Dear readers for this fic.

Sorry this is not a chapter update.. But a author's note..

I never imagined writing an AU because I myself get annoyed when I get them.. but for this time it seemed that I have no choice but to let myself hear.

I never imagined that I myself would be looking at my stories and finding them not as interesting as I once did.

I now seem to only update once a year.. that is mostly because the years have been hactic. I still write but I don't publish as much.. and my stories seem to have become a little more personal..

I will update the following stories:

The prediction between water and fire (sasuhina)

Stay in the future not in the past (hieikag)

Because I still like the direction both stories go.. even if I'm a few years older than when I started these :) It might take a while for me to update these stories but I certainly will do so!

I am thinking of rewriting some of my stories:

Falling in love with her sister (Inukag)

The 4 promises of the past (Inukag)

Because the storyline I had in mind seemed good but the direction it went into was not so right..

And am thinking of discontinueing or deleting the following stories:

Falling in love again (Ulrich/Yumi)

Love and romance and jealousy and hate (Ulrich/Yumi)

I am thinking of deleting these because they really aren't my best work.. These are the first stories I wrote in the past. Which makes them special but still.. not so good.. I also have less interest in the pairing Ulrich Yumi mostly because the series stopped and I think there aren't much fans still out here who are reading these specific fictions.. I am not certain yet about the deleting or discontueing.. I just feel that these stories reached a dead end..I'm still struggling with what to do with my stories. What is your opinion of these stories? Should I post a short summary with what I had in mind with the stories? Delete? Adopt them?

I'm sorry for those I disappoint with not continueing or updating my stories so often.. it just is that I am really really really busy! My head is still in the clouds with fantasies of stories.. So I will continue writing! Maybe not as often as I did years ago

Lots of love

Loving Kawaii girl