Chapter Two

Diagon Alley was just as Ginny remembered it. It was strange because the last time she'd been here, she was in the middle of a war, trying to smuggle Muggle borns to safety. GInny stood outside Fred and George's place, staring up at the black scar that ran across the facade. She had been there the night that happened.

"Well are you coming in or not?"

She looked around and Ron had her by the waist. She shrieked with delight and twisted. In seconds they were on the ground, wrestling as they always did.

"Well this just brings back memories."

Ginny and Ron both looked up. George and Fred, the latter leaning heavily on a cane, grinned down at them. Behind them, looking vaguely offset at seeing her former boyfriend wrestling in the middle of a street with her almost girlfriend, stood Hermione. Normally, Hermione's look of disappointment would set Ginny off on a guilt trip but today, for some reason, she barely noticed it.

"Can we at least get out of the middle of the street?" Hermione asked when it became apparant that Ginny and Ron were paying her no mind.

"I'm on it," Ginny said. She twisted on the ground and got her shoulder in Ron's stomach. She came up, him over her shoulder. Ron roared with outrage but by then they were halfway into the building.

Once inside, Ginny and Ron collapsed again, laughing manically this time.

"How goes the girlfriend hunt?" Ginny asked as Fred helped her to her feet.

"Abysmally," Ron replied.

"NO one cares about you, ickle Ronnikins," George said. "You had the perfect girl and what did you do? YOu let her go."

He lunged over and fell to one knee before Hermione. "My dear, sweet miss Granger, allow me to the salve to your wounded pride. I will comfort you and strive to earn your favor until our love blots out the stars and you forget old what's 'is face."

"Lying right here," Ron said.

"Ron and I split up amiably," Hermione said, helping him to his feet.

"RIght. And some day I will melt your cold heart and make you understand what it is to be loved," Fred said, taking Hermione's hand and kissing it.

It was fast becoming an old game. Since their break up, the Weasley boys, with the exception of Percy and Bill, the former because he was a kill joy and the latter because he was married, had taken to flirting shamelessly with Hermione. Normally it pissed Ginny off because she was increasingly fond of Hermione but the past three weeks, alone with Hermione had done much to kill the feeling.

It wasn't that they didn't get along. They did. But three weeks had changed it. They didn't get along as people who could have a relationship together. THey got along as friends who would only ever be friends.

But it made things so much easier. Ginny could go out and get together with any guy she wanted and she didn't have to worry about hurting Hermione or anyone else for that matter.

Ginevra Molly Weasley could count her relationships on one hand, even including the not really one with Hermione. Of her three boyfriends, two were in committed relationships. Dean still moped around her from time to time but their relationship had been such a disaster that she couldn't imagine he wanted to go back that way again.

"So you're coming with me right?" Ron asked.

"To do what?" Ginny replied.


He looked like he'd just swallowed a Flobberworm. Ginny debated making him say it but she knew who he was talking about.

She herself was curious. She hadn't seen him since before the war started and she'd been running her underground railroad the whole time so she couldn't say for sure if he was who he had been.

So what the hell? she thought. In addition to which, she could see the way her brothers were twitching over the very idea of her going along. ROn really didn't want her to, she could tell that but he needed someone with him, someone to remind him to be civil when he had to be.

"Sure. Let's go," Ginny said. She did not miss the disapproving look on Hermione's face. But c'mon. It wasn't every day you got to see Ron Weasley apologize to Draco Malfoy.

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