The Guyver: A New Destiny

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Chapter 3 The Approaching Storm

Blood painted wall of the small chamber what we see is what most would described as a vision of hell, the room was filled with zoaniods and one lone armored figure fighting them with easy as he moved at killed each of his opponents with grace and brutality each one killed in some new from or fashion as the warrior continued his deadly dance. We see a glass window as scientist and the director of MAX pharmacy watch in horrific awe as the number of zoanoids dwindles.

"What the count so far?" the director asks as he watches two-zoanoid die with the skulls churched and blood sprayed around the room.

"He's killed more then 80 percent of the total number he started with-SMASH-correction make that 90 percent," the doctor say as he continues to watch the figure crush his opponents. The all soon turned away as he slowly crushes the skull of his last foe as he show no remorse as he casually drops the creature dead on the floor to join the many of others on the ground. The floor was littered with body of dissolving Zoaniods many from decapitation and the rest from being torn to shreds as their organs and blood lay their before dissolving into nothing. As he walks back towards the light a blinding flash surrounds him as he exits the room to reveal the inspector Ozwald .

"Excellent, now this is power," he says in a low voice as he straightens his tie with a smug smirk.

"Inspector Risker I'd like to check you over one more time just to make sure the bio-boosting has no negative effects," one of the scientist say as he motions to another room with a Cat scan.

"Fine, but make it quick," Risker says annoyed with the constant test. When he is ready the scan shows all pieces of his anatomy and DNA sequence which show no changes.

"Well it looks like no really changes have happened," he scientist says looking over the results.

"No, it has changed me, bring up the data on when I merged with the Guyver," he orders which is soon followed as he we see a holographic image of his bio-booster form. His annoyed expression changed to one of joy and bliss as he stares at the reading multiple ideas running thought his head each more wilder then the last ponders is new found power.

"If he knew of the power I have achieved what would his expression be?" he says silently to himself as his laugh echoed thought out the building.

Tendo Dojo

"Ranma-kun you ok?" Kasumi asked, as she continued doing the laundry.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine don't worry Kasumi-chan," he said as he was brought out of his self-induced trace.

"In lighter news a freak explosion occurred in an abandoned warehouses outside the city experts can not determine the cause at this time but will keep use posted as the investigation continues also the underwear thief is still on the loose so ladies be on the look out," the reporter says as he gives his report. Ranma feels his eyes grow wide at the mention of the warehouse as memories of the ambush by Vamore still haunted him as felt for the third in his life fear for the lives of his friends and himself.

'But that was two days ago and with all this peace something big is just about to shack this place,' he though as he moved to help Kasumi. It had been two days since the attack by Vamore and he was still making the final arragenments for his training trip.

"Hey Ranma can you call Dr. Tofu please I need to talk to him about something private," Nabiki say as she sit at the table.

"Sure," he replies as he walks to the phone as everyone headed to the table to eat breakfast as he call him he get a bad feeling.

"Hello you have reached 's medical ward…" we hear Tofu voice from the other side.

"Yeah, hey Doc listen," he began.

"I'm not here at this time but if you leave a message I get back as soon as I can," the voice from the machine said ending in a Beep.

"Ok Doc I need," he said before he was interrupted.

"You have reached the voice mail system, to leave a message just wait for the tone," the machine went on in a female voice.

"OK I think, I now how to leave a damn message," Ranma said annoyed

"When you are finished recording hang up or press pound for more option," it continued

"Oh hang up no sit Sherlock I was just going to keep talking till he comes to check his voice mail!" he said his anger raising.

"For delivery option press 5," it went on.

"Just give the damn Beep," his temper rose more

"To leave a call back number press 8, to page them press 6," it went on as it did what it was made to do.

Oh give me break!" his anger at the breaking point.

"To repeat this message press 9," it said in his mind almost mockingly

"I WILL FUCKING STAP YOU COMPUTER PHONE LADY!" he yells his temper finally letting loose.

At Daisuke's house

As this went on we see our two Hiroshi and Daisuke sitting in Daisuke's bedroom laying around but with serious looks on their faces as they think of the incident with Vamore the fear of death and the feeling of uselessness was overwhelming as they glare from the spot they sat. They both had bags under their eyes as nightmares haunted their dreams growing worse each night.

