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Author's Notes: This chapter is in 2 parts as Sarah-Jane's is a long story to tell

Ianto Jones was a little surprised that the phone was ringing this late in the day, the cover that Torchwood used, a little tourist shop in the centre of Cardiff, did sometimes have genuine enquiries but not usually so late.

"Good afternoon" he said

"Good afternoon I'd like to speak to Captain Jack Harkness please" said the English woman at the other end of the phone, she emphasised the 'Captain' as though she didn't believe the title.

"I'm afraid there is no-one here of that name" replied Ianto carefully, he was a little concerned that someone was asking for Jack so publicly

"Really" the woman clearly didn't believe him "tall, dark and handsome, an American with a fetish for World War Two RAF uniforms apparently, surely you'd remember someone like that" she replied. Ianto was more than a little worried now as this woman knew far too much, sure Jack was a well known sight in Cardiff but most people knew him as 'that weird Yank' very few people outside Cardiff knew his name.

"I can assure you madam that no-one of that description works here" said he said patiently

"Now I don't believe you, you see when I find out a secret organization is looking for me I generally like to know why and my enquiries led me to you Mr Jones, it is Ianto Jones I'm speaking to isn't it". The silence spoke volumes and the woman chuckled "I thought so, so you tell handsome Jack that if he wants to explain himself he can reach me at Associated Press, my name is Sarah-Jane Smith" she said. Ianto was dumbstruck, a journalist had managed to find Jack and link him to Torchwood, worst of all she knew who he was, he couldn't help himself he had to know

"How did you find all this out?" he asked. The woman laughed again

"Would you believe me if I said my dog told me" she said "oh and Ianto, you might want to think about changing your suit, black isn't your colour" she said as she hung up. Ianto's sense of preservation kicked in and he ran into the hub, hyperventilating. Sarah-Jane Smith burst into laughter as soon as she put her phone down,

"I'll go to hell for what I did to that poor man" she said as she smiled fondly at her robotic dog.

"Negative mistress, there is no such place as hell" said K-9

"I know K-9, it was just an expression" she replied "so, I'll give Captain Harkness a week to reply and if he doesn't do you fancy a trip to Wales?"

"Affirmative mistress" K-9 replied.

"Go easy will you, she may be a journalist but she's also one of the Doctor's companions, she's not likely to 'out' you once she knows the truth" said Martha to a glowering Jack.

"After what she did to Ianto I don't think so, it took us days to calm him down Owen had to sedate him in the end, he kept saying her dog knew all about him, Tosh is still trying to unlock the database as we speak" he replied. Martha chuckled; it was difficult to imagine the unflappable Ianto Jones being freaked out by a phone call "it's not funny"

"I know but I can't help imagining Ianto going off the deep end because some woman told him her dog knew all about him, you couldn't make it up" she said. Jack grinned

"I guess you did have to be there" he said. They walked through a garden gate and Martha noticed a sign that said 'Beware of the Dog' in a script that made her think of 80's Sci Fi, she smirked, so Sarah-Jane Smith really did have a dog.

"Let me do the talking, the mood you're in you'll shoot your mouth off and Torchwood will be tabloid headlines tomorrow" Jack opened his mouth to protest but Martha held up her hand "no, you know I'm right" she explained as she rang the doorbell, Jack sighed and nodded, she was right, as usual.

Sarah-Jane looked up as the doorbell rang, she wasn't sure she'd done the right thing inviting Jack Harkness and Martha Jones over, but Martha Jones had spoken of the Doctor and told her they used to travel with him, Martha had wanted to meet up and share experiences. Sarah-Jane's resolve had cracked, she sounded such a nice girl on the phone but she still wasn't sure that this wasn't a set up. She knew Jack Harkness was the head of Torchwood in Cardiff; she had needed to find out more and had tried to get hold of Mickey Smith, when she couldn't find a trace of him she wondered if he was still travelling with the Doctor. After more digging she'd discovered that Mickey, Rose and Jackie Tyler were on a list of the dead from Canary Wharf, she'd gone to the memorial that was on the site of what she discovered was Torchwood headquarters and left some flowers, she'd liked Rose, after she'd got over her jealousy of the younger woman. She'd felt a little sorry for Mickey, he always seemed to be on the outside but she could see potential in him and had thought about finding him a job in Associated Press, from what she could understand he had impressive hacking skills and a knack of finding things that didn't want to be found. She got up and went to open the door

"I advise caution Mistress, we still do not know the intent of this visit by Captain Harkness and Dr Jones, they could be impostors" said K-9, Sarah-Jane smiled

"I know that K-9, I'm just going to have to trust them for now, but I would like to make sure they are...from around here, if you know what I mean" she said

"Affirmative Mistress" K-9 replied. Sarah-Jane opened the door to find a young coloured woman and an angry looking man in period military garb standing there

"Captain Harkness and Dr Jones I presume?" she said with a smile, the coloured woman smiled and held out her hand.

"Hello, I'm Martha and he's Jack" Jack attempted a scowl at Sarah-Jane whilst checking her out, Martha rolled her eyes "don't mind him, he's still sulking over what you did to his tea boy, Ianto Jones" said Martha with a snigger. Sarah-Jane blushed guiltily

"I'm sorry about that, at the time I thought you were looking for me 'officially', I needed him to know I wouldn't go quietly" she explained, Jack looked mollified

"Yeah, well, when this is over you might want to apologise in person, he's been hell to live with ever since that day" he replied. Sarah-Jane led them into her living room

"You said you wanted to talk about the Doctor, is this official? Because if it is you can leave now" she said. Martha smiled and handed over her file

"No it isn't official, as I said on the phone we used to travel with him and while I was on board I sorted out the wardrobe room and came across...well...a pair of your boots" Martha explained. Sarah-Jane's eyes widened and she clapped a hand over her mouth

"Not the white ones?" she said and Martha nodded, Sarah-Jane put her head in her hands

"What was I thinking, I could never run in those things, still I thought they looked good at the time" she said with an embarrassed chuckle. Sensing the ice was breaking, Jack started to relax

"So which Doctor did you travel with?" he asked, Sarah-Jane flicked through the file, stopping at a picture of the third face of the Doctor,

"This was the first one I met I was only with him for...a few weeks I guess, you lose the sense of time in the Tardis don't you?" Jack and Martha nodded. "Then he regenerated into this one" she turned to the Doctor's fourth face and smiled fondly "he's the one I spent the most time with" she flicked to the last page "then I met this one about a year ago, he was travelling with a girl called Rose then, I'm assuming this is the one you travelled with?" she said.

"I did, Jack travelled with the one before and Rose too" said Martha, Sarah-Jane smiled sadly

"I'm so sorry, I found out she'd been at Canary Wharf and..." she started

"It's ok, the Doctor told me she's safe and well in a parallel universe along with her mum and Mickey" said Jack. Sarah-Jane smiled back

"I should have known, he's better than that" she murmured

"Affirmative Mistress, the Master would not leave anyone behind if there was any alternative" said K-9, Jack and Martha jumped and stared open mouthed

"What the..." stammered Jack. Sarah-Jane grinned

"This is my dog, K-9 he also travelled with the Doctor.