looking forward what he saw terrorized him.

A monster what look like death as the monster had bulging muscles with fur covering some section only to meet a skull like head and row of razor sharp teeth as its red eyes glared at him as if to devour him whole. He screams in fright as the monster crashed his clawed hand though the windshield and reach for the case seemingly ignoring him completely. He sighs in relief as it left.

"Thank God" he says only to meet the shaking of the truck.

"What no AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-BOOM!" the man last word as the monster pick up the truck and throwed it like a ball head first into the ground. The skies then clouded and rain fell from the sky as if weeping at the things to come.

Nerima next morning

"Ranma no baka!" the normal morning wake up for most of the resident as the day went on to a regular day in the Nerima ward.

With that we see are favorite martial artist flying though the air towards and another section of Tokyo.

'Damn uncute tomboy does she always have to do this so early,' Ranma things as he flies into LEO.

"Not like the other were any help this morning, and I though after the wedding fiasco thing would change," he things out loud remembering his time earlier that morning.

As he fly upward he soon feels gravity grasp hold of him and being his journey down to earth after his flight. His face showed no interest at this as he continued to fall drawing closer to his destination. Juuban distract of Tokyo came into sight as he fell and just as he was about to crash redirects his body with several fancy flips and lands lightly on the ground as if nothing had happened.

"Man this day could have started better but there nothing I can do about it," he says beginning his run to school.

'Damn Akane, Damn Pops, Damn mister Tendo I really shouldn't have stayed as long as I have then things wouldn't have been so chaotic,' he thinks as he run to Funkian high school. As he run he stops to see a new report on the TV in a near by store.

"The investigation team his told use that the fire on highway 245 has been stopped and the cause was a delivery truck that had turned over last night police still have not giving words as to what they think caused was we will bring you live updates when we get word," the news lady say as the screen show a picture of the truck with the classic do not cross tape.

"What the hell, I seen crashes and accident before, but this is no accident," he says to himself as he looked at the picture of the truck.

The truck had the front of completely crushed and the end of the truck looked like a crumbled up can after someone stepped on it. The area around it was blackened as they used a crane to lift the truck out of the several inch hole it left.

"This was for sure no accident, damn thing look like it was thrown or something," he says as we being to head to Nerima.

'It might be good to keep an eye out for this thing; what ever did that is no push over' he thinks as he arrives at Funkian and enters the school only to meet his most idiotic foe.

"At last the foul sorcerer Saotome has arrived to face the divine furry of the Blue Thunder, cower in fear of me as I smite thee," the True blunder says as he raises his bokken with his trade mark lighting strike behind him.

"Now have at the-OF!" a foot into his face greeted his charge.

"Sorry Kuno don't have time, I'm late as it is," Ranma yells running to the school building.

As he entered the building his energy-sucking teacher, which of couse left him twitching and crawling to his desk, greeted him. As he cursed under his breath about stupid teachers he also feel's the glare of his most temperamental fiancée. Where at lunch the normal chaos began to take hold as Ranma sat down in the schoolyard and started to eat the lunch Kasumi made him.

"Ranchan I made my special Okonomiyakijust for you," Uyko said as she ran over to him

"Ayia, airen now want that try supper ramen made by Shampoo" Shampoo said as running over as well.

"Ranma you jerk and here I made this bento just for you!" Akane yelled ruining over with her newest meal (poison).

As the fiancée brigade came out Ranma soon heard the familiar battle cries of the other loony's after him.

"RANMA! PREPARE TO DIE!" yelled Ryoga from the air after being lost for a week.

"Ranma unhand my darling Shampoo!" Mousse yelled as he ran toward Ranma with a steel mace.

"Foul sorcerer releases my fierce tigresses Akane and pig-tailed goddess!" Yelled Kuno as he ran, waving a steel katana as he charged forward.

And from there the day continued normally for Ranma Saotome or as normal as it could get. The day soon end as the bell rang signaling for the student to go home. As Ranma Exited many grew scared as they saw not the smiling kind hearted jock they knew walk out, but a scowling and battle aura bathed warrior that had murder in his eyes.

"Damn how come my life just seem to look up for a moment before blowing up in my face" he say to himself as he walked.

Ever since the failed wedding the pressure had been getting to him as the fiancées were bring out the big guns to win his heart, which of course meant more trick and deceit. His rivals were no better as they now attacked all most daily to try and "free" their loves. His life at the dojo was no better with the endless threat and pressure by his own mom he was near wits ends.

"Bastrads makes me wonder why I care not like anyone at that dojo really cares for me," he mutters with sorrow in his voice.

"Man this whole place is just a prison, it was foolish to think I actually found a home," he says to him self with as much venom as he could muster.

