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Finally, the bleeding stopped. Inuyasha's kimono turned wrap was an unsophisticated, messy way to stop a wound, but they had no choice. Kagome had done all she could, but that was little without her supplies.

"We must see him to Kaede," Sango suggested.

Miroku agreed.

"She'd know how to mend him back in shape."

Kagome and Sango slung Kouga's burly arms over their shoulders. Inuyasha refused to help, blaming Kouga as the distraction that made Kagome lose the shards. Miroku stayed useless as well, looking away and whistling, claiming to be in deep thought.

Shippo tried to assist, gathering Kouga's armors.

He tossed them to Kagome.

"Heads up!" he called.

As she caught Kouga's pelts and armor against her chest, the forest tilted on its axis. A tremble cascaded through Kagome's spine as... scents, delicious scents... reached her nostrils. Kouga's pelt fur had a woodsy, masculine scent that washed over her senses. Her knees bowed as a rush pulsed through her body.

Kouga was rough and brash. She wasn't supposed to feel such things about him; one rough and brash man was enough for her. But then again, never had she smelled Kouga like this. It was as if his furs collected all of his natural scent, creating a feel good package of pure man.

"You okay?" Sango asked.

Kagome's eyes flickered open. She hadn't even known she'd closed them. Pulling her shoulders back, she pulled the furs away from her face. Somehow, she had gathered them to her nose.

"I'm fine!" she said, a bit too loudly, turning away to hide a flush.

She tucked the pelts and armor things behind Kirara's ears. The demon cat growled gentle from the new scents and textures against her fur. Kagome felt like growling with her.

I feel the same way, Kirara, she thought. But she couldn't act this way. Besides, when did she care how Kouga smelled? Making a decision, she took a deep breath and informed Sango and Shippo to bring Kouga to the village. She would stay behind with the men to help find her lost items. After Kouga was settled on Kirara, Shippo and Sango took off within the forest trees, disappearing in a shaft of sunlight.

"What's up?" Kagome asked, shifting from foot to foot, her thoughts still whirling with the weird daze she felt from Kouga's scent.

Inuyasha didn't look up, sniffing at Kagome's sack. His muscled were tense, as he emitted a groan.

"Someone obviously stolen your stuff," he mumbled. "but this scent is just..."

Realization spread on Inuyasha's face, and he met Kagome's questioning eyes.

"When did you last have your things?" he asked.

"Up until we stopped here. I'm sure of it."

Inuyasha scratched his ears.

"This is the same strange scent I picked up on Kouga."

Kagome twisted her lips.

"How come I didn't catch it when the thief swept by?"

Miroku was propped on a large stone, suddenly deciding to join the conversation.

"Perhaps you should find a more suitable place to store the jewel shards, Kagome. Say your top..." he waved his hands in the direction of her school blouse suggestively. While Inuyasha snapped at him, Kagome just rolled her eyes. The sun glared down from between the trees. No one was in the mood for jokes.

"Give it up, Miroku." Kagome said drowsily, her voice cutting into a yawn. "It's getting hot and I'm tired."

"Yes," Miroku agreed. "I should have gone with Sango. I could use some tea and lunch."

"Mmhm," Kagome agreed, picturing a delicious dish of Kaede's stew. Feudal era food had really grown on her.

Inuyasha's eyes bulged from their sockets.

"Are you all stupid? We've got to get the shards back."

"Yeah, fine." Kagome agreed.

She fanned herself, her mind drifting to thoughts of food and shade. When her eyes fell onto a streak of blood against the dirt, she gasped. How could she have forgotten? Kouga is hurt.

"Oh, no." She didn't notice the wind pick up her hair as her thoughts whirled to ugly places. His wide eyes were tragic when he looked at her, hope and haunting all in one water blue gaze. That memory mingled with the scent of his fur and how desire had surged through her. She still couldn't explain it. either way, she was concerned for his life.

"Inuyasha?" she called. "Let's just go back now. I'm kind of worried about..." she looked up, trailing off.

Inuyasha wasn't listening anymore.

In fact, there was no one in sight.