Across the galaxy and the universe; the collations of evil forces were in full celebration mode over their combined success. Many former enemies and now sang and danced with one another on ships and planets they now controlled as they enjoyed the spoils of war they had obtained. None knowing that the lynch pin to their collation was now gone. Suddenly the celebration stopped as the leader of each group, saw that they were not alone, so they hushed their people. Each of these evil lords and kings and ladies watched with great caution. They knew this person they were seeing wasn't physically there but the energy coming off of this image was enough to make them afraid.

After a few moments, the figure rose, and the energy that everyone felt intensified, but also their surrounding seemed to quake a little. Many of the lesser minions like the putties, cogs, tanga warriors, etc. began to pass out from the power that this being was generating. This caused some of the larger and more powerful monsters and aliens to grow uneasy. But they went still and silent as the figure rose his hands to the air to make everyone quiet, once this occurred, the figure finally spoke to everyone.

"Thank you for the silence; You all may wonder whom or what I am but. The better question is what I can do for you- and that is present you an offer that you would never have gotten from Dark Spectre. That is if he could still make you an offer!"

He opened his hand; images of the death of Dark spectre and the prevention of Zordon's energy dispersal being stopped.

"As you can see through the foolishness and greed of that parasite Spectre allowed the greatest weapon against evil to linger and fermenting on his very own ship and station try to absorb its energy for himself. And endangering all of you with utter annihilation when some hero decided to allow Zordon to end his life on his terms and take you all out with him."

At these words and the images, there was a slight murmur throughout the evil collation; but before any of them could speak the figure continue his speech.

"I am Wraith and as I am the one that saved your lives and destroyed Dark Spectre for his hubris. I lay claim to all that is or was Dark Spectre. It is all is now mine. Ans those who will follow me and finish this work will not just be cogs in the war machine to my soul-victory. But each of you will have an equal share in my new collation… Those who chose to leave because you wanted to believe you are powerful enough to go it alone. . .. remember the images I have shown you today."

He paused for dramatic effect.

"Remember this well –you are free to do what you want but interfere with me and those that follow, and you will learn the true meaning of my name in every way possible. As you all should realize one small fact until Dark Spectre collation not one member by themselves could defeat a single power ranger on their own let alone a team… Now we have the Rangers on the run, and they have not only lost one of their greatest leaders and teachers but also Andros the Space Red Ranger. Now is not the time to go our own ways but to continue forward towards our supremacy of the known galaxy and more…. To those who will follow me return to earth with as many of your forces as you can come with without weakening your hold on the planets, you've taken. Earth holds more secrets and powers that will aid us in our goals and also brethren that need us to set their darkness to lose to support us all."

With these words, Wraith's images faded away allowing the evil collations to make their own decision on their fate. Many would hurry back to earth show this new power their value to this new collation by giving this power the prisoners they had captured.

Meanwhile back at Dark Spectre former ship Wraith turned towards Astronema and Ecliptor; As a squad of wrath enter the throne room awaiting command. Wraith looked at them then to Astronema, a said,

"Take them and secure the moon and the castle; Once that is done."

Wraith looked at Ecliptor.

"You'll join Astronema on the moon and once the Wrath has built their ranks larger enough they're you'll take the main force and take full and utter control of Angel Groove. Oh, and as their names suggest the wrath like a ghost can pass through objects at will. But when they're passing through an object they can't bring harm to anything. Unless there phasing through a living thing and decide to revert while inside of it."

Wraith turns from them and concentrated at the center of the throne room, as he did the glass of the power chamber and the fragment of the dark spectre that along with Andros Astro speeder and weapon. They twirled around the room and started to assemble a hideously evil throne with the parts of the fallen on the base of the power chamber that Zordon had lived in. As each piece found its place and fused to the base through Wraith power. Once it was finished, he walked up to it and let his fingertips slid across it before taking his seat.

As he settled in Astronema straighten herself and shot out like the right hand, she was a new power. As she did this the symbol on her wrist glowed with a purplish red aura.

"In the Name of Wraith; let us go forth and conquer!"

The heads of the Wrath turn towards Astronmea in unison and then followed her out. Once they were gone, and Ecliptor and Wraith were alone. The dark lord said to himself not even caring who heard just (saying it, so it was out there),

"The end has begun, the final pendulum moves and its evil time to rule over all."