"Damnit I can't take this anymore," Daisuke says as he punches his fist into his palm.

"What," Hiroshi asked taken out of his thoughts after his friends words.

"This feeling of worthlessness I mean we've almost died twice and we only lived because Ranma saved our ass and with how things are going it will only get worse from here on," he says in a frustrated voice.

"Yeah and if those things infiltrated the police who know what were they could be," Hiroshi says as he grows more depressed.

"And on top of that they mean business they aren't after a life force or some shit like those monsters in Juuban but I think we need to do what that Murakami guy said you know, grow stronger," Daisuke says as he grins.

"I agree with you there, but what about are families?" Hiroshi asked

"Huh?" Daisuke repiles with a confuesed look.

"AAAARRRGGG! don't you get it! Those monster could be anywere and they know our faces, I mean what if something happens or some monster kills them while were gone," Hiroshi says in an anger.

"Yeah but there dead so we should be ok," Daisuke replies shaking alittle for his friends rant.

"Doesn't mean there can't be more anyway how do we get stronger were already black belt in kratae and judo and we can't get licene for guns until were 18?" Hiroshi asked.

"With Ranma's help of coruse we can call him up and ask, plus looking at those things I don't think guns will do much," Daisuke repiles.

"Ok I'll call him up now," Hiroshi get up and head to the phone as he diles the number he heard the busy beep noise across.

"huh? Wow could be on the phone ah man I bet Ranma doesn't have to deal with things this tough," he says as he shakes his head.

At the Tendo house

"To hear this is spanish press 11," the machine went on.

"THERE IS NO ELEVEN YOU FUCKING WHORE," Ranma Yelled as he sliently promised revenge against Nabiki.

Across town

"WHAT VAMORE'S TEAM WAS WIPED OUT!" Makishima yelled as he and his aid receve the report from one of the soliders.

"Yes sir Vamore and the Ramotiths with him were all eraticated with out a problem," the soilder says with malious in his voice.

"Very well you may go," Makishima say as walk down the hall his aid close behind him.

"I can't belevie we lost Vamore," he say as he walk his face and body tense with worry.

"The Guyver's power is truly uncomprehensable, just look at inspector Risker, when he merged with the Guyver he gave off reading far greater then even the most powerful Zoaniods," his aid repiles as he walk behind him.

"I had no idea it was that powerful, but we must recitfy this mistake at all cost," Makishima says as he step into his office. He is shocked to find a cloud of smoke hanging above it and a mope of blond hair on the back of his chair.

"What the?! Who do you think you?!" Makishima says in anger. His chair turn to show Risker in it with an expenive looking cigar in his mouth.

"What are you doing behind my desk? Get up this instant and put out that cigar!" he yells his eyes glraing at the smug man as he calmly take out the cigar and blows a puff of smoke.

"You do know Commander-in-Chief Guyot wiil be coming to Japan soon?" he say his smirk in full force.

"WHAT! Commander-in-Chief Guyot, here?!" Makishima yells in shock and fear.

"As you know you will beheld account able for lost of our companies top secret Guyver units," Risker say calmly as he stands and faces the window.

"But thanks to you we should get a better idea on how the units operate that should make it easier," Makishima replies his face full of sweat.

"So you say but those Zoaniods your so proud of have proven worthless agansit the Guyver," Risker comment as he look out toward the city.

"It my respossiblaty I will recover them," Makishima say his eyes at his feet as he looks up he is shocked to find the cigar on more then 1 inch from his face.

"The Guyvers recover is no longer your concern, I will take over since you've allowed them to run wild for far to long," Risker says with a smirk but frowns when the aid graps his arm. He pulls his arm back his smirk back on his face.

"I suggest that you start coming up with excuses to tell the Commander-in-Chief while you still can since the only way to fight a Guyver is with another Guyver, you casing my drift,?" Risker goes on and get ready to leave but not before flicking his cigar at the aids face.

"Kimura!" Makishima gasps as he watchs the lite portion of the cigar his aids face he glares at the door as Risker walks out.

"Bastard," he comments.

"I will go sir leave this to me," Kimura says as he take of his sun glasses much to Makishima's shock before his face fell into a cool understanding.

"Look like you're the only one I can count on, the Japan Branch must recover the Guyver units at all cost, you can't let Risker get to them before you," Makishima says as he give his orders.


