As the glass cracked like growing spider web; The energy slowly started to trickle out, but soon the trickle became a flood as the glass tube fell apart in slow motion. Andros's feet hit the floor of the ship with the ending of the attack that Andro's would never forgive himself for.

This action he has taken; even if it was done for the greater good and was the final wish of Zordon. His last great sacrifice for those he loved and believed in and those that would come after they were gone. As the energy of his friend swarmed around him and Andros could feel his warmth and thoughts, but also his own tears streaming down his face.

But Andros attention changed as he felt a dark presence arrive (from when or where he didn't know.) At first, Andros saw the darkness slowly appear before the area in front of the energy wave, it was like a ripple in the fabric of reality but much worst as Andros witness his friends sacrifice become worthless. The golden wave of energy revised and moved towards the ripple and as it did a sphere of dark energy started to form in the breach and devouring the energy wave within moments as if it were a miniature black hole.

Andros not wanting the sacrifice to be meaningless got up and made a great and mad dash towards the sphere his sonic sword raised for another strike. But before he made it within striking distance of the orb he let out a small grunt and then found the taste of iron swarm his mouth.

He also felt an unbelievable searing pain deep inside of his stomach. His eyes drift down towards the pain and saw a large shard from the power chamber had been rammed into his guts. Andros let out a scream as the thing holding it twisted it and pulled it upwards. Causing more damage and the red ranger to spew more blood from his mouth as he saw the eyes of Ecliptor holding the shard.

Ecliptor arm tense and then lifted Andros a few feet off of the ground; the young red ranger feet dangling before he was tossed back like a rag doll. Andros tried to land on his feet but he was far too weak from the battle and now the blood lost, so he ends up falling to his knees clutching at the shard and his body spasm every few seconds from the pain.

As he bled from his wound and it pooled around him; Andros could see through his pain that the ripple, in reality, had all but absorb every bit of the energy that was released by the destruction of the power chamber. And now the that it had the thing that had caused the utter waste to Zordon greatest sacrifice, the nothingness used the stolen energy to begin bringing itself into this reality putting the whole universe as they knew it into the hands of evil for the time being.

As Andros' eyes began to close as they grew heavy and he felt himself growing colder than the space he traveled as a ranger. The world around him seems to slowly grow dim and fuzzy but as his last seconds ticked by he witnessed his murder Ecliptor walk over to his sister who was still lying unconscious on the floor. Ecliptor bent down, and slowly began to cradle her in his arms, as he did this Andros saw her eye's slowly open. But something in those eyes seemed almost inhuman and gave a blank stare like she was still in the thrall of the darkness. But he needed to call out to her to see her to know she was at least okay (as stupid as that was now). But that thought disappeared as Astronema's head tilt his way and their eyes locked. With what life he had Andros manage to weakly get out.


His heart gave out before he could finish and his body went completely lax. As his heart beat its last beat, the walls of the dimensional reality fractured enough allowing the being that absorbed all of Zordon essence and power to come through. As it stepped through it became very apparent that he was a mountain of a man whose flesh was a dark olive color but it that looked more like it was made of steel than flesh. He peered around the room with his piercing and pale blue eyes that seem to almost glow. For a moment he gazed at the husk that was an only moment ago a living boy by the name of Andros. Whom had an excellent future in store, but that was no more as it was changed by this simple action. His attention change from Andros's body to another as he heard movement from behind him. The chamber began to rumble, and soon the two that stood behind him found themselves under an enormous amount of pressure that drove them back to the ground. The pressure increased substantially to the point Astronema literally felt the air being pushed from her lungs as the new arrival spoke.

"This pitiful sack of meat has cost me time and effort to retrieve the energy I have finally got… All those wasted centuries. My planning can, at last, begin it only took me coming to the past and getting was truly mine."

Both Astronema and Ecliptor could feel his power (but also their fear of what they could sense beyond the power they could feel). But that thought was replaced by the roar of Dark Specter, who was aroused by the new power of evil that was in his mites. This lord of evil was pomps to believe he could control this new player and be about to bark an order. But Astronema saw that the being eyes flare as it right arm rose and pointed his hand in Dark Specter direction, and he spoke lowly as his hand began to build up a dark energy.

"pathetic worthless garbage you have no right to order me …. Good bye now."

At these words, the energy had built up enough, and he releases as a beam which tore the very air making the air smell for a moment like iron before the beam meets its target and blasted a hole through Dark Specter chest. Molten rock and stone spewed into space. Ecliptor went to attempt to rescue his lord, but before he could make a step, Astronema steps in front of him and put her hand to his chest and said.


