Chapter One

Ginny smiled shyly at Hermione as their hands touched. Hermione smiled back then looked furtively away. Both girls ended up in giggles.

Hermione's father, Richard Granger glanced back at them in the rearview mirror. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing, Daddy!" Hermione said. "It's just a game."

Ginny felt her smile falter but managed to keep it up to the full ninety watts. Hermione probably did just see it as a game, she thought. It was hard to be in love with your best friend.

Ginny wasn't really sure how it happened. No she was. During her second year she had been slowly killing a crush on Harry, having realized it would never work. She was also getting over the bout of nightmares that followed her first year. She spent a lot of her second year with Hermione.

One night the entire Gryffindor house had to sleep in the great hall. Ginny and Hermione curled up beside each other, swapping stories til they fell asleep. Ginny remembered waking up at the one point with Hermione's arms around her. She had felt so secure then. Like none of the dreams could ever hurt her again.

Ginny brought herself out of the dream as the car pulled up to the Granger house.

"Daddy, can you get the bags? I want to show GInny around!" Hermione called, dragging GInny from the car.

"Alright, but be back by supper! Your mother and I want to show you two somethings before we head out."

The only thing better than spending three weeks with her best friend, was that Hermione's parents trusted them enough to leave them alone all three weeks.

Hermione dragged Ginny into the house pointing out rooms left and right. THey raced up the stairs to Hermione's room.

There was a bunkbed set up and a dresser. Beyond that were towers of books. Ginny, an avid reader herself, squealed and raced over to the books, hurriedly reading the titles.

Hermione laughed. "There'll be time for that later. Let me show you something."

She took Ginny into the guest bedroom. The futon there had been laid out and before it sat a TV with stacks of movies.

Ginny gasped. "I've heard of these!"

"Yup! TVs. We get this one all to ourselves. I've set out some movies I thought everyone should see."

Ginny leaned down and read a few titles. Sleepless In Seattle, The Princess Bride, Aresnic and Old Lace.