Nermia later that day

"Stupid Nabiki and her pranks," Ranma grumbles as he walks to walks to his high school alone. His anger starts to cool as he contuines when he sees Hiroshi and Daisuke runing up to him.

"Hey Ranma wait up!" Hiroshi yells as he reaches Ranma panting Daisuke coming soon after.

"Hey guys what's up," Ranma asks as he stops watching his friends catching their breath.

"(Pant) Ranma we were (Pant) if we (Pant) could ask (Pant) a favor?" Dasisuke asks as he stops panting.

"Sure but depends on the favor," Ranma repiles.

"We asked can you train use to ki?" Hiroshi asks.

Ranma blinks in surpise at the thought, but decied to look them over to see who much work it would take 'lets see Hiroshi look like he can tap in a little, but not enough to be of any use.' He thinks as he studies Hiroshi arua be fore looking over at Daisuke. 'Daisuke looks to be more a seasoned fighter and has tapped into his ki a little more with a little polshing I think this could work.'

"Ok I'll train you, but remember we have very little time to mess around, so I suggest you tell your parent and cancel all appointment, this is something that takes a lot of pratice and we have no room for error," he says as he remembers his own training.

"Ok anything else?" Hiroshi asked as he looked at Ranma's frown.

Ranma just shook his head as they enetered the school for another day of insanity. The day went on as normal for him at least, but as the day went on a few noticed Ranma's expression as he went thought the day as if he was waundering lost an alone. Ranma ended the day with minumal damage as the wreaking crew were off in some other location which he praise Kami for as he was allowed a small time of peace to think of what to do with his life and how best to train his friends.

As the students were released Ranma gather his friends on what to do as they walked on they were meet by one of Ranma's new class mates.

"Oh good moirning Ranma haven't seen you around lately," The young man said as he gave a kind smile. The young man wore a normal upper classman uniform and had simi-long purple hair and had brown eyes, for Ranma he didn't trust him much but still treated him with repect as he was one who normal help Ranma after the wedding fiasco.

"Oh hey Agito (1)," he replied as he walked past him. Agito showed a look of surpise as he saw Ranma walk off like in a daze. He calmly walk up to the destrate teen and put a strong hand on his shoulder.

"You know Ranma if something is wrong you can talk about it right," he said as Ranma turned around and gave him a tried smile.

"Thank Agito but I'm fine just tried," he said as he sences gave him a bit of a waring but not payed it little mind as he sensed no ill intent.

"Well it your sure," Agito said as he lifted his arm and walk away. The feeling of uneasies never left unitl Agito was out of site. Regaining his composere he started of to the wood to meet up with Hiroshi and Daisuke.

The Forest

The sun was high in the sky by the time they reached their camp site. Hiroshi and Daisuke had grin of exticement at the idea of learning new martial arts although still novices in Nerima treams they still could be Akane in terms of skill and timeing as the youngest Tendo was more reckless and easliy annoyed. The camp was simple enough with a big yellow tent with a fire and fresh water.

"Ok guys it time to begin your training," Ranma said as he placed his bag next to the tent. His friends did like wise and sat down in front of him ready to learn (OMG THE END IS NEAR!)

"Alright it time to begin now I know you both have had minor uses of using KI as a part of your body and that's good, the problem is you both use it on instinct which can be bad when your in a bad spot," Ranma began going into sensei mode.

"But don't you do that most of the time?" Hiroshi asked.

"True but most of it I use at will and it is neassary to do so when you fight which is what you're here to learn," Ranma said getting standing up pulling out two scrolls from his bag and handing them to his friends.

"I want you to practice meditation for the next two hour since a clear mind helps focus KI better and neutral KI is better to use then emotional KI," Ranma said as he began to walk to the river.

"Wait a moment, if that true, then why do you still use your emotional KI?" Daisuke asked confused.

"Because although neutral is better using your emotions are much faster but less powerful and it become addtive when used more often, that's another reason why I'm here I need to learn to use neutral KI and find out more of the uses that armor gives me," Ranma asnwered as he went to do his training, but thing don't always go as planed.


As he walk over to the other side of the river for his training a large rock was thrown into his head and sent him splashing to the river just as he trainsformed.