His so-called "Family" really didn't seem to care much about him. His pops was still was obsessed with his so-called honorable pledge to the Tendos but the still tried to sell him from time to time which strained his patience further, and his mother was still hyped up on the man among man bullshit. The rest off them went on abusing and taken advantage of him as if there was nothing wrong with it. He continued on his track to his main hiding place away from the Tendo Dojo, Tokyo forest which was near Mount Fuji was a nice a calm place to relax and think and the only place in Tokyo where he could get any peace of mind.

"Feh, who know maybe I can find out what caused that accident," he said as he began to roof hop towards the forest.

Near the accident site

We see a normal sixteen wheeler truck driving down a dirt road that lead way into the forest, the truck soon stops and its door's open to let out and reveal soldiers. The soldiers were different then any other as their uniform was a blue body suit with bone pale leg and arm guards with matching gloves and boots, then on their heads was a pilot helmet with slit like goggle lens. The soldiers moved like ninja though the forest toward their target with silence and stealth of the most skilled assassins. As they went they heard their orders from their commanding officer.

"Alright men, listen up are mission is to retrieve the G-units at all cost, this time there can be no mistakes" he said as he and his men continued there trek thought the forest.

A few miles away

We find the injured man from earlier ran thought the forest before collapsing near a river in exhaustion. He paused a bit before he began drinking the water to help the burning sensation that was going though his body.

"Cough…. they're not stupid, they'll probably come after me, but I won't be so easily defeated…" he said as he looked at the strange case.

"If it comes to that I always have this," he said as he held what looked like a grenade but more complex in its technology and design. His paranoia was increasing as the flutter of leaves alerted him. He crawled over to an over turned dead tree as fast as he could and stuffed the case under it and felt it disappeared into the grass as it slide quietly down the hill. He began to slowly move a way until he saw what he feared as a shadow fell over him.

"Nice to see you" the solider smirked his foot on the tree truck as he watch the injured man back away in fright. The man turn to make a break for it only to find him self surrounded as he saw fourteen more around him in a circle.

"Where are you going Molmot? Escape? There no escape from us," he smiled amused at the sight of him suffering.

"Molmot! Don't call that you son of a bitch! Stop this and give me back my humanity!" the man now know as Molmot yelled at them showing his disfigured arm before going into a coughing fit.

"Shut up you worthless scum," the man said disgusted at the sight of him. To the left another solider walked up to him and pulled his hair roughly to begin his interrogation.

"Molmot you have to take use to them, now tell us, where are they?" he asked with a sneer at the man.

"If you tell us you'll die quickly, that the most you can as for," the first one asked his smirk back on his face

"No I'm human, I'm human, human, human," he repeated as his eyes glowed as his body changed. His clothes were ripped apart by the change as his muscles expanded and body in general began to change into what could be descried as nothing but a monster from hell, his face resembled a skull with sharp teeth pink flesh exposed and covered only but the white hair on his new body his eyes glowing red. The soldiers jump back as he did so until the monster from last night stood before them it red eyes glaring at them. The solider look unimpressed as he did this, most with bored look or smirk.

"Gregole, do it." The leader ordered another solider on the right who smirked at this and moved forward. He calmly took his helmet of revealing a pale white man with tan hair and purple eyes his smirk never leaving his face as his body began to tremble.

"Stay back," he said as his eyes glowed yellow, his body soon expended shredding his uniform as his was covered in a scaly hide and body of a muscle man, his head also changed as a huge horn grew on his fore head and small ones on his chin and on the side of his cranium with two huge long tentacles going down to his back as he stood at 7.7 feet.

Molmot glared at the new creature in anger and fear, he soon pushed it aside as he charged the monster called Gregole who in turn charged as well. The both soon became in dead lock on trying to over throw the other. But as one could see Gregole wasn't even trying.

"You're a fool Molmot if you think you can win," Gregole chucked as he easily over whelmed him.

"You shit!" Molmot said as he continued to fight. Gregole soon became annoyed at this and with a display of strength and ruthless ness he pushed Molmot off then caught his are before tearing it of like a rag doll as blood spud form the wound Molmot was then punched into a huge rock but not before making an indent where he calmly fell to the ground.

Back with Ranma

"What the hell is this strange energy," Ranma said as he ran towards this strange feeling that made his skin crawl. He ran faster and faster to see what it was as he felt one life draining and fast and he knew he was short on time.

"Hang it their buddy just a bit longer," he whispered as he increased his speed.

"Hey Ranma wait up," a voice called out to him.

"Yeah, hold on," another voice said.

As Ranma turned to look he saw Hiroshi and Daisuke on a moped at full speed towards him before coming to a screeching halt. Daisuke was tall male teen with tan skin and brown hair while Hiroshi was about a foot shorter then Daisuke and red hair both still wearing there school attires.

