Rating: T

Spoilers: Everything

Pairings: Jack/Martha, Jack/Ianto, Ian/Barbara, Ben/Polly and others to numerous to mention

Summary: Jack and Martha search for former companions of the Doctor's.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: A follow up to my story, Those Who Came Before. I never really intended it to be a one off.

Captain Jack Harkness groaned as a shrill ringing sound pierced his brain, groping around his bedside table he found his phone, the source of the offending noise and looked at the dialling display but couldn't see who was ringing him at this ungodly hour.

"What" he said grouchily

"And good morning to you too, you should really go to bed to sleep at night" said a female voice

"Martha?" Jack replied, she giggled

"No its Beyonce, who do you think" she said sarcastically.

"God I hate women who are chirpy this early in the morning, what do you want?" he complained

"Early, it's half past eleven anyway the reason I'm ringing is I've found Barbara Wright, well she's Barbara Chesterton now I just wanted to know if you're interested in meeting up with her," she said

"When and where" he replied.

"Tomorrow in London, Stepney near to Coal Hill School at midday" she said

"I'll be there" the body next to his began to stir "I've got a few things to finish up here first" he said, Martha chuckled

"Give my love to Ianto won't you," she said

"Yes Ma'am" he said and grinned as he hung up on her, she knew him too well.

The next day found them standing outside a modest terraced house

"Well, are you going to do this or am I" said Jack, Martha sighed and pressed the doorbell. Inside the house Barbara Chesterton put the kettle on the hob before she made her way towards the door, she saw her husband Ian struggling to get out of his chair,

"It's alright dear I'll get it" she said

"Who's calling on us?" he asked.

"That young woman who phoned the other day, the one who wanted to talk about the Doctor" Barbara replied

"Are you sure that's wise, she might be a journalist or something" said Ian, Barbara smiled

"I did some checks on her, she's a newly qualified Doctor, I believe she's genuine she did know an awful lot about him" she replied. Barbara opened the door to find a man in an old-fashioned RAF uniform and a dark skinned woman waiting

"Mrs Chesterton? I'm Martha Jones I called you a couple of days ago" Barbara nodded and ushered them in "this is Jack Harkness, we wanted to talk to you about the Doctor" said Martha. Barbara shook their hands and indicated for them to go into the front room

"This is my husband Ian and this is Martha and Jack," she said to her husband

"Why do you want to know about the Doctor?" said Ian accusingly. Jack smiled

"We used to travel with him too" he replied

"I found some of your clothes on the Tardis and I thought I'd like to meet other people who'd travelled with him, I met Jack a few months back and we started to search for the Doctor's other companions" explained Martha. She handed the file to Ian, "this is just a brief history and some drawings", Ian flicked through the pages

"All these people came after us?" he asked as Barbara came in with a tray of tea, Martha nodded

"From what I can understand he doesn't like being alone" she said wistfully. Jack nodded

"I got that impression too" he replied, Barbara sat on the arm of Ian's chair and looked at the pictures in the file

"Oh look Vicki, she was a lovely girl and there's Susan and Steven," she said.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave?" asked Jack, Ian chuckled

"We didn't really want to go in the first place but the Doctor kidnapped us," he said

"What?" gasped Martha "he actually kidnapped you". Barbara smiled

"He didn't take too kindly to us worrying about Susan" she looked at Ian "every one at the school knew Susan was a little...odd but one day, after telling Ian there were five dimensions instead of three we decided to go and see her Grandfather" she said.

"We followed her to a junkyard where her Grandfather, the Doctor, started to throw his weight around, we heard her voice coming from an old Police Box, well we thought the worse and I forced my way in, I couldn't believe what I saw" Ian continued

"It was bigger on the inside," said Martha, she giggled as she remembered her reaction to the Tardis.

"I suppose everyone's reaction's like that, I got a lecture from Susan about time and space and the Doctor said he couldn't allow us to leave in case we told anyone about what we'd seen, pompous old man that he was" said Ian, Jack chuckled

"You noticed that too huh," he said.

"After that he started pushing buttons on the console and he said he was leaving and taking us with him, Susan pleaded with him not to but he wouldn't listen and we left Earth," said Barbara with a sigh. Ian reached for his wife's hand

"After travelling with him for a bit we wanted to go home, he did try but the Tardis couldn't quite get us to our proper place in time" Martha frowned

"Tell me the old, old story, that thing's got a sadistic streak" she said

"One time we were chased across time and space by the Daleks..." Ian started.

"Something's never change" said Jack softly

"Yeah" agreed Martha

"I take it that you've met those overgrown pepperpot's" said Barbara

"Yeah, far to close for comfort" Jack replied. "Sorry you were saying, chased by Daleks".

"The Dalek's were building a time machine as a means to destroy the Doctor, they chased us to a planet of robots called Mechanus, Vicki had already found her way there via the Dalek's machine. We met up with Steven who was a prisoner of the Mechanoids, after a pitched battle between the Mechanoids and the Daleks we used the Dalek's machine, which worked better than the Tardis, to get ourselves home. We made it back to 1965 instead of 1962 but we go home together and in one piece, that's the main thing," said Ian as he squeezed Barbara's hand

"We had to answer a few awkward questions about where we'd been, most people thought we'd eloped" said Barbara with a smile.

"I did move away for a while, to give Barbara some breathing space but I seemed to always be on the phone asking her to meet me, talking over the things we'd seen and done, in the end I asked her to marry me" Ian said

"Forty years later and we still talk over those times with the Doctor," said Barbara, squeezing Ian's hand.

Barbara, Ian, Jack and Martha carried on talking about their adventures with the Doctor late into the afternoon, when they got up to leave Martha gave the file to them and promised to keep in touch, Jack said that if they ever needed help with any problem with the authorities to call him at Torchwood.

"That was such an experience," said Jack as they headed towards the underground station "I never really expected to, I dunno, bond with these people"

"Yeah I know what you mean they're a wonderful couple, I guess all those who have travelled with the Doctor feel close" Martha replied. Jack slipped his arm around her shoulder

"Yeah, I wonder who's next?" he said.