"OH GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!" a female voiced sounded as the warrior rose from the river. The armor in looks hadn't changed but the body was easy to see as the armor morphed around hugeing the curves of her body and size.

"Oh well isn't this just prefect? Now what am I going to do?" Ranma said to her self as the senser orb informed her of the two leering pervets.

"When I turn around you to better be work or so help me," Ranma said as she grew more angry at the sudden turn of events. But his annoyed look turn to a grin as she heard her friend gasp and resume their exerices. She calmly walked out the river and put a kettle fulled with water on a make-shift stove and went back to training as the water boiled.

'Might as well see what I can do in this form,' she though as she moved over to the cliff side near their camp. The area was filled with rock ranging from small pebbles to huge bloders. As she prepared her self she let her emotions go and looked for her inner peace as she started. The nect movement were like an extotic dance that would make even the most graceful person jeleous as her already impossible speed was tripled. To most it would be as if she vanished and demoilshed half the field in seconds. Her movement stop as he say the biggest rock their which almost reached the cliff in height. She cocked her fist back and prepared for her attack.

"Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken!(1)" in seconds the blouder was reduced to rubble as over 3,000 punchs of massive strength was devliverd to it whole body to say Ranma was surpised would be an understatment.

"WOW! Now that was cool," Ranma said as she deactived the armor hearing the sound of the kettle whistle.

"Ah Much better," a now male Ranma said as he once again bio-boosted. The Guyver's eyes glowed menicingly as he tested out the other weapons the armor allowed him.

'Hmmm, the senors can only give me up to 200 meters and that's with a KI added but it will do for now,' Ranma thougth to himself as he continued his test and started his training to use neutral KI. The progress made by Hiroshi and Daisuke was in a word remarkable since they could already produce a small battle aura but still not enough to use in battle epecially against this new enemy.

"Hey Ranma what do we do now," Daisuke asked a now human Ranma as they train for the day ended as the sun began to set.

"For now I think we should pack it in since we need our strength for tomorrow," Ranma answered as he sat down tired from using his bio-boostered form the whole day.

"To bad their will be no tomorrow for you punks!" a voice said startling are young heros. To their surpise they were surronded by the same uniformed soilders from before but with greater numbers some giving of more power then other as far as Ranma's senses could tell.

"Damn it how'd they find us?" Ranma cursed as they was once again taken by surrpised which did not sit well with them.

"Target is sited, preparing to ingage sir," one of the man said as he talked into his helmet a smirk on his face. Hiroshi and Daisuke gave each other a look before nodding moving infront of their firend in battle stances.

"RANMA GET OUT OF HERE!" Hiroshi shouted as he and Daisuke prepared to fight.

"WHAT?! That crazy their no way you guys can take them stop begin stupid and run!" Ranma yelled as he this stupid yet brave act.

"Hey has nothing to do with this, its use you want," Daiuske said to the men ingoring Ranma as he tensed in antiapaction.

"Heh, nice try but all of our helmet have video cam inside so we know all about your battle with Vamore since the footage was sent dirctal to our headquaters," The man said smirk stil on his face as he slowly took the helmet off his face showing his black hair and purple eyes as they transformed. Before them once again stood Gregole be he was not alone two more Ramotith appeared aswell their mouth drooling in hunger of the bloo of their prey but what they were also joined by tree new Zoaniods.

Two looked like an humaniod bug wih big eyes and green skin it was slim and light wieght built for speed, the next two looked like it was from the black lagoon with its aquatic body but had a sharp row of down its upright mouth it blue skin shined in the light as did it bedde red eyes, the last three looked like some big bird but had now wings with black feathers and red eyes glowing with anger and blood lust. Each one staring with anger and bloodlust as they glared at Ranma in hunger for combat.

"We know that you're the Guyver, Ranma Saotome!" Gregole yelled as he glared even harder at his prey as he gave the order to attack


"Then come and get me you Cock-biting-fucktards(2)," Ranma said using some new insult he heard from one of his favorite internet shows as he ran making the Zoaniods began to give chase.

"After him!" BANG

Gregole was stop by two KI blast to the face, he turn to glare at a patting Hiroshi and Daisuke with smirks on their tired face as Gregole growled at them in rage.

"Why you little punks," Gregole growled as he prepared to charge them before the blue aquatic Zoaniod grabbed his arm.