"What the hell are you guys doing"? Ranma asked his two real friends.

"We say you leave and thought you could use some non-lethal company," Daisuke said with a grin trying to cheer their friend up.

"Yeah with you so gloomy lately life doesn't feel the same beside were your buds, it are job," Hiroshi said.

Ranma smirked at this and felt relief come over. As thing got more chaotic most students tend to shy away from him and the only ones who still liked him and called him a friend were them. And after the many problems he's faced he knew he could trust them. And as they said them selves they may be prevent but they don't abandon a friend.

"Thank, but I have not time I sense a fight going on and one life is fading fast you guys can come but keep up," Ranma said feeling his old confidences coming back with the help of his friends.

"Right," both said as the started their engine and began to follow their friend

Back to he soldiers

"Hurry up find those units!" the leader shouted his orders. The crew then began wondering around the area to find the units that they need to complete their mission, but their mission grew to be bothersome as the under growth covered and concealed everything. On soldier walk toward the seemingly dead Molmot to search for them, as he moved closer he was surprised to see a shadow looming overhead.

"I don't want to die, please I don't want to die," he said as he moved closer to the soldier who moved back wards. Molmot was stop by the laughter of Gregole as he moved toward him.

"Fool, you could not survive anyway, because you left before completion you can only live to about a week, feh your already dead," Gregole said.

Molmot after hearing that knew one thing after hear that as he remembered his earlier conversation. 'Damn he lied to me,'

"I knew this would happen to you Molmot," Gregole said with satisfaction at Molmots forlorn expression.

"I found it captain they're the frozen unit case," a random soldier says as he holds up the strange case Molmot was carrying.

"You found it, nicely done" the Captain says with a smile, it was soon whipped off as Molmot move to take the case with Gregole close on his tail.

"I'll never give up the units, never, NEVER," he yells as he run closer and pulled out of nowhere the bomb from earlier and pulled the pin.

"THAT A BOMB, GET BACK!" the soldier yells

"WHAT?!" Gregole yells in surprise. Time seemed to slow down as each one was blown away.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Gregole yelled as he too was caught in the blast.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" the random soldier yell as he was blown into oblivion. The other watch helplessly as this happened.

With Ranma


"What the hell was that?" Ranma says as he looks up towards the explosion.

"Looked like a bomb went off," Hiroshi said getting of the moped.

Daisuke was also getting off before spying an object coming their way and fast with barley having enough time to shout "INCOMING!"

That said they all duck in time before a disk like object zoomed past them and landed on the ground. The strange object skitted across the ground before stopping and when it stop they finally say what it was. The object was what looked like a creature held by metal casing with a metal orb in the front that soon began to glow ominously.

Back to the soldiers

We find a huge crater covered in smoke and as it clears we see a blacked on the ground his body totally destroyed, ahead of him the unfortunate fool was in worse shape and case destroyed, Gregole was in better shape but hurt as his out layer of skin was burnt off as blood came out of his mouth. While the others tended to Gregole the captain reported in.

"Mr. Director the test subjected has been eliminated, but the unit where scattered as the case took the blunt of the blast, also Gregole has received minor damage but it look like it will take some time before he regenerate sir," he said into his radio.

"I see where are the units," the director said over the line.

"It seems the explosion sent them flying off we will proceed with the operation," he replied.

"Very well proceed," the director said hang up.

"WELL DON'T JUST STAND THEIR! GO FIND THEM"! The captain order as his men went of to search. The problem of the grass concealing them came back ,but soon their efforts were rewarded.

"Captain I found one, it a little scuffed up but it doesn't look serious," one soldier said showing it to his superior.

"Hm. this is good but there are still two more units hurry," that said the soldier ran back to the truck as the other continued the search.

Back to Ranma and the others

The object soon stopped glowing as it calmed down the other moved toward it with caution. The slowly moved towards it as to not cause a chain reaction as they moved closer they each grasped a stick.

"What in God's name is that," Hiroshi said as he began poking it.

"Got me maybe it a mine or maybe a mini UFO," Daisuke said smirking at the last part.

"I don't know if were a mine we be died already but some thing doesn't feel right" Ranma said.

Daisuke soon got annoyed with this and walk over to the object, he carefully grasp hold of it before he lift with all his might to his surprise he was thrown back a little as he had expected it to weight a ton only to find it as light as baseball.

"Wow it lighter then it looks," he says, as he looks it over.

"Hey Daisuke I don't think you should mess with that," Ranma said feeling his danger sense kicking in none of them notice the sound of footsteps heading towards them.

"Hey it all good beside what harm could it do to look at it," Daisuke said look it over.