The two watched as the creature that had control their fates writhing as the new arrival began to consume every scrap of its power, as it screamed in utter, pathetic agony. The ghostly blues eyes of the devour went white as he feasted upon the monstrous form of Dark Spector, which was driving it to its knees and it started to convulse before imploding on itself. The only proofs the might specter of darkness even existed were a few pieces of stone flesh and lava hanging in the nothingness of outer space. The two villains remaining had to wonder what fate had in store for them. This being had devoured two of the strongest being in the universe one of the sides of light the other of darkness like they were nothing but a snack. These thoughts ended as the being stood and turned towards them, the piercing blue eyes no longer glowed as they were before but the icy feeling they gave off still remained. The two knew if he chooses too that they could easily share the same fate as their former master (if this being were inclined). So best not to provoke him at this moment until they learned more. Before any of them could speak the creature spoke to them in a normal, almost human voice.

"To answer your question before you ask; I come from a future that will never happen at least in this timeline. The evil of this time's foolishness cost me the power I was destined to wield with an iron fist. Through your ridiculous and implausible action. Zordon of Eltar should have been destroyed not keep and drained of his energy like a battery pack. He was the weapon like no other that actually could have destroyed evil kind if I had not stepped in with a plan to take his dispersing energy wave into myself."

He turned to walk away but stopped and said;"I am Wraith, your lord, and master from this day that I know whom and what you are and could be if you attempt to betray me death is a paradise compare to what I'll do to you!"

Astronema was the first to bow but was quickly followed by ecliptor they both said in unison.

"We swear to obey; What is your order for us dark lord?"

Wraith didn't turn to look back at them, but only raised a hand, and with his powers, a model of earth appeared and four location glowed on it. Astronema and Ecliptor both stood and went to take a look at this representation of the earth, Astronema was the first to speak.

"What are these locations? And why are you interested in them?"

Wraith answered Astronema almost as quickly as she asked.

"Those areas have a very special signification to our kind."

He points at one and says.

"This is turtle cove a mystical place where the souls of some of our brethren lay dormant waiting for us to awaken them from their slumber. These things are called Orgs."

He then points at the second spot and said: "There is a place called Mariner Bay; Where an Ancient Demon Burial crypt exists, that houses the souls of fallen demons that have been vanquished in the past."

He then points at the third spot."This is Blue Bay Harbor, close to it is a place called the Abyss of Evil another place for the fallen."

Wraith point to the final area;"This place is called Briarwood; Deep in the forest lays an imprison group of undead warriors whom possess magical powers. Before you ask why these points so important, I'll tell you simply with control of those points we'll be able to reinforce Dark Specter-I mean my army since I now plan to take control it. But before we help them they'll swear obedience to me or suffer the same fate as Spectre."

With this Wraith made a slight swiping motion with his hand, the model disappeared; After a few moments (as if he was contemplating the next thing to do). Before he turned towards them and looked them in their eyes. But without a word, he walked past them and backed to the body of Andros. Wraith knelt and reached out with one of his fingers and brushed it against Andros' cheek.

"I may have a use for you after all," Wraith open Andros mouth and then position his hand over it; Wraith began to chant something in a low tone. In the end, with his other hand in a sudden quick motion, he sliced open his palm. As the flesh separated, the blackish ebony blood poured out and dribbled into the open mouth of Andros corpse. After the wound in his hand stopped bleeding, Wraith closed Andros' mouth and began chant again.

As Wraith chanted again; Andros body began to spasm and started to change. Turning from it humanoid form to something slightly different as Wraith evil blood wormed its way through the dead flesh of this former red ranger. (Breathing dark and villainous life back into every cell of his corpse.) Turning the body ghostly white and slightly translucent, it's veins our pronounced and dark as they pump the blood of Wraith through them. The shard of containment chamber is a force out of the body as the blood begins to heal the wounds the body has sustain in the battle before. The last thing that happens is its eyes open, and like Wraith arrival they glowed the only difference was instead of blue they glowed red.

Wraith smiled slightly as the creature he created from his own blood, and Andros corpse began to get up, and as it did it began to split and multiply. Within a few moments, there was an army of homunculus type warriors ready to do the bidding of their creator. Without a word, they began to file out of the chamber to continue their multiplying in a larger area. Once they were all gone Wraith stood and straighten himself before turning back towards Astronmea and Ecliptor. Whom looks to be in utter shock at what they just saw transpire. But Astronmea manages to say." What are those things you just created?"

Wraith seeming to ignore her question walked past them and sat down upon the base that the power chamber once sat. He gave Astronmea a predator type of glance as if to gauge her. He then adjusted himself on the spot he sat and said.

"Those things my minions, they are called the Wrath. Which is when I find a host for material for them to build off of, and then they grow in number very rapidly to meet my needs. Astronema comes here- Please."

Astronmea was hesitant at first to move but decided to (as if she really had a chance against something that technically ate dark spectre). When she got close enough he grabbed her wrist she tried to struggle but soon found herself on her knees experiencing what she could only call the biggest orgasmic climax she felt before, as Wraith hand extruded something into her wrist. After a few intense moments, he let her go, But she desperately wants more of what she just got or anything else that felt that amazing. But before she could ask Wraith spoke.

"Astronmea you our second in command, this mark I have given you will allow you to summon and control the Wrath in my absence."

Astronmea looked at her wrist to find an oburous type mark on her.