"Forget them we have a mission to do," the Zoaniod said trying to get his friends head in the right place.

"Right, Cadan you two go along the right, Razell I want you and Ramotith to take the left, Malcult you guys go up into the tree to cut off that bastard NOW GO!" Gregole yelled giving out the orders as they sprang into action.

Ranma ran thought the forest as he heard the Zoaniods go on to his trail were he felt them move silently around him. His mind was racing at the possibliltes that were infront of him at who he should react he smirks at the idea he head as he spinned around to face the Malcult above him.

'Thanks for the lessons Ryu(3)'"Sai Dai Kyü Kijin Raishü Dan(4)!" Ranma yelled sending hundreds of wind blades at the Zoaniods. Seeing the attack coming the quickly dodge it but one was to slow and was cut to pieces by the razor sharp blades. Although surprised by the assault the Zoaniods charge in even faster in rage.

"I've got you now punk!" One of the Razell yelled as he jumped into the air, as he did this the second Razell and Ramotiths charged forward. Back flipping the attack he jumped into the air and meet Razell's Challenge head on. The two meet in mid-air and fought in a way that would have most Hollywood actor green with jealousy. The pair trade punches and kicks with the same speed each delivering huge amounts of damage to the other.

"Give it up kid you can't win if you fight like this," Razell said with as much venom as he could muster. His punches come in even faster which allowed the spikes and scales on his arms do even more damage as he continued his assault.

"Your right, at this rate I'll be dead, so lets take it up a notch," Ranma said as he his let loose his battle aura driving his opponent way as Ranma unleashed his attack.

"Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken!" Ranma yelled as he lets loose are volley of punches. To the shock of Razell he felt and suffred every single punch before he fell back in blinding pain.

'How is this possible? I'm a Zoaniod! A normal human couldn't do this! Just what the hell is he?!' Razell thought as he fell the ground but was caught be Ramotith.

'Now to finsh it' Ranma though as he a was still in the air gathered his energy to attack his battle aura out once again.

"Mōko TakabiARG!" Ranma started but was stopped as on of the Malcults grapped him from behind while the other one prepared for his attack.

"You do the honors brother," the one from behind said as he brother preaped his claw to priece him.

"Thank you brother, this is for the one you killed, DIE RANMA!" The Malcult said as it moved it feathered arm forward claws extended ready for the kill. It would have worked it they hadn't forgotten one thing.

"GUYVER!" Ranma yelled as the energy field appeared around him.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The Malcult infront screamed as it was blown to kingdom come.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!" the one behind screamed in pain and surpised joining his brother in obilvion. To the shock and awe of the Zoaniods the armored warrior slowly lowered to the ground as it control metal glowed with power it eyes flashing red as the red sunset gave it a eerie glow like a angel of death coming to claim their souls. The other cowred in fear of the warrior until Gregole snapped the out of it.

"Snap out of it, were here to retive the unit now were can do just that," Gregole said as it charge ahead the other followed aswell but to their surpise the Guyver turned and ran to the east as it did it moved with grace and speed not leaving any movment to waste the moved closer to engae his before a familiar shout was heard.

"Umisenken(5)!" Ranma yelled as he used his KI to disappear from view.

"Where'd he go?" Ramotith asked as it turned its head trying to find his target but was answered as a blue battle arua sprang up for all to see.

"After him hurry," Gregole said as he ran toward the light the other followed it to what looked like a lake and seeing their prey jump into the air to attack him.

"In the name of the japanese branch we will capture you," Gregole yelled yet notice to late what Ranma true play was.

"SHIT!" Cadan yelled as the Guyver's chest plate were wide open the lenses from before surging with energy as it the attack charged.

"EAT THIS!" Ranma yelled as he let loose the attack. The energy blast ripped thought the sky as it headed toward the targets and easliy vaproized them before they could scream. As Ranma watches his foes be hurlled into oblivion, he could not help but feel pity for them as to what they became, but as the adreinaline wore off he was soon on his knees in fatiege, panting, but did not take of the armor as he still felt uneasy. He look behind him and to his surpise he found that he had come to the very place were the whole mess started the lake shinned beautifully in the setting sun light.

"Hey Ranma you ok?" Ranma heard as he saw a panting Hiroshi and Daisuke run towards him.

