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Last Time:

As Johan finished the song he looked at every one, wanting to see their reactions. Judai's the most. What he saw shocked him. Was Judai…?

Judai was indeed, jamming it to the max. Johan and the others looked at him strangely while Shepard ignored it. Shepard went up to Johan and gave him a strong pat on the back. Johan stumbled a little.

"Well done Johan! Everything they said about you was true! You have talent my boy." Shepard said with that smile, always that annoying -I-know-every-thing-so-ha smile. It was nerve wrecking really, how he knew such things that no one had a clue about.

Johan smiled nervously up at him, rubbing his back from were Shepard pat him. 'What the hell is wrong with this guy?! Does he do weight lifting or something?!'

"Thank you, but I'm sure I'm not that great!" Johan said while waving his arms frantically in front of him.

When Judai and the others heard that, they started protesting loudly.

"WHAT?! JOHAN, YOU WERE AMAZING!" Judai practically screamed. After all, Johan was indeed very good. What Shepard said was true; Johan was the best of the best!

"Yeah! What Judai just said!" Everyone yelled as well, of course, in a much lower volume than Judai's.

Chronos and Napoleon nodded in agreement. They all glared at Johan, daring him to say anything bad about himself.

Johan flinched. God, in all honesty his playing was ok at best. It was nothing to grand. But of course, this is Johan we are talking about. The guy who thinks he isn't that great when he clearly is! Johan is greatness itself! Moving on…

"Okay then… What ever you say...?" He said nervously, not sure what to say.

Everyone nodded while looking accomplished. Johan sighed, 'So I did say the right thing. Thank God…' he thought.

Shepard clapped his hands trying to get everyone's attention.

"Well! Now that everything is in order, we can go on to practice!" Shepard turned to Johan. "You better get started then, after all you do only have two weeks."

Johan's eyes widened, and so did everyone else's.


"WHAT?!" Everyone practically yelled. Two weeks wasn't enough time! Even with Johan as their teacher, could they be turned into amazing players, or at least, good enough to win the concert in TWO WEEKS?!

Everyone looked to Johan, expecting him to solve their problems and help them understand Shepard's crazy demand.

Except, Johan wasn't there. Oh no. You see, once Johan heard what Shepard said about the concert being in two weeks and that he would have to teach the gang to play instruments on a good level, he did what any rational person would do.

He fainted.



(Here I thought I would stop but… since I made you guys wait a whole YEAR! I think ill just continue… (And you guys would kill me anyways...)

Judai ran up to the stage looking very concerned. "Johan!" He kneeled down to where Johan was laying at. Everyone circled around Judai and Johan, asking if Johan was alright.

Judai's face was full of concern. What if Johan had died! What if he wasn't breathing?! Judai started to panic as he thought this.

'Oh god let Johan be okay!'

Slowly Johan started to wake up, muttering things like "Two weeks? Is he serious?!" and "Why don't I just shoot my self in the head with a plastic gun? This is going to be hell…" under his breath.

"Johan!" Judai said in relief as he saw Johan getting up. Judai threw his arms around Johan's neck and hugged him tightly, resting his head on Johan's shoulder.

Johan looked at Judai, shocked. Then he smiled softly and hugged him just as tight, his arms around Judai, holding him tightly to his chest.

Everyone was smiling softly looking at the touching scene in front of them.

Except of course, Manjoume because he had to be special didn't he?

"WHY ARE YOU ALL SO PANICKED?! HE JUST FAINTED! Hey! Are you guy's listening to me?! You people are- OH FORGET IT!" With that, Manjoume glared at them and went by the snack section to get a bag of chips.

As usual, everyone ignored Manjoume's yells in order to see the scene in front of them.

Meanwhile, Asuka was one very happy Yaoi Fan girl. 'Now if only they confessed! Boys! They can't ever do anything right with out help can they? Oh well! That's were I come in!' Asuka smirked as she thought this. A shine of light passed through her eyes.

Rei looked over at Asuka who seemed to be very determined and had a familiar glint in her eye. Suddenly, Rei smirked and the same shine of light Asuka had passed through her eyes as well.

'Well what do you know? A fellow Yaoi Fan Girl!' When Rei stopped mentally squealing, she walked over to Asuka with a bounce in her step.

Asuka didn't notice Rei, for she to busy laughing evilly at the things she could make Johan and Judai go through. Rei looked up calmly at her, after all, she was a Yaoi Fan Girl too, and so she did have her fair share of laughing evilly. It was a Fan Girl thing, go figure.

"So Asuka… isn't Spiritshipping lovely?" Rei smirked as she said this and continued to look at the scene before them. Honestly, how long does it take to give a hug? Not that she was complaining or anything…

Asuka quickly turned to look at her in surprise. Spiritshipping was the name she gave the pairing of Johan and Judai for their ability to see spirits! How did Rei know of this?! Unless…

Asuka grinned, a grin so amazingly awesome that high ranking fan girls only hoped to gain.

"Indeed Rei, indeed. So are you one of us?" Asuka asked, still keeping that grin on her face.

"Of course!" Rei had an identical grin… creepy…

"Good! How about you and I make these oblivious boys find some Yaoi loving?" She asked, all pumped up.

Rei was almost jumping in excitement, clearly wanting to help. She nodded her head rapidly all the while squealing her little heart out.

Asuka joined her fellow partner in crime as they both squealed. Of course by now someone was bound to hear their squealing, but just like with Manjoume, nobody really cared. Convenient, no?

Meanwhile, Johan and Judai were enjoying their hugs, never wanting to let go.

To bad they didn't know the horrors they would have to face, the horror that is, Asuka and Rei! The Yaoi Fan Girls!


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