"Come man knock it off he don't have time for this," Ranma said grapping it device but soon let go as the unit hummed to life it metal orb glowing. Daisuke in fear though it in the air only to have Ranma catch it as the metal glowed even brighter.

"Ranma get rid of it quick," Hiroshi said as he Ranma gazed at it as if hypnotized by it.

"Hey man what wrong," Daisuke asked in fear of his friend. Ranma paid no heed as the inner coils of the device began to move around.

"It like this thing is alive" was all he could say as the contrasts were thrown off as the coils rapped around him coving his body as he screamed. To him it was unbearable as he felt power and pain flowing though him.

'What happening, I can't breath if fells like something ripping thought me, crawling under my skin' he though as his consciousness began to slip.

Daisuke and Hiroshi watch helpless as the creature covers their friend the metal orb attach to his forehead. The move to try and help but are paralyzed as the eyes open as glass like red eyes appear that seemed to glare at them the setting sun adding more to the effect as it moved towards them.

"Daisuke, Hiroshi help me, please," Ranma said stepping toward his fear endues friend but is soon stopped as the gel like substance change color from a red-violet color to light blue. He soon screams in pain as he back up only to trip and fall back into the lake near them.

"RANMA"! They yell for fear at what happened to their friend the move toward the lake but stop at the ominous feeling coming over them.


At the sound they turn to see the soldiers surrounding them and where more afraid as they saw the monstrous form of Gregole behind them.

"What are you doing here boys," Gregole said as he glared at them.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Hiroshi yelled in fright and surprise.

'This is strange even for Nermia,' Daisuke think looking them over as he was too scared to move.

"They've seen you Gregole," a soldier to the right said.

"Then we have no choice but to eliminate them," Gregole said move toward them his clawed extending. The two friends move back only to fall on their butt parlayed in fear at their fate.

'I' m going to die!' they both thing closing there eyes as Gregole prepare to kill them. After a moment past they open their eyes, as they felt no pain only to see them staring behind them.

Behind them was a strange warrior with blue armor coving his body and black material covering the joints and two dagger like blades on his elbows his red eyes glowing in the setting sun with rage his fist clenched. On his head he had a curved antennae with a green glass surface below it along with a metal orb on the forehead to the side of his head he had tow orb in a horizontal direction on the top part of his head one on each side and two more in a straight line in front of his mouth and one last one at his waste. On each side of where his mouth would be was a ventilation shaft, which was proven as steamed shot out as the metal orb on his forehead, glowed.

"Who the hell are you," Gregole said glaring at newcomer. His only repose was the new warrior raising his fist as the two boys looked on in awe.

"You want to fight, I don't know who you are but if your stupid enough to get in my way, I'll rip you to pieces," as he says this he pull a fast jab to the head, only to have it dodged with ease. The newcomer grips his arm and with little effort throws him though five trees with little effort.

"YOU LITTLE SHIT RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!" he yelled as he rushed at his opponent. As he dose he grapes his head and proceed to try and crush it. The other smirk but it's soon whipped off as the metal glows again and Gregole finds the warrior his arms force of his target and bent until…


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHAT ARE YOU?!" Gregole yells as his arms break blood spiriting out like in gushes the muscles and bones torn form their foundations dangling from his side.

The other soldiers back away in shock. "I don't believe it! That puny thing broke his arms!" a random one yells.

"DAMN YOU!" Gregole yells in one last attempted to kill the warrior as he rushed forward to impaling him with his horn. A few moments past as the as everyone thought Gregole won as the warrior laid their unmoving until they saw the blood bust out as Gregole fell to the ground his head crushed like a rip melon.

"RETREAT, let get the hell out of here!" the captain yell as they all move away before disappearing from site.

The warrior watch this as it metal orb glowed as its eyes stop glowing the warrior looked to see Hiroshi and Daisuke scared out of their wits and look ready to run until they here a familiar voice.

"Hiroshi, Daisuke what just happened," the warrior said in a deep-echoed voice.

"Ranma," they both asked shaking

"Yeah it me, why something wrong?" Ranma asked but was stop form asking further as they heard a hissing noise. They turn to see Gregole's body melting away into nothingness.

"Did I do that?" Ranma asked but is soon a little freaked out as his friend started at him.

"My God it really is you," Daisuke says with more courage.

"Duh of course, why wouldn't be?" he asked but soon saw his hand. He gasped in shock into the lake seeing his new body and looking at what he did. The shock increased, as he couldn't take it off and soon began to panic.

"GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!" he yelled until the armor strip off him as he fell to the ground in exhaustion.

"Ranma!" his friend yell in worry they run toward him as he look at the armor they too look to see it reform before them before slowly skinning into the lake.

The all look on as they all head one thought in mind 'what the hell have we gotten into.'

End chapter one

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