"That was awesome man you got them all in one shot," Hiroshi states after catching his breath with a strained smile on his face.

"You guys ok?"Ranma askes concered for his friends.

"Yeah we just used our first KI blast and used the rest to get here," Daisuke said also catching his breath from the run.

"You baka's that was really stupid but still thanks," Ranma said as he said as he got back on his feet.

"Your welcome now can we go hooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Hiroshi yelled as is leg was intangeled by what look to be an octupcus tentecle drag him toward the water.

"HIROSHI!" Ranma and Daisuke yell in surpise at the action. At the last second Ranma fired the lazer from his head severing the tentecle as it went into the water.

"You ok?" Daisuke asked as Ranma moved infront of them.

"Yeah just caught off guard, but what the hell was that?" Hiroshi asked as suddenly saw a man in a buisness suit standing in the middle of the lake who we would recornize as Kimura.

"So you were able to wiped out seven Zoaniods at once… As impressive as ever Guyver," Kimura said as he calmly stand one the water.

"However…" at that moment four tentecles shot out from bleow him at break neck speed. The sensors on Ranma's head gave him the edge as he grabed his friends and jumped over them before they hit but was shocked as they smashed right into the rock ledge behind them. In a move to attack he again uses the lazer on his fore head to shoot and watched as it shoots right though Kimura chest.

"Alright! Take that you bastrad!" said Daisuke in joy at the easy win but was just as shock as the others as the hole in Kimura's chest heal and close its self up.

"Hehehe it pointless I'm not like those weaklings I'm in a class of my own" Kimura says as his voice changes as does his body into what looks to be a human octopus his back had four tentecles on it as his arms and legs made up the rest. His head became smaller and but supported big grey eyes and a tube like apendges on the sides of his lower face.

"I, Synevite shall bring you to your knees!" Kimura now Synevite stated as he reveled in his new found power.

"Ok then, come and get me you overgrown piece of kalamry!" Ranma said as he ran on the side of the lake.

"Hey wait, Ranma!" Hiroshi yells but has to watch as their firend runs again drawing away their foe.

"I don't get it why did he not run into the forest again?" Hiroshi asked confused at the change in tatcies.

"Simple, we'd be defenseless." Daisuke asnwered.

"Huh, What do you mean?" Hiroshi asked again.

"That guy showed if Ranma didn't fight here we'd be dead now so for the time being Ranma has to play by his rules," Daisuke says as he picks Hiroshi to his feet and runs to help their friends not knowning they were being watched.

As he ran down the side Ranma contiuned to fire his forehead beam to keep if foe at bay but was surpised at the speed Synevite had.

'Damn this is getting me no were better try using this again,' Ranma thought as he opened one side of his chest armor to fire his new attack.

"WHAT THE HELL WHAT HAPPENED?!" Ranma yells in surpise as the weapon stop in mid charge, his surpised is only stop by Synevite.

"Hehehehe..just as I thought its massive power output restricts it from fireing more then once," Synevite comment as his head stick out of the water. As Ranma prepares to fire at his head the tube on the left side of his mouth shoot an ink like substance at Ranma face.

"DAMN IT!" Ranma yells as he wipeing the ink from his face to see as the does this Synevite charges forward only to run strait into Ranma's foot.

"Take that you bastard…huh?!" Ranma say as he move his foot back only to see the disfigured face of Synevite to return to normal.

"Hehehehehe…your wasting your time," said Synevite as he laughed. Ranma tired a new series of punches and kick only for the same result.

"My body is soft and pliant, it can absorb and diffuse all impacts," Synevite says as he charges forward again.

"Alright try this, Kijin Raishū Dan(5)!" As Ranma yells this his foe steps rapidly to the left and right as Ranma fired this attack muiliple times each missing. Synevite counters by launching his tentcles at maxium speed but miss as Ranma jump up to one of the many rock cliffs there but accidently turns his back.


"Your back is turned Guyver!" Synevite says as he lanches his tentacles at Ranma grabing Ranma's legs, arms, and head.

"Shit!" Ranma curses as his body is thorw in every direction form the rocks to trees rapidly over and over again until he is smashed to the ground face down. His exsation taking over as well as the pain his body was in from the rapid onslaught. As this went on Hiroshi and Daisuke arrive to help.

