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Last Time:

Everyone turned around in shock except Shepard who already knew who it was. After all, he did tell him to come over.

"JOHAN?!" Everyone yelled in shock. Especially Judai.

Johan smirked. "That's more like it."

Everyone was in shock. Suddenly Judai faced Johan. "Hi Johan! What are you doing here? Are you in the concert too?" asked Judai.

Everyone sweat droped. Judai could be a 'little' dense sometimes. Johan smiled. 'Just one of the many reasons I love about him." Thought Johan

"Nope. I'm not in the concert. I'm going to be your music teacher!" Johan smirked.

"You're our music teacher?!" asked a very surprised Judai. Johan smiled." Is there a problem." he asked, still smiling.

"Huh?! You?! Music teacher?!" Judai was having a hard time understanding this. Still, Johan answered while smiling. "Yup!"

"Not your twin?!" Johan laughed. " Nope. Last time I checked I was an only child." Said Johan. You could clearly tell he was amused.

"…Are you sure?" Johan nodded.

"…Positive….?" Johan sighed. Judai was over doing it.

" Yes Judai, I'm positive. I'm sure I am you're music teacher, and no, I don't have a twin…" Finally after much explanation from Counselor Shepard, Judai understood the situation.

"Wow Johan! I didn't know you were a musician!" Exclaimed Sho. "Yeah! That's so cool!" Rei said.

Johan chuckled. " Well let me tell you, It wasn't easy learning all of those instruments…"

Manjoume snorted. " Yeah right! I bet it was super easy." Johan looked at him like as if he was crazy. "Let me tell you It wasn't easy learning how to play all of those instruments, you know!" Suddenly, Johan shuddered. Learning how to play a lot of instruments was hard. But learning how to play them at the same time was hell.


"Come on son! You can do it!" His parents cheered. Chibi Johan was playing as much instruments possible. The guitar, piano, drums, flute, violin, base, and more. He was running around the room out of breath while his parents cheered him on. "Oh! My baby is going to grow up to be a rock star!" Squealed his mom. "That boy right there has got talent! Just like his old man! You make me proud son!" Poor, poor chibi Johan… he was even playing the tuba! He was feeling very dizzy right now. Soon Johan was sprawled on the floor barley breathing. "Mommy,…Daddy…can…I…gasp…take a…brake now…?" "Sure son!" "But don't get lazy!" Chibi Johan nodded, "O…k…" Soon he went to sleep

End Flashback-

"How bad can it be?" Asked Judai. Again, Johan shuddered. "Trust me, its not as bad as singing…"

Flashback-( Again)

We find chibi Johan on a theater wearing a tux(Awwwwww how adorable!….right… back to the story) Suddenly he takes starts singing. " Figaro FIGAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Chibi Johan starts gasping for breath.

The crowed was silent. "…" Then it burst in applause. Chibi Johan, meanwhile, was like a fish out of water, still gasping for breath.

End Flashback- (Again)

"And don't even get me started on righting songs!" Johan visibly paled at that one.

Flashback- (Getting real tire of this)

We enter Chibi Johan's room to find a giant mountain of crumbled up papers. But.. Where was chibi Johan? Suddenly, yell came from within the paper mountain. "MOMMY!" Poor, poor chibi Johan…

End Flashback- (Thank the Lord!)

Johan again shivered. Those memories sure were scary… Anyways, back to the topic. Johan looked up to see everyone looking at him worriedly.

"Johan, are you okay?" Asked a very concerned Judai. Johan blushed.

"Your turning red! Are you sure you're okay?" Judai brought his hand towards Johan's forehead causing him to turn even redder than before. "Uhh…I-I'm f-fi-fine…." stuttered Johan.

"You sure? Do you need to go see the nurse?" Said a still concerned Judai.

"N-no… I-I'm…f-fine…." Damn! He couldn't stop blushing. Counselor Shepard looked at the scene with a knowing smile. "Well know that you know whose your teacher, lets get started in practicing!"


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