"I've done it, I'really done it!" Synevite says as he tentacles lift him up still wrapped around Ranma's limbs.

"I've captured the Guyver! Just as ordered, THIS IS THE POWER OF SYNEVITE!" The zoaniod laughed in glee at his acivement.

'Damnit, I can't move anything my body feels totally drained, is this how I'll die?" Ranma asked ask himself as his life flashes before his eyes and the image of some one dear to him. 'Kasumi.'

"Hey Ranma get off your ass! You can't quit now don't give!" Daisuke yells as he and Hiroshi clumb onto one of the ledges. As his friend said this a the sparked something inside Ranma but also brought Synevite's attention to them.

"You little worms…" Synevite sneers as he raises his right hand.

"Those who know the secerts of Chronos must die!" The zoaniod says as he opens his hand tentacle to show rows of razor sharp teeth like claws appear as he glares at them.

"Don't you dare touch them you monster," Ranma say in a strained voice as he lifts his head up.

"You still move after all that, you do indeed deserve you repuation," Synevite says as he turn his head toward the bio-booster martial artist.

"I've fought though demons, monster and all kind of shit all my life and I will not die here not when I STILL HAVE PEOPLE TO PROTECT!" Ranma yells as his strength returns. In reponse to it host the control metal glows with power adding more to his strength. In a flash of speed and dust all the tentacles were cut to pieces too the surpise off everyone their.

"Impossible! My tentacles!" Synevite yells in shock but is soon turned into fear as the setting sun add more to his image as his glowing red eyes are joined by two glowing blade on his arms. While this happened Daisuke and Hiroshi stare in awe at their friend as his reinforced battle arua blazes out.

"Now that is cool," Hiroshi say as sliently as Daisuke can only nod in awe.

"You will hurt now you freak you die here today," Ranma says in a cold voice sending shivers down everyone back.

"Why, you!" Synevite shout as he charges both of his hand out in front showing his claws ignoring all common sences as Ranma charged up for a new strike

"Kijin RaishūKenbu (6)!" As he calls out his new attack it is over in a flash as Synevite stops just inches away.

"Damn you Bleugh!" Synevite say as he dies his body split down the middle and the side. As his remain fall to the ground the blades retrack into their dorment state and his battle aura also recited leaving a panting and tired warrior the field also shows the.



At this Ranma was greeted by his happy although tired friends as they ran to his side.

This help lessen the pain his body felt and the fatiege he felt.

"You did great Ranma now was a fight for the record book," Daisuke say as he help steady his friend even though he still towered over him in the armor.

"Good, now let get you home," Hiroshi said as he too help his friend.

"Why go? The party had just begun," an new voice said. The three friends turn to see a familiar person in a gold buisness suit.

"But, I'm dissappointed, the Guyver must be a waste on you if you have problems defeating a pathetic Zoaniod like that," the man said in a smug voice.

"OH COME ON! ANOTHER ONE," Daisuke yells at the chance of another fight.

"Hmph… don't count me in along with the trash like them," The man said as glared at them but the smug smirk didn't leave his face.

"But please forgive me it is inapporite to not give your name before a duel, I am Oswald A. Risker an impector for Chronos, however I'm also..ADAPT!" with those word they were blinded by a flash of light but made a cold chill run down their spins. As the look toward were Risker was they gasped in shock at what stood before them.



(1) Yes I add Agito although not much now there be more for him later

(2) Chestnuts Roasting over an Open Fire Fist

(3) Ryu Kumon was one of Ranma's Rival in the later part of the manga

(4) Strongest-Level Fierce God Assault Blast

(5) Way of the Silent Thief

(6) Fierce God Assault Sword dance (my own creation were the vibreation swords are use in tandom with the Kijin Raishū Dan but more accurate and like the viberation swords but thought just about anything.)

Author note: Hey people been a while eh? Sorry it took so long but with school and writers block it took forever to get down but I plan to revise this later but anyway the next chapter should be done a lot quicker and should have a lot more violence R&R.

As the second Guyver begins his assault a new enemy appears and begins his onslaught will Ranma and his friend be able to stop this or will their love ones pay in the end in the next chapter of A New Destiny Chapter 4 Surpise Attack: Rise of the Hyper Zoaniods.